12 Feb 2021
Iran From the Project Phase to the Political Reform Phase
in America

Overwhelming hospitality and kindness
We have removed Iran from the project and rejected funding from them … and Iranian agents are responding with overwhelming hospitality and kindness … by putting chemicals in my room and washing machine … increasing electric intensities in my room … creating fake sex videos … and telling other residents to lie and play along in their fake sex setups. This is just so sweet and so adorable. So much love and support showering altogether.

Deserves a response
Now, how can we be so mean and selfish … by simply taking all of this lovely hospitality and kindness … with no response at all? This is not fair … we should also be kind and generous. Let’s fast track Iran’s sanctions removal … let’s speed up everything for them. We will call them for talks in the next 15-20 years … and work on removing sanctions in the next 20-30 years. Everything will happen super-fast for Iran now … tic toc … tic toc … within 30 years all sanctions will be removed.


Current Status
Here’s the current status of the US President on sanctions removal, by the way:


Project Phase – 3 Year Plan
Let me clarify to the Iranian Government as to what is going on … what you have done … and what you can expect ahead. This information is as per some US Intel sources.

We had actually created a 3 Year Plan for the removal of sanctions on Iran. We made this proposition more than 2 years ago. If Iran had contributed a small amount of $5 million to our project … then Democrats would help Iran and remove sanctions once they get in power within 1 year. We basically had 2 years for the negotiations on policy reforms … once the Democrat President takes office … within one year sanctions would be removed. The whole thing was a 3 year process … if you had played along properly.

Mistakes and Losses
Instead of working with us and supporting our project … your agents were busy creating fake sex videos since two years. You lost a unique opportunity and these are your major losses because of that.

  • Direct access to the US President. We don’t work just with the US Government … we work directly with the US President. We work directly with Obamas and Biden. If you had tied up with us … then you would have direct access to the US President.
  • Showed malice and hostility. When you show us malice and hostility … you are showing malice and hostility to the US Government.
  • Pushed away date for sanctions removal. Because of your malice and hostility … you yourself have pushed away the date for sanctions removal by several years.
  • Lost hundreds of billions per year. If sanctions were removed, Iran would be getting hundreds of billions in revenue from European countries.

Yes, your fake sex videos are costing you hundreds of billions per year in revenue. You might be thinking that you are super smart and super great by creating all of these fake sex videos … but tell me, how is it smart to lose hundreds of billions in revenue by creating fake sex videos? Try to realize what you guys are doing.

Political Reform Phase – 5 Year Plan
Now, trying to negotiate sanctions removal via our project … this phase is over. Iran is in the second phase of the “Political Reform Phase” … this is a 5 year plan. Its not that we hate Iran and we want sanctions on Iran forever … no, that’s not the case. You guys have royally screwed up the Project Phase and lost your chance for sanctions removal. I would strongly advise not to screw up this Political Reform Phase also … if you screw up here, then sanctions removal can take many many years ahead.

The good news for you in this phase is that …

  • No investment required. In this phase, you don’t need to invest a single penny. There is no investment required at all … because sanctions removal here is not based on the investment in our project but it is based on political reform in Iran.
  • Israel not involved. The second good news is that … we have successfully greatly diminished the influence of Israel in top American politics. The Iran Nuclear Deal was created because Netanyahu was calling for war against Iran. Political reform for Iran is not a request from Israel … it is a logical request from many humanitarian and intelligence groups from America and EU for the good of Iran and the Iranian people.
  • Modern Iran. If you reform your country successfully then you will be the key leaders who will create a new and modern Iran. You will create a good country … you will be the good leaders who will go down in history for the creation of this modern nation and the world will be ready to do business with you.

You are not spending money on anyone … but in this phase, you are simply making yourself better and internationally acceptable.

Takes time for reform
The only thing is that … it takes time for reform … for the discussions to take place … for you to accept the changes and policies … to implement … for the verifications to take place and to place international monitoring systems in Iran. The whole process takes time.

Example – Death to America!
I don’t have all of the details yet … I am just giving you some tips based on a few Intel reports. For example … “Death to America!” … this is a routine slogan in all of Iranian political meetings. You want America to remove sanctions from your country so that you can make hundreds of billions in revenue … but you chant “Death to America!” every week in your political meetings.

America-EU Relations
This is what you need to know about America and EU relations. America secures EU from Russia … America saved EU in both of the World Wars. America spends tens of billions every year to keep EU safe … the EU gets hundreds of billions in revenue every year via trade from America.

You guys chant “Death to America! Death to Britain!” because you are not doing business with America and Britain … but you are doing business with Europe. But EU is a very close American ally … if you chant “Death to America!” … why should American allies give you any business? Try to think a little bit.

If someone said “Death to Iran! Death to the Mullahs! Now, please give me hundreds of billions of dollars.” Will you give him hundreds of billions of dollars? The phase of Israel’s influence on America is coming to an end … we are ourselves making sure that it happens. All key decisions in America are being made via facts and logic. When the facts show that you chant “Death to America!” and you want hundreds of billions in revenue from our allies then the logic does not fall into place.

This is not about hate or enmity towards Iran … but this is simple logic. If you want to do business with the West then be friends with the West.

Conduct and Policies
These are the two key things that everyone will be observing Iran for … conduct and policies … at the international level and at the domestic level. Your conduct and policies should be right if you want business from the West.

They will give you a list of policies and reforms to be made. All of these reforms will be good for your country and people. How fast you enter this reform phase and how fast you implement these policies will show how fast we can remove the sanctions. It’s a 5 year plan … but if you speed it up and show good and positive approach and results … then it can be done within 3 years. If you stick to the “Death to America!” track … then it can take 10 years … or 20 years … or even 30 years … there is no time limit to this.

The simple logic is … as long as you say “Death to America!” … America and its allies will not give you a single penny. This change is up to you … no one is going to force you to change … it is completely voluntarily. If you want our money then you need to be good friends … its not too much to ask.

The Track Ahead
This is the possible track that you are looking ahead:

  • First Year. Right now because of Covid, everyone is busy with their own problems of unemployment and security. There is only a 10-20% chance that any talks will begin this year.
  • Second Year. If Iran shows a positive and constructive approach … then the talks may begin in the second year.
  • Third Year. You will start implementing the changes, reforms and policies in the third year.
  • Fourth Year. There will be checks and verifications in the third and fourth years. International monitoring systems will be put into place to verify the Democratic operating systems in Iran.
  • Fifth Year. If all goes well, then gradually sanctions will be removed.

This track will depend on Iran’s conduct and policies. If you don’t give a shit then nobody will give a shit. All of these reforms are for your own good so that sanctions can be removed for you. If you don’t want sanctions to be removed then don’t give a shit. Its totally up to you … there is no force or coercion or investments in this. Be good … become good … then the West will do business with you.

The Project Phase is over
A small important note. Don’t bother being a part of our project … the Project Phase is over … now, you are in the Political Reform Phase. All countries … especially America, EU and Russia are observing you in your conduct and policies. Have the best conduct and policies for the best results.

Please try not to screw this up.