02 Dec 2020
SM Groups don’t support Trump’s leadership for the country
in America

SM baffled at Trump’s attempts to join the work
Trump seems to be quite eager to join the work and its baffling SM groups … because this is what they have been seeing since the past 4 years from the same Trump.

  • No Collusion! No Collusion! Whenever we requested Trump to join us … Trump said … “No collusion! No collusion! We will not work with you!” And Trump went on doing a long list of favors for the criminal Establishment network.
  • Harassment! Presidential Harassment! We were asking Trump to step forward to save his country from this massive debt crisis and the multiple problems that his people face and Trump said … “this is harassment! This is Presidential harassment!” Trump was raising billions in funding using the concept of our work and injecting these funds into his own accounts and operations … and when it came to working with us … he said that we were harassing him.
  • Predator! Super Predator! Even after he lost the election … we were creating roles for his exit and he called us a “super predator”.

These are Trump’s own words since the past 4 years … this is what he has been doing. He thought that the Establishment is giving him victories and that his favors for the Establishment are working. Now, where is that Establishment … where is Israel … and where is Netanyahu? Anyone giving you victories? I suppose … now, you understand who controls the victories.

Major issues with SM Groups
Removing Trump from the game is not just because of personal issues or about how he has treated us … the leadership and the impact on the country is important. These are the major issues that SM groups cite about keeping Trump in the lead.

  • Money Maniac. This is the title that was given you to you in your first year itself … money maniac … because you were exploring every possible opportunity to benefit yourself via the Presidency … it might be via defense contracts, border wall contracts, trade deals, starting new wars and even the stimulus packages for Covid.
  • President Pissing Pussy. SM Groups call you “pissing pussy” because you never had the guts to stand up to the Establishment … not once and not in any sphere. In fact, you were so scared of the Establishment that you were siding with them, doing favors for them and protecting them. You were made the most powerful man on the planet and you were afraid of a bunch of criminals.
  • Genocide. Even after you lost the election … we were still open to maintaining some role for you in the work … of how you will be remembered and how you can play a role in the opposition party. But you created genocide of a million people by holding off the vaccines for 6 months. Once you become a mass murderer … no one makes you a part of the game.
  • Treat yourself as some God. Didn’t do shit for anyone but yourself … allowed your country to get buried in the highest debt and trade deficits … killed a million people … supported and protected a criminal Establishment … and still … everyone should sing hymns and praises of President Trump. No one should point out anything wrong … no one should question anything … everything you did is simply great … and you are the best … the best … the best. You sit there treating yourself not as a King … but as some God … whom everyone should bow to and respect … and never say anything bad about.
  • Self-Obsessed Maniac. All of the above makes you a self-obsessed maniac. The only person that you obsess about is yourself … its always … me, me, me and me … not giving a shit about anyone or anything else.
  • Held America hostage for 4 years. All SM Groups brought you in the game to defeat Hillary and to save America from these crises. But what you brought to the game is … money mania, pissing pussy and self-obsession who would support a bunch of criminals and won’t do anything for anyone but himself. You didn’t change anything in America and literally held the entire country hostage for 4 years.

These are the biggest complaints about the Trump Presidency from all SM Groups.

FU*K TRUMP written on the US Electoral Map
We told SM Groups to choose between Trump and Biden … and everyone is so fed up of you that they wrote “FU*K TRUMP” on the US Electoral Map. That’s the amount of frustration that exists out there against Trump. You have been stripped from the majority of SM support … you will lose almost all lawsuits and you will be removed from the White House.

In fact, the Establishment and several Pro-Dem SM groups are already working on plans to make Trump pay for his crimes, looting, profiteering and genocide … as we speak. The idea of taking away every single penny that Trump has made via Presidential profiteering has been suggested since a very long time. I don’t know what they are going to do.

Step out of the way
As far as we are concerned … we created options for you in almost every scenario. They said “money maniac” … we said … all politicians make money off politics. They said “pissing pussy” … we said … let’s create a background role for him and Democrats will lead the action against the Establishment. Even when you lost … we had options open for you even then … because you were a still clean candidate with no new wars under your Presidency. But the moment you create genocide … then you become a mass murderer … and we can’t just tie up with anyone.

The only suggestion that we will make from our side is … step out of the way … stop blocking Democrats from working with us … stop obstructing Biden. That’s the best thing that you can do right now … for us and for your country.

Stop asking to be a part of the work … we have to reject you again and then give you the reasons why you are being rejected. And it will not be the blow horn material that you look for.

Pro-Trump Group Track
However, Trump has a small Pro-Trump group … they have an opposition role for Trump. Since there were no new wars, no Socialism and no trillions spent on Climate Change … they think that Trump can keep the Biden Presidency clean of any new wars. As per their view point, when Trump plays an active opposition role that is good for the country … then he can help the Biden Presidency dodge all traps that he has dodged.

Trump’s Expected Track
You are telling the Democrats that you want to join us for “unity and friendship … and to do things together” … well, I call that bullshit. You don’t give a shit about unity or friendship … its always all about you. You have realized that the Establishment cannot get you any victories … and you want our support to:

  • Win lawsuits. You want to change your failing track of lawsuits into a victorious track … using our support. You want to change the result of the election … and you are using Democrats to make us work with you. Why do you think that we will change the results in favor of someone who created genocide?
  • Win 2024. By putting funding in our work … you want to win 2024. You want to outshine Biden during his own Presidency … pull the crowd from under his nose … start your rallies all over again and defeat him in 2024. You want our support and policies to do the same.
  • Influence on the project. When you are a key financier then you automatically get some influence in the project. You want to control what we do and who we support by supporting us now.

If you see … all of the above three … they have nothing got to do with unity, friendship or the country. Its all about you … and that’s the biggest problem about you. We cannot allow the country to be about one person all over again.

Biden needs to be 10 times better than Trump
Yes, Trump will explore every opportunity that serves his own interests. It will always be about him. But don’t worry … Trump doesn’t know anything … he is a noise making empty vessel. Our concepts are a great hit … because of which he got a lot of publicity … and the work creates excellent results even when one or two steps are taken ahead. You get great results and enormous support in our work.

It is a must for you to outshine Trump. Trump is your biggest competitor for 2024. He has followed new concepts and also taken new steps … which makes him quite unique and popular. You have to be 10 times better than Trump … take things forward where Trump has been stuck since 4 years and create a phenomenal country.

Trump has many issues … that’s why all SM groups are holding him back. Now, all responsibility is coming on Biden … the right teams and policies are a must.