06 Feb 2021
Managing Iran Political Reforms
in America

Clean work, clean people and clean money
This concept of “clean work, clean people and clean money” doesn’t apply only to Trump … but it also applies to Iran. Yes, we had invited Iran in this project … it was because of dire necessity. Trump was blocking funds from GCC countries and injecting our money into his own accounts … Democrats had created some relations with Iran … and we had to fight against an Establishment that was draining wealth by the trillions and killing people by the millions. Politically, it suited Iran because our work was against Israel and the Jewish Establishment.

Pulling Iran in the game was … taking help from a smaller evil to fight against a bigger evil. When we invited Iran in the game … it was two years ago … the need, the necessity and the time to create the right configurations was there … but now, the scenarios are different.

I am an honest person … I am not writing this to get $5 million from the Iranian Government … but I am writing this to REJECT $5 million from the Iranian Government. I don’t hate Iran and I don’t hate the Iranian people … but we work with facts and logic … this helps us design successful scenarios and outcomes.

This page will help Democrats and the Iranian Government to understand why we don’t want Iran involved in our project.

Current factors in play

  • Covid. We are living in a different world right now with the pandemic. Nobody wants oil … oil is something that countries are getting at negligible prices … its like a free commodity. Iran wants sanctions removed … for what? Nobody is buying oil.
  • Pandemic and Economy. Right now, for all of America and Europe, the number one priority is the pandemic and economy. Nobody cares about Iran or its nuclear program.
  • One year to start. The sanctions on Iran are not only from America but also from the European Union. Only for Biden to start talks with EU about sanctions on Iran … it may take about one year’s time. Everybody is busy with the pandemic.
  • False Assumption. Iran is thinking that … “hey, I will donate $5 million to this project and I will get $100 billion from Europe via oil”. It doesn’t work that way. The whole thing is a major international diplomatic crisis … dozens of countries are involved, everybody is busy with the pandemic … only to start the negotiations, it will take an year’s time … and then it will take several years to come to some conclusion.
  • War on Terror is over. The War on Terror is over … the fear mongering is over … nobody is going to start a new war. “Iran’s Nuclear Program” was only a false fear mongering propaganda from Israel and Netanyahu to start a new war to bomb Iran. This old phase is over … we are in a different world right now. Nobody is going to start a new war … not via America at least.
  • Make the damn bomb. Nobody cares about your nuclear program … several countries in the world have nukes including the crazy North Korea … make the damn bomb. Who is stopping you? Trump ripped up the Nuclear Deal … you had 4 years of time … why didn’t you make the damn bomb? Because you don’t know how to … you simply can’t make the damn bomb.
  • Netanyahu’s false fear mongering. At least, this is open evidence of Netanyahu’s false fear mongering … since more than 10 years, he has been saying that “Iran is about to make a Nuclear Bomb … Iran is about to make a Nuclear Bomb” … as if the bomb would be ready by tomorrow. You had full 4 years to make the bomb under Trump … you didn’t, because you couldn’t. This is open evidence that fear mongering in the world using Iran’s Nuclear Program is bogus and bullshit.
  • Avert a war against Russia. The thing that you should know about the Nuclear Deal is that … it was created by Obama mainly to avoid a war against Russia. The scenarios during the Obama Presidency were totally different … we were bombing half a dozen countries and the next country would be Iran … which would lead us to a war with Russia. Obama signed the Nuclear Deal so that it works as a shield from starting a war with Iran … which would shield the world from a war against Russia. Your Nuclear Program was not the main focus.
  • Dozens new routes open. With Biden becoming President … we have a dozen new routes open for our work via Saudis, GCC and European countries. Why should we resort to evil options … big or small … when God is opening good and clean routes for our work?

Even if you donate
I think some Iranian agents are getting pissed off because I am removing Iran from the project. Let me openly show you … how it will work out. You are under the impression that … “hey, I will donate $5 million and then I will get $100 Billion in revenue from Europe”. But this doesn’t work at the push of a button. Just to start the negotiations with EU countries and talk about sanctions on Iran … it will take one year’s time.

Yes, we will give you a guarantee that “if sanctions are not removed you will get a full refund of your $5 million”. Our project is not a $5 million project … it is a multi-billion dollar project. What will happen next is that … Obamas and Biden will pull the rest of the funding from GCC and Europe within days or weeks … and we will refund your amount immediately irrespective of sanctions.

Russia will be involved in this deal and Russia will say … “hey, you donated $5 million and you got your money back … your sanctions removal will take time … don’t bother Active Democracy”. You are thinking that you will use our project to remove sanctions on your country … but your sanctions removal is several years ahead … and you will get your refund within weeks. We will give you the refund and disconnect you from the project totally.

You will get nothing from this deal … other than the good work of supporting a project against a malicious Jewish Establishment. We don’t want to give you any false expectations … that’s why, I am showing you everything very openly.

Major reforms that will be discussed
These are the major reforms that America and EU will discuss before the removal of any sanctions:

  • Nuclear Program
  • Missiles Program
  • The Communist Rule

Till date, the sanctions were based only on the Nuclear Program … mainly because Netanyahu created fear mongering using your Nuclear Program … but now, your Missiles Program and even the Communist Rule of the Iranian Government will be under discussion.

Screwing the lives of 80 million innocent Iranians
I am giving you some information based upon US Intel groups. This is what’s coming next for Iran … 90-100% chances are there for this. Why Iran is considered as an “evil option” is because of its Communist Rule over its people. Communism has been rooted out from all around the world except from a few countries. Iran is hiding a form of Communist Rule under the cloak of its Islamic Revolution.

Before we had thought … “okay, we have 2 years of time till we get a Democrat Presidency. We will work out things with Iran … we will discuss and make some changes. It will be a start. As it is, we have no better option … maybe we should go with a smaller evil to fight against a bigger evil.” That’s why we had invited Iran … to make some policy changes and justify the removal of sanctions.

Instead of working with us … your agents treated us as an enemy … that we work for an enemy country, America. They responded to us with only malice and hostility … and wasted all of the time that we had where some policy changes could be negotiated.

Right from the beginning, several Intel groups used to argue … “if we take funding from Iran and remove sanctions … without any political reforms … then we will doom 80 million innocent Iranian citizens to a vicious and ruthless Communist Rule. These guys scream “Death to America! Death to Britain!” And kill their own people by the thousands if they protest against the Government. Why on Earth should we put hundreds of billions of our money into the hands of this Communist Government?”

If I take $5 million from you now … then I will be dooming 80 million innocent Iranians to a vicious Communist rule for life. That’s why many Intel Groups from the West … from America and Europe … they are against removal of sanctions on Iran.

That too, right now … when God is opening good and clean routes for our work … why should I choose evil options, evil routes or evil governments? The very essence of our work is saving millions and billions of people from exploitation, bad policies and abuse. I am supposed to launch my work by condemning 80 million innocent people to a Communist rule for life?

This doesn’t fit into our work … and even if you donate … you will get the refund within weeks and nothing will change for you. Even then you will still be put on a track of political reform by America and Europe.

Problem for Active Democracy
We are a private company. Yes, we are connected with US, European and Russian governments … but still we are not a government … we are private company. We did not put sanctions on Iran … we do not have the authority to remove the sanctions. When America and Europe will start talking about “political reform” for Iran where there should be:

  • Freedom of speech
  • Freedom of press
  • Free and fair elections
  • Rights for your people
  • No humanitarian abuse

This negotiation can move both ways. You may freak out or you may respond positively. Given your reactions to Western mediation in the past … I don’t see a smooth track ahead. And when these fireworks will happen between the West and Iran … why the hell should my company be squeezed in this conflict?

Complete Political Reform
Forget about the Nuclear or Missiles program … as per US Intel sources … there has to be a complete political reform in Iran. It has to become a proper Democracy with full people’s rights. Right now, if people protest … they are shot dead by the thousands. It seems that the Iranian Government maintains armies of tens of thousands of spies and agents who hunt down and punish anyone who speaks against the government. From this state of Communist policies of complete authoritarian rule … you have to create a complete political reform and become a proper Democracy with full rights for your people … if you want to do business with the West. How soon will this happen? Only God knows.

These “hundreds of billions” that you seek from the West … all of these are Democratic countries where people have rights. America and Europe have literally financed the downfall of Communism all around the world. You can’t say “Death to America! Death to Britain!” … run an authoritarian Communist rule over 80 million people … and expect Western Democratic countries to put hundreds of billions in your government so that you can continue the abuse on your people.

This is most probably where the conversation with the Iranian Government will go in the coming months and years … as per Intel reports that is.

Not getting in between the conflict
This is the main reason, I am saying since a long time that … “I don’t want to get involved in between the conflict of America and Iran.” This political reform for Iran and also North Korea has been designed to save and protect millions of people from authoritarian and Communist rule.

That’s why we are saying … “leave Iran aside for now … they don’t have to be a part of this project”. Because as per US Intel groups … this petty $5 million of initial donation has no value at all … what’s more important is saving 80 million innocent Iranians from a Communist Rule.

What you have done here around me since the past two years of … fake sex videos, malice, hostility, threats … and warnings of … “nobody will donate to your project … we will block all donors … work with us or we will deport you by creating fake sex videos” … all of this is nothing but childish behavior. We look at lives of millions and billions of people. If you had coordinated with us 2 years ago and created some reforms … then you would have financed a project that would change lives of billions of people. We invited you to help billions of people and now we are rejecting you … to save your 80 million people.

Keep an open mind and be flexible
We are a private company … we will not get involved of how the political reform will be created for Iran. This is between you, America & Europe. The only thing that I will say is … authoritarian and Communist rules don’t work nowadays … you have to change as per time. Keep an open mind … be flexible … and be open to change.

We don’t hate Iran and we don’t hate Iranian people. If you respond positively to these political reforms … then you will go down in history as the leaders of Iran who created a “Modern Iran”. Just be patient … and prepare for reforms.