21 Mar 2021
Trump is playing the game better than Biden
in America

Here is some interesting information for Biden. He can learn two things from this:

  • This is a multi-dimensional game. You have to simultaneously work on several fields … at a time, on an average, you will be working in 6 fields … sometimes it can be more than 10 as well. If you want to survive and win in this game then this multi-dimensional understanding and implementation is a must. Trump is already trained in this aspect. You have a trained competitor against you.
  • Never trust Trump. The second most important thing in the game is … never trust Trump … if you want to win the game against Trump then you never ever trust Trump. How do you think we took the country forward under Trump? By trusting Trump? Hell no … we put zero trust in Trump and put several parameters into motion to make sure that he makes the right decisions that are good for the country … that’s how we got positive movement under Trump.

Take a look at Trump’s moves
Its been just a couple of months … take a look at his moves … you will get an understanding of how to play. This is not even the full game … this is something that Trump is doing to raise himself and to pull you down. Look at the different fields that he is working on simultaneously.

  • Managing lawsuits and investigations. Trump has collected a loot of about $2 Trillion via his Presidency … he is using that to manage the lawsuits and investigations against him. He is tactically paying off investigators and politicians in both parties to go easy on him.
  • Rising in the GOP. He is buying out support from the GOP to consolidate his hold in the party. He is buying out opposition politicians in the GOP so that he can get the nomination in 2024.
  • Media Management. He is managing the media … namely, Fox News … giving them talking points against the Biden Presidency. Some of the key points are mentioned below in the page.
  • Media Team. He has unleashed his full media team to hammer the Biden Presidency … namely, Kayleigh McEnany, Mike Pompeo, Steven Miller, Sarah Sanders, Trump Jr. and Hannity. All of them are busy hammering the Biden Presidency.
  • Attacking Biden’s Policies. He has already unleashed the media and Republican politicians against Biden’s policies at the domestic level.
  • Foreign Affairs. He is getting involved from the backend in disruptive ways and telling foreign leaders to defy and to stand up to the Biden Presidency … namely in, Saudi Arabia, Russia, North Korea and Turkey.
  • Blocking Coordination. To add to all of the above … reportedly, he is trying to block the Biden Presidency’s coordination with our work … so that, no revolutions are created under Biden and he gets to win in 2024.

If you remember … just a few months ago … Donald Trump got double impeached and he lost the election. But look at his moves and rise within a couple of months itself. He is simultaneously working on more than half a dozen fields to facilitate his rise and to facilitate your downfall.

We have only trained Trump to function like this … the crisis that America was facing … it was impossible to save America until and unless we worked simultaneously in several fields. We trained him to set up teams for each field and operation … give them the strategies and objectives … every team fights for Trump while Trump only manages and guides each team.

Trump has 4 years of experience in this multi-dimensional teamwork. He is not one person … he is several teams. If the lovely Ivanka is coaxing you to be nice to her Daddy and saying that “they are your friends and partners … that they want love, peace and unity” … if you believed that … then you just got played. Ivanka is just one team of Trump’s several teams. Her job is to nullify the opposition with sweet words and smiles. And then there will be several other teams that will root the hell out of you. This is how Trump functions … he is a backstabber. We told you this before … backstabbing is Trump’s winning strategy. Win your trust with sweet words and then stab the hell out of you … this is what Trump does.

Trump’s 3 fold objectives – Raising himself, blocking our work and destroying Biden
We trained Trump to function via multiple teams to fight against the Establishment … but Trump is Trump … and the most important person for Trump is Trump … he doesn’t give a shit about anybody but himself. All of these teams that he has set up … they are designed to raise Trump, block our work and destroy Biden.

Talking points for Fox News
Take a look at the talking points that have been given to Fox News by Trump.

  • Migration Crisis. Nothing irritates Trump more than immigrants coming to America. That’s the reason, the number one topic in Fox News is migration … the illegal immigrants that are coming to America.
  • Children in Cages. This is something that Trump was hammered on … he was putting children in cages. That’s why, Biden is being hammered on the same point.
  • Border, border, border. Trump spent 4 years building the border wall … that’s why the crisis at the border is the biggest topic. These are not Fox News topics … these are topics provided by Team Trump.
  • Tax hikes. Trump made the tax cuts … you are going to hike taxes … thus tax hikes is a big topic in Fox News now.
  • No vaccination credit for Biden. Fox News doesn’t bother to give any credit to Biden for the fast-tracked vaccinations across the country.
  • No press conference from Biden. Why is Fox News so bothered about a press conference from Biden? Because Trump got decimated in his press conferences … to an extent that the White House cancelled their press briefings for a long time. That’s why Trump is eager to see Biden being decimated by the press in his press briefings.
  • Biden’s Gaffes. Why Hannity is obsessed with Biden’s gaffes is because that’s what Trump used to do … that’s what he used to tweet about. This is what Hannity is being told to talk about all the time.

With just two months in the Biden’s Presidency … Trump has pulled the media, Republican politicians and he is on an attack in full-fledged mode … that too, without any Social Media presence. The guy is still banned from Social media. The moment he gets access to Social media … he will literally start axing the Biden Presidency.

Never Trust Trump
This takes us to the second most important point of the page … never trust Trump. Yes, Ivanka is a sweet and lovely person … by the looks of it … but she is used only to nullify your forces. If you want to know what other Trump Teams are working on and what they think of you … listen to these comments from Hannity:

This is not just Hannity … these are the talking points and script given by Trump to Hannity. This is his other side … these are the works of his other teams.

We know this about him since his first year itself. He does this all the time and every time. Trump is a backstabber … you never ever trust Trump.

During Trump’s Presidency itself … we never put Trump in the lead … we put SM in the lead. We designed, structured, showed all options forward … that would include every possible move that Trump would take … and structured things in such a way that would strongly encourage and support Trump to take the right moves. If we left things to Trump then we would all be screwed.

The Establishment is marketing jail for Trump
We are getting several reports that the Establishment is marketing “jail for Trump” among all SM Groups, as of now. We thought it was because of his genocide … and they say … no, it is not just because of that … but it is because:

  • He didn’t do shit while he was President
  • Looted trillions and got a million people killed
  • Protected and supported the Satanic Establishment that he was supposed to dismantle
  • Now, reportedly, he is screwing around with the Biden Presidency … telling foreign leaders to defy and stand up to Biden and not cooperate with Biden
  • While activating the media and Republican politicians against Biden at the Domestic level on several policies
  • If revolutions are created under Biden … something that Trump never did … then Trump’s re-election gets screwed
  • Thus, he is doing everything to raise himself and destroy Biden … while making sure that Biden doesn’t work with us.

The Establishment is using these pointers among SM Groups and telling them … “let’s put Trump in jail … that’s the best way to stop him”.

The way to work with Trump
Firstly, I wouldn’t even suggest working with him. He needs to first spend a few hundred billion in Africa and save a few millions lives. He needs to do this to repent for taking a million lives by holding off vaccines for 6 months during the pandemic. But since you are chatting with them … this is how you work with Trumps.

You design everything … you structure everything … and then you give one or two actions for him to take. After that, you put several measures to make sure that he takes the right actions … that’s how you work with Trump. The guy is a self-obsessed maniac … stabbing others in the back is his winning strategy. He doesn’t give a shit about anybody but himself. If you trust him … then you will get screwed. You have to work in a very planned and structured manner if you ever have to work or deal with Trump.

Just entered the game
Well, Biden has just entered the game … and Trump has 4 years of training … its obvious that there will be some difference in work and performance. As expected, all of Trump’s actions are self-centered … but when Biden will start playing the game … with the right teams and policies … when Biden will start changing things for the people … then he will crush Trump.

Trump used the multi-dimensional approach only to save his ass, blow his horn and loot money … other than that, he also dodged disasters and stopped wars. That’s the only thing that he knows … he doesn’t know anything more than that. He himself was stuck in the game since his first year itself … this is his biggest disadvantage. Doesn’t matter how many teams he will set up … he doesn’t know what to do or how to take the country forward. With his current teams, he will only try to blow his horn and trash Biden … as you can see, that’s what he is doing.

Once Biden plays the game right … with the support of the lovely, Michelle Obama … you will crush Trump. We will show you how.