08 Jan 2021
Planning out Trump’s exit from politics
in America

This page is primarily for Trump. We told you in your Second year itself that … “we will only plan your exit from the White House”. Remember? Yup … and at that time, you freaked out on us … started screaming and yelling of how you will shut us down and do this and do that to us. Well, here we are … planning your exit from not only the White House … but from politics itself.

By the way, you are creating fantastic records … in self-destruction. Nobody bends over and says “kick my ass” better than Trump. There are so many SM Groups out there that are pissed off at you and they want to kick your ass … and you are making everything so easy for them.

  • Hey look, I have looted more than a $1 Trillion … kick my ass
  • Hey look, I have held back vaccines and created the genocide of a million people … kick my ass
  • Hey look, I have committed treason … live on National Television … against the United States … kick my ass!

You are doing a phenomenal job destroying yourself, bravo … seems like a non-stop rise to greatness.

Entry, Stay and Exit
We are strategists … a part of our planning involves … planning the entry, stay and exit of the US President. We get involved in who gets elected as President, what he does while staying as President and based upon his current actions and policies … we even design the exit of the President from the White House. This is one small section of our work.

In all fairness, we created and maintained security shields for you throughout your Presidency. In each year, we used a different strategy to protect and support you.

  • In the First year … we showed you to be the best guy when compared to Hillary and Bernie from Democrats and Ted Cruz from the Republicans.
  • In the Second year … we protected you from the Mueller Investigation by showing that Mike Pence could take us to war against Russia if you were impeached.
  • In the Third year … we protected you from impeachment by using Warren’s blunders.
  • In the Final year … we supported your re-election and wanted a Nobel for you because of your work in the pandemic and with no new wars started.

We are a force for good and we always want the best options ahead for the President. Its like Angels pulling you towards Heaven … they show good things … and glory and greatness. But when you commit horrible crimes then even Angels stop pulling you towards Heaven … because you need to pay for those crimes first. If you look at your crimes … they are no ordinary crimes … they are the worst and largest scale of crimes possible.

  • More than $1 Trillion in loot. This is the largest amount of money that any US politician has ever looted in US history. The entire revenue of the United States from taxes and all other sources is only $3 trillion. When your loot is $1 to $1.5 Trillion … it means that you have taken away half of all American tax payer money in a year … every single taxpayer … man, woman and business that have paid … you have looted 50% of all taxpayer money.
  • More than 1 million people killed. Its not like you killed one hundred or two hundred … or one thousand or two thousand … its more than one million people killed by holding off vaccines. No American citizen has killed more than 300K Americans ever … not even Bush and Hillary.
  • Committed Treason. To add to all of the above … you have even committed treason against your own country … live on National Television.

These are the worst imaginable things possible … you have done them at the largest scale possible. And even the worst part is … there was no Establishment involvement in all of this. The Establishment did not pressure you to do this … this was all you … you did this just for yourself … for more money and power for you. You need to snap out of your self-obsession and realize what you are doing and what you have become.

We warned you so many times that … you are on a track of treason. The penalty for treason is death or prison … your next step can be treason … and bingo … you go ahead and commit treason on live Television.

What SM Groups want for Trump
I will just let you know what SM Groups are planning ahead for you and why they are planning it.

  • Step One. Removal from office. Removing Trump from office via the 25th Amendment or via impeachment … this is a Democrat plan … this is not an SM plan.
  • Step Two. Elimination from politics. SM is not interested in impeachment … they want complete removal of Trump from politics.
  • Step Three. Retrieval of $1 Trillion of loot. Obviously, the second priority is to retrieve the loot.

How to get this done?
They say that impeaching Trump is treating Trump like Royalty. Trump is a thief and a mass murderer … he deserves jail or the death penalty. So, the options that they are considering are:

  • Death Penalty. Only very few support the death penalty … not because you don’t deserve it. But if they give you the death penalty then $1 Trillion plus in loot goes missing. It’s a substantial amount that needs to be recovered. There can be more benefit for the country by this recovery rather than by Trump’s death penalty.
  • Long Term Jail. They are planning long term jail sentences for Trump and Trumps … yes, there are other Trumps also on the list. The objective of this is not to actually put you in jail for a long term … but this will help them extract the multi-trillion dollar loot and channel it back to the people.
  • Criminal Convictions. This is the least that they want for Trump … a few criminal convictions … to indict and to convict Trump. This will help them to successfully remove Trump from politics forever. Once you are convict … then you can’t run for office.

The key things that the majority of SM Groups are looking for is … removal of Trump from politics and the extraction of the loot.

Problems for America by Trump

America was stuck in a major crisis with bad leaders … on one side we had Bernie and Hillary … and on the other side we had Ted Cruz and Mitt Romney. Trump was the chosen one … he was chosen to save America. Trump refused to save America and instead supported and protected a massive criminal Establishment. Removing Trump could mean a catastrophe under other leaders. Thus we were stuck in a hostage crisis under Trump.

Trump went on a massive loot from every source possible … went ahead to even create genocide and treason. The chosen Angel became the hand of the Devil. If we give another 4 more years to Trump … then America gets the same thing all over again.

  • Highest amount of spending … highest amount of debt and trade deficits
  • Full scale loot by the President
  • Absolutely no action being taken against a criminal Establishment
  • No reform and no change for America … and a massive and terrible debt crisis

This is why no SM Group wants Trump to remain in politics at all. 4 years was a long time to understand between right and wrong … to stop being the hand of the Devil and to do what is right for your people. Nobody wants to see all of this repeating all over again.

Problems ahead for Democrats by Trump

  • $1 Trillion in funding. Trump entered politics by investing only $100 million … but now he has more than $1 Trillion in loot … just imagine the ruckus that he will create with that money in America … with the non-stop campaign ads, protesters, campaign rallies … all of it happening right under Biden’s Presidency. This time Trump is a candidate with $1 Trillion in funding.
  • 2024. This time he went ahead and created treason to hold on to the Presidency … he will do everything possible to defeat Biden to win in 2024. He will be non-stop nuisance.
  • Trump financed groups. They were not just Pro-Trump protesters on the Capitol Hill … but they were Trump financed groups. Trump already spends a lot of money to pull protesters and people to his campaign rallies. All of these are not simple Trump supporters … they are Trump sponsored activists. There are many groups and companies that Trump is financing from his loot to be Pro-Trump.

No SM Group wants the hand of the Devil again in the White House … nobody wants to sit there protecting the friend of the Devil all over again.

Impeachment is Royalty Treatment
As it is Trump has only two weeks left in the White House. Impeachment is no big deal … no SM Group wants only impeachment to be the objective. The main objectives should be:

  • Criminal convictions and
  • Long jail terms

Because this is what will give real time positive and constructive results for the country. A criminal conviction will remove Trump from politics for good and possible jail terms will help getting the loot back from Trump.

Highest Priority for American Security – Prosecute Trump
What SM Groups believe is that … Trump has already created every blunder possible. He has one more blunder at hand … a military take over. It’s a must to stop Trump from making this blunder … because he can face the death penalty with this level of treason. He created an insurrection … 5 Americans lost their lives. Many leaders want him impeached and prosecuted. The loss of lives can be phenomenally high if Trump triggers a military take over … mass protests will be there … many many casualties will be there … people will literally call for the death penalty for Trump.

And you know, nobody is interesting in killing Trump … he is more valuable alive. Lol. For once, Trump’s life is worth a trillion dollars … in one way or the other.

Prosecuting Trump right now has several benefits as per SM Groups:

  • Place Trump under the hammer. To make sure that he doesn’t do anything more crazy. So that the next two weeks pass by peacefully. Trump getting his ass kicked for two more weeks is nothing new for America or for Trump. As it is, his ass must have become hard as steel … given the non-stop kicking that he has endured for 4 years.
  • Protect Trump from the death penalty. A military takeover can lead to a death penalty for Trump … and I think we should protect him from that … because we can protect him from that. He is not just Trump … he is also an American President … who is going bonkers because he doesn’t know what to do. We should be the grownups and protect him from that.
  • Get the loot and no more politics for Trump. The long term goal of the prosecutions should be to get criminal convictions against Trump to remove him from politics and also to extract the loot from him.

Only two weeks left in the Trump Presidency
There is no need to hurry. The moment prosecution and impeachment begins for Trump … he will come on the right track. Secondly, a better decision can be achieved when Trump becomes an Ex-President … when he has no Party support, no DOJ support and no support from Congress. Doesn’t matter if Trump is President or not … all cases of treason are tried by the Congress only. Its best to stretch out Trump’s conviction until after his Presidency. Trump will be more in control when he is Ex-President.

The Redemption Track
The above is SM planning. That’s why we had proposed a “redemption track” for Trump … where he himself hands over 90% of the loot at least and moves away from politics. Generally, a criminal conviction doesn’t actually mean jail time for the President … but you never know, based on what SM did to Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein. Their crimes are peanuts when compared to your fabulous record.

We don’t know what is going to happen next … you should have got on the redemption track instead of jumping for treason. The only thing that I can do from my side is … show you the planning ahead … what they exactly want and if you cooperate … things can smoothen out. Give up the loot … and take a criminal conviction without jail time … this is your easiest way out.