13 Jan 2021
Getting the Republican support to impeach and convict Trump
in America

Here is some useful information from Pro-Dem SM Groups on getting Republican support to impeach and convict Trump. But before we get into that … one or two things that you should know about Trump.

Trump is on a Harvey Weinstein track
Trump can end up in jail for a long time … he is on a Harvey Weinstein track. There is a lot of fury against him from several SM Groups … there will be sweeping support for action against Trump. He was the chosen Angel to fight against the Devil … but instead, he spent 4 years supporting and protecting the Devil … and made trillions while burning America in record-breaking debt and trade deficits. Many SM Groups see him as a thief and a mass murderer … especially Pro-Dem SM Groups.

Trump will start becoming flexible
The more Trump loses, the more flexible he will become. The more he moves closer to jail, the more he will cooperate. All of Trump’s decisions are about “blowing his own horn & pocketing taxpayer money … or saving his ass”. Trump will do anything for this … to get money or save his ass from jail. Now, he will enter a unique phase … where he will be giving away his money to save his ass from jail. Saving himself from jail will be more important than holding on to the trillions that he has stolen.

I am giving you this info in advance so that you know what is coming in the next phases. You don’t want to be Harvey Weinstein’s buddy … knowing that he is a criminal and will be going to jail for a long time. You need to be tactical in dealing with Trump.

Trump backstabs very easily
Another thing … Trump backstabs very easily. I am sure he is already trying to pull political strings in India and Armenia against us because of the information that we are giving you … even though he has only one week in office. Lol. Trump is a self-obsessed maniac … he cares only about himself. He will reach out to you for himself and he will stab you in the back also for himself. He uses this as a principle to deal with everybody. This is one of the reasons many of his own associates, employees, friends and family members flip against him. Trump himself is a backstabber. Be careful with him.

Coming to the main topic … many SM Groups are interested in convicting Trump and removing him from politics altogether. Their second objective is … long term jail sentences for Trump to extract the multi-trillion-dollar loot that he has taken via the Presidency. The movement to impeach and convict Trump is already in motion.

These are some of the tactics from Pro-Dem SM Groups that you can use to pull more Republican support to impeach and convict Trump. 

  • Genocide. Inform all Republicans about Trump’s genocide … of how he withheld vaccines and created the genocide of a million people around the world including 300K American citizens. Tell them that Trump will be investigated for this genocide.
  • Multi-Trillion Loot. Inform them of the trillions that Trump has looted via mass spending and bamboozling other countries in trade deals.
  • Treason. Everyone already knows about Trump resorting to criminal tactics of staying in power. Trump has become a full-fledged criminal.
  • Eliminate Republican Control. To add to the above, one thing that many top Republicans are keenly interested is in … eliminating Trump’s influence and control on the Republican Party. If Trump is impeached and convicted … then he would be successfully removed from politics for good. Which means that … he will have no further influence or control on the Republican Party. Many Republicans will be interested in freeing the Party from Trump.

As it is … he has committed crimes of enormous proportions … it is a fantastic opportunity to remove Trump from politics and the Republican Party for good. This is not something good for only Democrats … but this is also good for Republicans.

Trump has literally failed in leading America from any crises … but he himself has become a crisis by becoming the hand of the Devil. He does no good for anybody but himself … he has become a nuisance for everyone. This is not the reason why he was brought in politics and given victories. Many SM Groups are furious at Trump … not just now but since all of his 4 years. This is a good time to pull Republicans on your side and for the good of the country … end this nuisance.

This nuisance ends for America, for the world, for Democrats and also for the Republican Party. There is keen Republican interest in this … apart from being in the best interest for the country.