22 Jan 2021
Pro-Dem SM Groups: Trump can face charges of murder, involuntary manslaughter and attempted murder
in America

Maximum pressure to manage Trump
Firstly, thanks to everyone for maintaining maximum pressure on Trump to facilitate the transfer of power successfully. Otherwise, only God knows what other nonsense Trump would try to pull off which would eventually lead Trump to jail or the death penalty. This was not only good for America but also good for Trump.

Congratulations to President Joe Biden for a successful transfer of power.

Pro-Dem Groups: Trump is a backstabbing fraud
The first point that Pro-Dem Groups want to provide to Obamas, Biden and Democrats is that … Trump is a backstabbing fraud. This is Trump’s “winning strategy”:

  • Payoff to neutralize opposition. He will payoff … sometimes very generously … to neutralize his opposition because he cannot handle the oncoming aggression.
  • Stab in the back and root out using alternate routes. Once you think that he is your friend because he paid you … then Trump stabs you in the back and even tries to root you out using alternate routes.

This is something that Trump has learnt from his hotel industry. If anyone threatens his hotel business … it might be income tax officers or politicians … first, he pays them off. And then he uses alternate routes to stab them in the back and root them out completely so that he never has to pay them again.

Let me show two examples of how he dealt with Biden recently. Once he split a billion dollars with Obamas and Biden … and talked about unity, peace and friendship. Since Dems got paid … they thought let’s protect this guy … but what he does within days is … initiate investigations into Hunter Biden’s dealings and also asks for investigation panels and committees to be formed to investigate Hunter Biden. This is Trump paying and then stabbing in the back.

Again very recently, he reportedly paid Biden to go easy on the Capitol riots case. And what’s he doing now? Creating violent anti-Biden riots and sending a Q-Anon House member to submit impeachment articles against Biden. You should know that Q-Anon is a group financed by Trump himself. This is Donald J Trump … a backstabbing fraud … who works only for himself.

The paying is only to secure himself from the coming aggression and then backstabbing and rooting out the person is again to help himself. Trump cares for none but himself … he is a self-obsessed psycho. Never trust Trump on anything.

Second Point: Trump may face charges of murder, involuntary manslaughter and attempted murder
The second point from Pro-Dem SM Groups is that … the impeachment of Trump based upon the Capitol riots was only the “political front” of the action. This was something that Trump did against the Biden Presidency and Democrats took action against him. This whole thing is the political process.

The Second Layer is the Legal Layer on Capitol Riots
The second layer is the legal layer on Capitol riots that all Pro-Dem groups support. These are the details of some of the legal actions that can be taken against Trump and everyone who incited this violent mob against US lawmakers.

Charges of murder
Trump incited a violent mob against US lawmakers owing to which a Police Officer got killed. An innocent American citizen got killed for no reason violently by a mob sent by Trump … this is murder.

Charges of involuntary manslaughter
Trump rallied and misled a mob to do something very illegal … during which 4 American citizens got killed. Trump misled these people to their death … this is involuntary manslaughter.

Charges of attempted murder
A 100 plus US lawmakers were in the Capitol Hill. A violent mob chanting “hang Mike Pence” … hunting of Nancy Pelosi and all lawmakers … got into a fight with security and Police officers … killed a Police officer and 4 other people got killed. They ransacked the place and came with violent intent of murder … putting the lives of a 100 plus US lawmakers at risk … this is attempted murder.

The charges to be made
This is what the Pro-Dem Groups suggest the charges to be made at a minimum along with other charges:

  • One count of murder
  • Four counts of involuntary manslaughter
  • And a 100 plus counts of attempted murder

These charges should be put by the families of the Police officer, the American Citizens killed and also by the US lawmakers whose lives were threatened. There is no need to wait for any commission or investigation in this on a legal front. These charges can be immediately filed by any or all of the victims of Trump's Capitol riot.

People to be charged
Donald Trump, Don Jr., Ted Cruz, Rudy Giuliani and all others who incited and sent the mob to the Capitol Hill.

The facts that support the charges

  • The criminal intent. We literally have the criminal intent of the criminals inciting the mob on video.
  • The criminal action and evidence. The entire world has seen the criminal action unfold and live evidence for the same is available.
  • The witnesses. The entire world is a witness to this crime.

How it would play out

  • Trump would get charged for murder, involuntary manslaughter and attempted murder by the family of the Police officer, by the families of the people killed in the riot and the 100 plus US lawmakers.
  • Trump would get arrested and probably, get released on bail
  • Trump would follow the legal proceedings for the criminal charges through several courts
  • Trump would obviously pay off the victims to settle the cases

How is this good for Democrats and the Country?
As per the viewpoint of Pro-Dem Groups … these are the benefits for different entities in this process.

  • Conviction in the Senate. Nancy Pelosi should hold off on the Articles of Impeachment and prioritize the criminal charges against Trump. Once Trump gets charged for murder, manslaughter and attempted murder … and when he would be literally fighting criminal charges against him … then his hold on the Republican Party will be in free fall. No politician in their right mind will support a guy charged with murder. The possibility of getting a conviction in the Senate trial against Trump will become very easy.
  • Trump gets eliminated from politics. Trump has been nothing but a nuisance in politics who supports the Devil and its systems. The majority of SM Groups don’t want Trump in politics at all. The conviction is the easiest way to remove Trump from politics. There will be no menace for Biden’s re-election from Trump and Trump’s nuisance will end for good.
  • Police Officer’s Family. An innocent American Police officer got killed for no reason at all … just because of the cranky ideas of Trump. This was murder by a mob sent by Trump … his family deserves compensation … Trump should pay them $10 Million.
  • Families of 4 American Citizens killed in the riot. These people were simply following their President. The President misled them into an illegal activity which led to their deaths. Trump pushed these American Citizens to their deaths … this in involuntary manslaughter. Each of their families should be paid $10 Million. As per his nature … guess what Trump did instead of paying them or supporting them? Trump told his DOJ to file criminal charges against these people that he sent to the Capitol. The moment Trump came under a threat … he immediately backstabbed the people that he used and threw them under the bus. Backstabber … he is a backstabber … of the most selfish kind.
  • Lawmakers in the Capitol Hill. A 100 plus lawmakers faced attempted murder from Trump’s violent mob. Each of these lawmakers should be paid $10 Million in White money and $10 Billion in Black money. Don’t worry … Trump has about $2 Trillion stashed in Black money that he made via the Presidency. Trump can pay very generously. The lawmakers know very well how to send the Black money to their Swiss bank accounts.
  • Stabilizes the Congress. When Trump pays more than a 100 lawmakers $10 Million in White and $10 Billion in Black money … then it stabilizes the Congress financially. This financial stability helps us ward off Establishment control over politics to a considerable extent. Most of the beneficiaries will be Democrats … as there were many Dems in the building … it helps the Party.
  • Extract the Loot. These criminal charges will help Democrats to extract the loot from Trump and channelize it back to the American people.
  • Help Africa. A considerable section of the loot can be channelized to Africa and hopefully, these lawmakers won’t mind spending $1-2 Billion from their payouts for good works in Africa.
  • Trump doesn’t go to jail. After all of this … Trump will still have many billions left for him and he will not go to jail. So, it kind of works out for everybody.

As per Pro-Dem SM reports … Trump is still very keenly interested in his second term and he may do everything to get back into the White House. There are already violent riots and an impeachment move against Biden. This nuisance cannot be allowed to continue … the entire country cannot suffer for one person’s ridiculousness. The key in getting a conviction against Trump in the Senate is … prioritize the criminal charges of murder, manslaughter and attempted murder … and then the Senate trial will be a breeze.

Pro-Dem Groups work in favor of the Democrat Party and activate what is best for the country from the Democrat perspective. The majority of SM Groups also favor the above route.