24 Jan 2021
Trump is repeatedly killing innocent people for his own benefit
in America

Why SM Groups moved away from Trump?
Why more and more SM Groups moved away from Trump and became Pro-Dem is because Trump was repeatedly killing innocent people for his own benefit. Here are some key examples provided by Pro-Dem Groups for the same.

One. As favors for Israel for his own protection
Whenever the Establishment elements would give him a tough time in America then Trump would call Netanyahu and give him “permission to bomb” whichever country he wanted. Netanyahu would openly go around bombing innocent people in Gaza, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and even innocent Iranian people in Syria. Bombs were dropping on people who had done no harm to Trump or to America or to Israel … just because Trump wanted to do a favor for Israel so that “things become easy” for him in America.

We repeatedly told him about this blunder that … “hey look, you have not started any new war … you have a clean Presidency … but you have to stop these repeated licensing of bombing that you are giving to Israel. You are piling up innocent dead bodies in your record”. Trump didn’t listen much and he just wanted what would be better for him. A pleased Israel and Netanyahu was better … so what if a few dozen innocent people died.

Two. To cover up his blunders
After getting impeached … Trump freaked out and probably wanted to start a new war … and he killed Soleimani, an Iranian Military General, to start a war with Iran. We admonished him that a war against Iran would be a disaster … as an impeached President, he cannot start a crazy war. So, he strikes a deal with Iran and allows them to shoot down a passenger plane in retaliation.

The Ukraine International Airlines plane had 176 innocent people in it … many of them Canadian citizens. They were probably expecting to see their loved ones within a few hours but what happens within minutes of takeoff is … the plane is hit by two missiles and everyone onboard is killed. What mistake did they make? What crime did they commit? None whatsoever. They were killed to cover up a blunder that Trump made by killing Soleimani. Trump authorized and allowed their killing.

Imagine sitting in a plane and being blown up to bits with two missiles hitting you. If Trump was not the President and he was involved in the shooting down of a passenger plane with 176 people onboard … then what would this act be? It would be an act of terrorism. This act of terrorism was committed by Trump … for his own sake.

We ignored this and turned a blind eye … because we have seen Presidents make bigger blunders where a million people were killed and tens of millions of people were displaced. It was a horrible thing to do … but it was not the worst one yet … and this was the guy that we had to deal with.

Three. For money and an extra year in office
Trump starts his response to the pandemic with a request of $2 Billion in funding … yes, just $2 Billion. But the Democrats offered $8 Billion … Trump says, he will take it. Then Dems offered hundreds of billions and it turned into trillion dollar packages. Trump was doing great in the initial phases of the pandemic … but the moment he saw that he was getting money by the trillions because of the pandemic … then he switched sides. He said “screw the taskforce … screw saving lives … let the whole thing expand … let’s create maximum cases and deaths … and capitalize on the trillions that will be spent in relief money”.

The moment Trump saw trillions coming in his hands … he held back vaccines and allowed the whole pandemic to blow out of proportion … and allowed it to expand by 10 times. Before we were getting only 20K cases per day … when Trump screwed it … we started getting 200K cases per day. Trump allowed 300K more American citizens to die and a million people to die around the world … so that he could make some more money and get an additional year in office because of the pandemic. Three Covid relief packages were released under Trump … all of them were near a trillion dollars each.

Seeing this level of selfishness and greed, the majority of SM Groups said “FU*K TRUMP”.

Four. Overturn the Election
Trump’s selfishness and greed doesn’t stop with the genocide of a million people. When he loses the election, he sends a mob of his followers to storm the Capitol Hill to abuse, threaten and even kill lawmakers so that the result of the election can be overturned. Trump facilitated, encouraged and incited a mob to attack hundreds of US lawmakers.

His killing of innocent people started off with dozens … then hundreds … then a million … and then the entire Capitol Hill hosting hundreds of US lawmakers. This is total psychotic levels of self-obsession. This is the most horrible crime that can happen to the US Government that the entire US Government gets attacked.

The shocking part in all of this is that … there is no Establishment involvement … the Establishment is not running this show like they were running the War on Terror. This is all Donald J Trump … killing innocent people … by the dozens, hundreds and millions … for his own safety, financial benefit and success. Trump is a self-obsessed psycho … who does not follow any law, morals or principles … he does whatever suits and benefits him … even if it involves killing innocent people or lawmakers.

And that’s one of the reasons why Trump is in hot waters now.

The difference between the Ukraine Scandal and the Capitol Hill Riots Case
Here’s some information from Pro-Dem Groups. There is a huge difference between the Ukraine Scandal and the Capitol Hills Riots case.

The Ukraine Scandal
Trump made one phone call to Ukraine against Biden … which was leaked by the media and it turned into a scandal. This is what you should note about it:

  • Political. This scandal was mostly political.
  • US Soil. This was not something specific only to the US soil.

And thus the measures that were taken against this “political act” were … investigations, inquiries, committees, panels, intelligence committees and impeachment. All of this was carried out by Democrats … via the House and Senate.

Capitol Hill Riots Case
As per the info of Pro-Dem groups … the Capitol Hill Riots case has two layers involved mainly because:

  • Criminal. This case is not only political but it is also criminal. The “insurrection” part of it is political that concerns the Biden Presidency … but criminal acts against American citizens also happened in this case.
  • US Soil and US Citizens. This is not a case of Trump colluding with other foreign leaders … but all of this happened on US soil involving US citizens. 5 American citizens got killed and hundreds of US law makers lives were threatened. No way in hell this is something purely political.

Whatever Democrats are doing at the political level of impeachment via the House and the Senate … the committees, investigations and conviction … all of this is just the political level. In this case, criminal activities happened against American citizens on US soil where:

  • An innocent American Police Officer … who was simply doing his duty … got murdered by a mob sent by Trump.
  • 4 innocent American Trump followers were sent to their deaths by the President himself. Trump is such a person … that uses people to their deaths and then turns around and puts criminal charges on them … just because it didn’t work out the way he wanted. One woman who got killed was a veteran … she was a soldier … she fought for her country … she was not a criminal … she did not commit any crime … she was sent to her death by this self-obsessed psycho President. This was involuntary manslaughter of 4 innocent Americans by Trump.
  • Hundreds of lawmakers were threatened by Trump … some people in the mob were violent and criminal with murderous intentions … Trump facilitated attempted murder on a 100 plus US lawmakers.

Criminal action against Trump
As per Pro-Dem groups, criminal action can be taken against Trump … apart from the ongoing political actions … criminal lawsuits and proceedings can be initiated against Trump and everyone involved in the insurrection by:

  • Nancy Pelosi or Schumer
  • The Squad Members
  • Any Democrat or Republican lawmaker
  • The family of the American Police Officer
  • The families of the Americans who died
  • All of them can do this collectively or individually

Obviously, it would help if Democrats provided some backing to the above members to do the same. You know, this is about suing the President … that’s the only reason, many Groups think that there is hesitation … otherwise, these lawsuits would have already moved forward.

Don’t rush with the Senate Trial
As per Pro-Dem groups … Trump is already impeached … there is no point in hurrying with the Senate trial. An impeachment doesn’t make much of a difference … as you might have noticed, we are dealing with someone with “no morals or principles and who obsesses only with himself”. The conviction is what will make the difference … it will not put morals or principles in Trump … but it will definitely root him out from politics.

The two layers of politics and crime … both of them complement each other. Democrats providing backend support to the victims of the riots to file lawsuits … helps Democrats get the conviction in the Senate. Once Trump is charged with murder, involuntary manslaughter and attempted murder from several sources … then the conviction in the Senate becomes a breeze.

The advice from Pro-Dem groups is to stretch the Senate hearing … buy more and more time with investigations and formation of committees to collect all facts and data surrounding the insurrection. This will pool in a lot of data of everyone involved, everything that conspired and it helps you buy time to design, support and initiate criminal proceedings from the second layer.

You help the lawmakers and families to step forward and they will help you in the Senate conviction. More the lawsuits, the multiple the sources, the better it is.

Trump is killing innocent people repeatedly … he needs to be stopped.