02 Apr 2021
Biden has stopped Anti-Trumpism, Trump has launched Anti-Bidenism
in America

Every word, every show, every speaker on Fox News and all of Trump's media team are anti-Biden. Biden is silently taking the thrashing by the media designed by Trump. Silence shows guilt ... that's why Biden's approval rating for the border crisis is at an extreme low.

Biden wants Trump's support for his trillions in spending ... thus he is talking about unity, love and peace. But Biden is taking a kick in the nuts from Trump.

Anti-Trumpism was a major element that led to Trump's defeat ... anti-Trumpism is what got the House and Senate for Democrats. Trump does good campaign rallies but his reach is limited only to 20K people in the stadium. Anti-Trumpism reaches hundreds of millions of people across the country every single day ... this was a major factor that led to Trump's defeat.

Biden is stopping the rhetoric against his opponents and taking a kick in his nuts ... why?

Biden has Ivanka in his ears ... telling him "look he is dividing us ... look he is dividing us! Don't listen to him." And Biden is going easy on Trump ... Democrats have stopped talking about Trump ... the Democrat media outlets have stopped ... and they are sitting there taking the thrashing from Trump ... from every Fox anchor and from every Trump speaker ... this not only open backstabbing but this is plain stupid.

Stop listening to Team Trump and look at the facts Mr. Biden ... look at the facts ... look at the actual ground-level action ... see what is going on. Get practical.

If the President fails then the Party fails
Let me show you some facts … look what happened with Trump. Republicans lost the House and the Senate … why? Because of anti-Trumpism … Trump was extremely unpopular … he was being ruthlessly criticized by thousands of media outlets every single day … and this had a direct impact on the entire Party. It impacted the election of Republican House Representatives and Senators. When Trump failed to lead America … then the entire Republican Party failed. The President’s failure becomes the Party’s failure.

Why did everybody think that Trump was bad?
Was Trump actually doing something that was bad? No. Did Trump wage any new wars? No. Was Trump running any disastrous policies? No. But since all of the media was saying that Trump was bad … everybody was automatically thinking that Trump was bad. This was the influence and impact of anti-Trumpism. This is what happens when the demonization of a particular person runs in the environment for a long time. People start believing what they are being told … the people start trusting the information in their environment.

It is extremely important of how you are portrayed in the media … more the negative coverage means more the loss of political support for you. The loss is not just for you … but for the entire party as a whole.

Republicans on the attack
If you observe what is going on since the past 2-3 months then …

  • Every Republican is attacking the Biden Presidency
  • Every show, anchor and speaker on Fox News is attacking the Biden Presidency
  • Every Trump media team member is attacking the Biden Presidency
  • There is negative coverage day and night via almost every source possible

Anti-Bidenism has been officially launched
Mr. Biden … you should realize that anti-Bidenism … the anti-Biden propaganda has been officially launched by Trump and the Republicans. It is already having a huge impact on your approval ratings … especially on the border crisis.

This anti-Biden propaganda is not only going to affect your Presidency … but it will affect the entire Democrat Party. If this continues, it will have a huge impact on the House and Senate. Democrat House Reps and Senators will start losing because the President is being attacked. This is not something teeny tiny that you can ignore.

Your victory is not your victory alone … it is the victory of the entire Party. Your failure is not your failure alone … it will be the failure of the entire Party.

Major disadvantage – No key reforms or policies
To add to the anti-Biden propaganda … the major disadvantage that you have is that … you have no major reforms or policies. You have mass spending … a major border crisis and an anti-Biden propaganda … this is a bad start. What makes all of this even worse is that … you are taking the thrashing silently. Silence is seen only as guilt.

Trump had a key support base despite the anti-Trump propaganda … he was working on a genuine trade imbalance crisis in the country and he had already initiated tariffs. He was able to fight back against anti-Trumpism by saying that … he was fighting for the country by putting tariffs and trying to bring back industries. You don’t have even that advantage … the only thing that you are coming up with is mass spending.

Ivanka in Biden’s ears
If you look at the key reason … why is the Democrat Party taking the thrashing … why is the Democrat President silent on the thrashing? Because apparently one girl is whispering in Biden’s ears …

  • We will help you get funding for trillions
  • Don’t say anything against Daddy
  • Don’t listen to the Active Democracy guy
  • He is dividing us … this is not American

One girl is getting the entire Democrat Party screwed … c’mon seriously?

Biden is silent on Trump … Democrats are silent on Trump … Democrat media outlets are silent … we are silently taking the thrashing from the other side. Why?

On the defense from a double impeached criminal
Guess, who we are taking the thrashing from? A double impeached guy … who looted trillions … killed more than a million people … who did nothing for his people and didn’t change anything for his country. We are on the receiving side from this guy? We are supposed to take their attacks?

Healthy competition is good for the country
I am not asking for anti-Trumpism. Anti-Trumpism was quite vicious … it was mainly carried out by Establishment elements and some SM Groups. The Establishment hated Trump right from the beginning and several SM Groups hated Trump for supporting the Establishment and not breaking down their Satanic systems. I was myself against anti-Trumpism … and I showed that it was a hollow propaganda.

But the key reason why it was continued because … nobody wanted Trump in power anymore … he was doing nothing and they wanted him gone. That was the main reason why the anti-Trump propaganda continued throughout the Trump Presidency … till he was removed from office.

I don’t want to re-launch that all over again … it was vicious … I don’t want FBI raiding Trump’s children again. But we should understand that healthy competition is good for the country. That’s why we have different political parties … so that there is some healthy competition … so that we fight together for what is good and for what is right … so that better things are accomplished for the people. This is what makes healthy competition good for the country. It delivers better results and better solutions for the people.

  • I don’t want vicious attacks against each other … to the extent that we are putting each other in jail
  • Nor do I want one person silently taking the thrashing from the other party
  • We all should be able to compete in a healthy manner for the good of the country

Its just … its fair … and its proper … and it gives good results for everybody.

Note: Yes, I know … some Establishment elements and SM Groups want criminal convictions for Trump in order to remove him from politics. They see it as justified and as a mild punishment for Trump for looting trillions and killing a million people. They don’t want such a person in the White House anymore.

But other than Trump … other than leaders who have committed mass murder … we should be able to have a healthy, productive and positive environment of competition. There is nothing wrong in that … and it is good for the country.