19 Feb 2021
Queen Michelle should step forward to help the American Princess, Meghan Markle
in America

God bless Texas
Firstly, God bless Texas … may He keep all of you safe and warm. Hopefully all infrastructure should be fixed soon. Stay safe … and stay warm.

Introducing the Queen to the Princess
Well, we have pulled Obamas in the game … to create Presidents, work on policies and revolutions in America … they will lead America from the backend. This makes Michelle Obama the most powerful female leader in America … for life, that is … technically making her the Queen of America.

On the other hand, we have Meghan Markle … she is an American Citizen … she is also a Princess … so, she is kind of an American Princess.

So, Princess Meghan Markle … meet your new Mom … Queen Michelle Obama.

She is your second Mom. I know both of you are good friends but I don’t think that you knew that you were related to each other. So, you have two Moms now.

Dismantling of relations
We have been watching the dismantling of relations between Meghan, Harry and the Royal Family … this is not good. It needs to be stopped. Meghan and Harry need protection and support. Let’s configure something for them.

We put forward formulas … but these formulas don’t succeed on their own … it also requires some effort from the people involved. If you make the right efforts in the right direction … then things can change phenomenally.

Two Key Questions
The first two questions that will come in Michelle Obama’s mind is that …

  • How is this of US National interest that the US Government or the US President should get involved?
  • Why should we get involved in someone’s personal family matters?

Win-Win Strategies
Both of them are good questions … we create win-win strategies … where everybody wins. If you see how each party benefits below … then all questions get answered.

One. Let history not repeat itself
There was a beautiful, lovely and innocent lady some time ago. She also married a Prince … she got trapped in politics … she didn’t understand what was going around her … she had no support and she got crushed. The world loved her … she was a sensation everywhere she went … she was adored by everyone. But the damn politics got so vicious that we lost this wonderful person … she was taken away from us.

Her name was Diana … Princess Diana. She also happens to be Harry’s Mom.

The world did nothing … we were just mute spectators. Sometimes in life … we have to step forward … not because you want something in return … but because it’s the right thing to do. Your stepping forward can save an innocent soul.

Two. International Coalitions
Since helping Meghan and Harry can involve the US Presidency … let me show how we can take them into our fold … to create something phenomenal for them so that they can also be phenomenal.

Both Meghan and Harry have immense star power … probably, some of the politics that they are facing is because of their phenomenal fame. They are outshining others in the Royal Family. As far our work is concerned, they can be fantastic revolutionary points in the UK. Just like we have created roles for Obamas in the US for life … we can similarly create roles for them in the UK. They can be the contact points in the UK for phenomenal change and revolutions in the UK.

Three. Obama Foundation
The work in the UK will not begin instantly … we need to launch the work in the US first. In the US, one or two key policies can be launched via the Obama Foundation. It will become an Obama Initiative … which will be taken up by the Biden Presidency.

Meghan and Harry can form a great team with Malia and Sasha. Malia and Sasha will love to work with a Prince and Princess. Meghan and Harry’s star power will create a great team for the Obamas and it will also give a great boost to the Obama Foundation.

Four. Meghan Harry Foundation
Obviously, Meghan and Harry will setup their own foundation. Our work creates phenomenal structural changes in every country where we work. It also channelizes tens of billions of dollars to those who work on it.

Meghan and Harry don’t have to rely on the crappy payments from the Netflix deals or whatever … they can themselves get tens of billions in their foundation. You don’t need to waste your time doing TV shows … you can provide real time fantastic world leadership and also get paid for it. The world needs heroes and you my dear … both of you are fantastic material.

Five. Powerful Influence in Palace Politics
The moment you become a part of our work and you start working with your new Mom … Queen Michelle Obama … you have directly got US Presidential backing. And guess what, if the US President calls … the entire UK Parliament will be at your service … let alone the Palace.

Right now, Meghan and Harry are being crushed and isolated … because Meghan is a nobody and Harry is a young Prince. From the power perspective, both of you don’t have any backing. But once the US President and the US Government starts backing you then it will change the entire power game in the UK … it might be UK politics or Palace politics. With US backing, Meghan and Harry can easily surpass the Queen in terms of power and influence in the UK.

Six. Meghan Markle – the Special Power Connection
Meghan Markle will be the special power connection that will bring US support and influence in the UK and the Royal Family.

Seven. Power for the Royal Family
The objective here is not to simply surpass the Queen or Kate Middleton or others in the Royal Family … but it is to empower the Royal Family itself as a whole. We are not stomping on anyone or belittling anyone … we are keeping the family together in good relations … and giving them phenomenal power in the country to do great things for the people.

With the backing of the US President … the Royal Family will be powerful again in the UK. They can create reforms and revolutions in the country. They can define the direction of the country once again. I know, there are some limitations put on the Royal Family’s political activities … but we are revolutionizing the entire country itself … some tidbits can be easily changed.

Eight. Royal Family dismantling the Satanic Establishment
If you look at European history of the past few hundred years … then you will see that, it was the Devil worshippers who campaigned and dismantled Kingdoms all over Europe. Either Kings were totally eliminated or rendered politically redundant. But today, the game can be reversed … these very same Royal Families can dismantle the very same Satanic Establishment and render them powerless. The same Satanist who took away your power … today, you can dismantle them and take away their power.

It will be a beautiful and fantastic reversal of power. But yes, obviously we are not looking at full-fledged Kingdoms to be setup, as of yet … Democracies will still go on.

Nine. Multiple Routes for Success
Picking and creating fantastic people-centric leaders in several key countries around the world … helps us create multiple routes for success. For example, if Meghan and Harry accomplish something in the UK … then it serves as a role model for success for the rest of the world. If we have some issues in the US then Meghan’s model in the UK helps us understand and eliminate the issues that we face and vice versa.

If we collectively campaign for good reforms in each of our countries … then it provides encouragement and collective strength for everyone in the team. We learn from each other and we support each other to succeed in every policy.

Ten. Coalition for worldwide success
In the later stages, we have to go after the Bankers … and this cannot be done by a single country on its own. It has to be collective action by the US, UK, EU and Russia at the least … working hand in hand together. That's why we need leaders in key countries … we need coalitions … and we have to work together. That’s what is going to give us success against this Satanic Establishment.

Understanding Meghan and Harry
When I started writing the page … the key questions were … how is protecting Meghan and Harry of US National interest? Why should we get involved in someone’s personal family matters? Now, you understand … Meghan and Harry … both of them are fantastic material. Even Kate and William are good … but with Meghan we have the American connection. They can play a critical role in revolutionizing the world.

Yes, this work has quite good financial benefits for those who can play the game correctly. But more importantly, Meghan and Harry can provide support points in UK to help the revolution in America and around the world. And this makes them of key US National interest.

The Queen and Princess should talk
It may take some time to move the work in UK. But I think, the Queen and Princess should start talking and sharing. Princess Meghan … kindly share your issues and concerns with your new Mom, Queen Michelle. Don’t feel like an outsider … Michelle Obama is the best friend that you can have. She is incredibly sweet and supportive … trust me, she will do everything to help and support you … she will be like family for you.

Once we show you the game … you will know how to play and what to do. For now, know that you are not alone … just connect and talk. We will show you how to rise and take the lead.