04 Dec 2020
Time to put Michelle Obama in motion
in America

Its time to put the lovely Michelle Obama in motion. There are 3 major factors to be managed ahead.

  • Managing Trump
  • Coordination and Support
  • Biden’s Policies and Team

Managing Trump
There are two major issues ahead from Trump that have to be managed.

Security Issues. Never trust Trump on what he says … he will always do what is good for him in all scenarios. Moreover, he maintains two teams … a nice and innocent team led by Ivanka Trump. She will say … “ow, we like him … he is very popular. We are not doing anything. We want to help … we are ready to support. Look how he is talking … why is he saying this and that. Why is he not being nice to us?” At the same time, Trump will have another team led by Don Jr. … and this team will go around doing all of the dirty and nasty work … of creating legal issues, pulling political strings to take action to stop our work … to the extent of even telling local authorities to tweak and infect the items that I use. This negative team will sit there supporting everything negative and nasty against me.

This is Trump’s “winning formula” … by using dual teams. I am seeing this since the past 4 years. I wrote about this during his first or second year itself. The remedy for this is … Trump is going to step out of office soon and his political influence will be over along with that. Its already faded to a great extent. The key people that will surpass Trump in creating security are Putin, Angela Merkel and Biden himself. Along with that … we have a hammer of a 100 lifetimes in jail for Trump. Doesn’t matter who he pays or how much he pays or how many times he pays to conceal his genocide … it is still a crime at massive levels and he can still go to jail for that. As of now, it should be relatively easy to surpass Trump and create better security shells.

Taking away Biden’s Presidency. Like I said … Trump being nice is not about “unity and friendship” … its all about him. He has realized that he cannot win without our support … and that the Establishment and Israel cannot do anything for him. The only reason he is trying to be a part of the work is to take away Biden’s Presidency in 2024. The fact that Trump is planning a big rally in Georgia is a proof for this. Who the hell goes around creating rallies after losing an election? Just imagine Trump doing this again and again … trying to outshine Biden and take his Presidency away from him.

There are ways to manage this.

Coordination and Support
The second major factor that the lovely Michelle Obama has to look into is … coordination and support for our work. I know … we are not making it any easy by removing Iran and Trump from the game. But these decisions are better for the long term. We need to start the coordination asap … there can be trouble ahead. The sooner we structure things correctly, the better it is.

Biden’s Policies and Team
The coordination is mainly required to fix the major issues with Biden’s policies and team. We have been telling this since several months … it is a must for Biden to have the right policies and team. If he runs the wrong policies … then the people’s expectations crash … like it happened with Obama and Trump. The good news for Biden is that … there won’t be any crashing of people’s expectations with Biden … because Biden never made any big promises … nobody came to his rallies … and nobody has any high expectations from him. Lol. That’s kind of a good thing for him.

But even then … there are lot of expectations from “Biden and the Obama Coalition” that we promised to all SM Groups. There are two major policy based issues with Biden.

Terrorism and Wars. Reportedly, Hillary has raised funds for the Biden Campaign a few times … Antony Blinken, a Jew has been installed as Secretary of State … and may be Blinken will function as Hillary’s puppet in the Biden Administration. Hillary does what Hillary does … hype up terrorism and wage wars … to make money from the weapons industry. That’s exactly what she did under Obama … and if this comes into motion … then we will be back into the Obama Era of terrorism and wars.

Trillions on Climate Change – Bush 2.0. Spending trillions on Climate Change is another massive Establishment scam at the level of War on Terror. Climate Change can be addressed … but there is absolutely no reason to spend trillions of hard earned taxpayer money to do so. One simple check to determine whether this is an Establishment scam or not … is by questioning … to whom will these trillions go to? They are burning down forests by the millions of acres as we speak … and telling us to spend trillions in all manufacturing activities … of cars, trains, planes and everything that this very Establishment owns and runs. Calling Climate Change an “existential threat” is only fear mongering to give away trillions of taxpayer money to Establishment entities in plain sight. The whole thing is a scam.

Don’t worry … I am not anti-Biden. But if we cannot even talk and discuss the issues and problems that exist … then how can we ever solve these problems? In order to solve the problems … even before they occur … we have to point it out, address them, discuss them and then eliminate them. Talking about the problem is just the first step in solving the problem.

The Problems Ahead
If Biden moves ahead with both of these major issues … and starts creating his Presidency using these two as a platform … then he will be unleashing hell in the world. Hillary should have no say or control in the Biden Administration at all … and Antony Blinken should be very peaceful and follow the given instructions. Otherwise, keep an eye for a good peaceful replacement for him.

These are the problems that Biden will face ahead if he runs these policies.

Trump will pounce. He is already planning rallies in Georgia. He will pounce at every mistake that you will make in order to get his Presidency back. If you note, Trump had a clean Presidency … with no new wars and no financial catastrophes via Climate Change or Socialism. Yes, a clean Presidency … until he created the genocide. But if any war is created or spending of trillions begin on Climate Change … then Trump will pounce.

Public Level. You should understand that … everybody knows that spending trillions on Climate Change is a major scam. You know it … I know it … and all SM Groups know it. At the public level … the people wait for only one year to pass judgment on your Presidency. Everyone knows that spending trillions on Climate Change won’t change shit for the people at all. It is all wealth drained into the hands of the same malicious Establishment. When nothing changes for the people … you lose their support.

This is what happened to Trump … he said “Make America Great Again” … he didn’t do shit for one year … and next year he said … “Keep America Great”. All SM Groups were baffled that … “what has he even done that he is calling it a great America and he wants to keep it great?” He changed nothing and the people made their voices heard in the mid-terms … Trump lost the House by more than two dozen seats.

We told him at that time itself … “this is your red light … read this sign very well … change, lead and do something for your country … or you will lose your re-election.” Trump still didn’t do shit … and he lost his re-election.

Senate and House. When you start working on Establishment scams that change nothing for the people in their daily lives … then the opposition starts making use of the public dissent. They did this during Obama also … Republicans took over the House and Senate during Obama’s second term. Because of the dissent against Trump, you are getting the House and almost the Senate also. But this will reverse very quickly if you move ahead with Establishment scams.

Presidency – Long Term. And in the long term … it affects your Presidency and re-election. See, we are not against Climate Change … it should be addressed … but everybody knows that it can be addressed without handing over trillions of taxpayer money to the Establishment. You just need to restructure your approach to it and the activities involved in it.

Becoming Bush 2.0. Bush was the one who launched the War on Terror … if you start spending trillions on Climate Change then officially you become Bush 2.0. The major problem that you will face in Climate Change on your current track is to show “verifiable results”. Even after spending trillions of taxpayer money … if you show no result … then everyone will get pissed off. You should realize that this is a “global phenomena” that involves the entire planet … only America cannot fix it. America is one among the 195 countries in the world … everyone has to act on it. And nobody will act on the list of activities that you have for Climate Change … except for a few rich European partners.

That’s what happened during the War on Terror … America spent trillions and some European countries also spent a few hundred billion. The only way to stop this scam of wars was to stop the spending. When Trump stopped financing and stopped the flow of funds and weapons into war zones … it is then that terrorism and the War on Terror vaporized. If you launch a scam … you will not be the hero … the guy who stops your scam will be the hero. Bush was the asshole who started the War on Terror … Trump was the hero who stopped this scam and vaporized terrorism and wars. Why do you want to be Bush 2.0?

Right policies and team a must
We are telling you again and again … the right policies and team is a must for you. We all understand that … politicians go with such Establishment scams for some financial benefit … and we have no problem with that. But do great and beautiful things … spend trillions in revolutionizing your country … create a phenomenal country for your people … make your money while doing good and great things … then no one will object to it. You will be remembered for good things. Don’t go for wars and Establishment scams to make your money. It will backfire enormously.

December and January are very important
As of now … you are hiring all weaklings … all of them from the very same system that has to be dismantled … with no real fighters at all. My dear President Biden … you are in a phenomenal time where you can get phenomenal victories with the greatest ease. You can be a great revolutionary hero … under whom several revolutionaries will work. America doesn’t just need “Build Back Better” … America needs a revolution … not one but several revolutions … in every aspect of life … right from media, manufacturing, infrastructure, banking, politics and business. You will understand all of this once you start coordinating.

These months are very important … if you keep on building teams based on wrong policies … then it will take a long time to reverse you from a wrong track. Please waste no time … and keep an open mind … be flexible … be ready to change and restructure a few things. If you want great change in your country then you should also be flexible to change.

My dear lovely Michelle Obama … we need your help here. This is your key role … to help the Biden Presidency with the right policies and team. We can’t allow the system to function … a system that is run by the Establishment … and allow a series of disasters under Biden. We have to restructure now.