16 Dec 2020
Global Vaccination Stats Needed
in America


Covid stats should also give vaccination tracking in each country.

  •  How many people are being given the vaccine each day?
  • Which vaccine they are being given?

Right now, Covid stats mainly have negative information … so many cases, so many deaths and the recovery rate which is generally not very nice. The current stats create and add to the fearmongering associated to the pandemic. Vaccination stats will kill this fear and it will also help us track the vaccination activities all across the globe … thus helping us to successfully eliminate this pandemic.

Right now, there are just a few countries that are launching the vaccine … that doesn’t include a single country in Africa. UK, Russia, China, America, India … mainly because these countries either had the buying power or the technology itself. When we implement the vaccination stats across the globe … we get to know which countries are being left behind and where more effort is needed. This will help us to manage and eliminate the pandemic from the world.

Just vaccinating one country or two countries is not enough. We live in a global world … the virus travels everywhere. If we have to normalize the world … open trade routes, do business together and open tourism … it’s a must for us to deal with the world as a whole.

Benefits of worldwide tracking of vaccinations: 

  • Kill the fear-mongering
  • Provide worldwide tracking of vaccinations
  • Will show us the effectiveness of the vaccine in each country … of how the increased vaccinations are reducing the number of cases and deaths or not … which is actually the main point of using the vaccines
  • Identify and supply vaccinations where countries are lagging especially in Africa
  • Manage and eliminate the pandemic from the world as a whole

It will help us normalize the world as a whole and restore business, trade and tourism at a worldwide level.