14 Feb 2021
Despite acquittal, Trump can still face criminal charges of murder, involuntary manslaughter and attempted murder
in America

The impeachment was the political process of taking action against Trump’s insurrection … now the legal process can begin. The insurrection was not only a political issue but Trump has committed several crimes during the insurrection, including: 

  • 1 Count of murder of an innocent Policeman
  • 4 Counts of involuntary manslaughter of his own followers
  • 100 plus counts of attempted murder against US Lawmakers

Trump can be sued and face criminal charges by:

  • The Biden’s DOJ at the National Level
  • The Washington State can file charges at the State Level and
  • The family of the Policeman, the families of the protesters killed and the 100 plus US lawmakers … all of them can file individual criminal lawsuits against Trump

Republicans can vote in favor of Trump in the political process … but Republicans will have no control or authority over the legal process. The legal process will have to go through the Courts and there is overwhelming evidence, documentation, witnesses and proof of the crimes committed during the insurrection. Republicans cannot have their way in the Courts.

How this will help Democrats is:

  • Convict and ban Trump from politics. It will open multiple routes to convict and ban Trump from politics for life. A conviction is possible through the impeachment process but since “crimes were committed” during the insurrection … a conviction is also possible via the legal process. If Trump is convicted via the legal process … even then, Trump will get banned for life from politics.
  • Maintain the media ban. With these criminal lawsuits, Democrats will be able to maintain the media ban on Trump and keep him away from all Social media. Now, Trump’s next move will be to get the ban from Social media removed since he is apparently acquitted. He will start all of his nuisance again by tweeting crap and consuming our time with nonsense, in his attempts to hog the limelight.
  • Outshine Biden. If the ban on Trump is removed and he is given access to Social media, then he will try to outshine Biden under his own Presidency. Biden doesn’t have the star power or media attraction to manage Trump, honestly speaking. For his own good, Biden should knock out Trump from any Social media access whatsoever.
  • Midterms 2022. Trump’s immediate target will be campaigning for Republicans in the Midterms in 2022. But if he is maintained silent from Social Media and kept busy with criminal lawsuits then the country can do more useful things rather than be consumed with Trump’s nuisance.
  • Extract the Loot. A very important thing that has to be done is … other than banning Trump from politics for life is … extracting the $2 Trillion loot from him. The best way to do that is via criminal lawsuits.
  • Re-Election made easy. By knocking out Trump from the game, it will be very easy for Democrats to win in 2024.

Use of the 14th Amendment should wait
Democrats should not hurry in the use of the 14th Amendment to ban Trump from politics.

  • Explore all criminal lawsuits. Dems should first explore all criminal lawsuits possible against Trump at the National and State Levels.
  • Buy out Republican support. Dems should buy out Republican support before starting another political process to ban Trump. First make sure that you have all of the votes needed for a win … make sure of a guaranteed win … and then go for it.