24 Nov 2020
Backend uses of “Trump’s Genocide” for the good of the country
in America

Trump’s Genocide
This is what Trump has done in the past 6 months during the pandemic.

  • Held off lifesaving vaccines. Vaccines could have easily been expedited for emergency usage in the months of May and June 2020 itself. But Trump withheld the vaccines to maximize the spread of the pandemic and maximize the number of deaths … in order to postpone the elections.
  • Monetary benefit via Covid Relief. Reportedly, businesses connected to Trump and his family members have received tens of millions via the trillions spent for Covid relief.
  • Facilitated maximum deaths and debt. Trump facilitated maximum deaths and debt for the country only to please and favor the Establishment so that he could get their support for his re-election.

This is exactly what everyone feared from Hillary … because she would be an Establishment puppet and create death and destruction for America … for her own monetary and power gains. This is exactly what Trump has done … Trump chased money, power and Establishment favors … Trump became Hillary.

Working in the backend
Only God knows what is going to happen to Trump when this crisis explodes on the frontend. However, several SM Groups are already using this information to change the direction of the country and to restructure the current moves. There are several moves in motion that are using the information of “Trump’s Pandemic” … in the backend … for the good of the country.

One. Remove Trump from the White House
Trump was allowed to be Trump and he was allowed to function as he wanted “to see the type of leader” that he was. When Trump chose to exploit the pandemic for monetary and power gains … and allow a thousand Americans to die every day for 6 months … then SM Groups decided to remove Trump from the White House. This is one of the major reasons why Trump lost and Biden won.

Two. Concede and cooperate in the transition
The crime that Trump has committed can get Trump a 100 lifetimes in jail. Democrats can easily use this pressure to encourage Trump to concede and peacefully cooperate in the transition. The entire post-election circus can come to an end. Yes, its pretty much like holding a gun to his head … but he is no one innocent … he has the blood of a million innocent people on his hands … he kind of deserves it.

Three. Failure in lawsuits and ending lawsuits
Trump is crying foul thinking that a foul has been committed against him. He doesn’t know that everybody knows what he has done. The information of Trump’s genocide is being provided in all legal circles … so that all judges know the “self-obsessed genocidal maniac” that they are dealing with. Trump’s self-obsession has led him to genocide. This is one the key reasons … he is failing in most lawsuits.

Democrats can pressurize Trump himself to stop the prolongation of this legal circus. He should peacefully handover the Presidency without this legal circus.

Four. GOP Managing Trump
Trump was given enormous powers because great things were planned under him … but his Presidency is getting a sad ending. Trump was given overwhelming influence in the Republic Party so that he can use these powers to reform the country. GOP leaders are scared to even stand up to Trump. But the details of Trump’s Genocide against the American people can help in bringing the GOP together to manage Trump and facilitate an easy exit.

Five. Security
Team Trump has been trying to create legal issues for us since a long time … now, he himself has come under a huge legal hammer. Yes, Russia and Germany can be used to combat Trump’s security issues for us … but now, Trump himself can be controlled using his genocidal blunder.

Six. Media
All of these are backend moves … with nothing much on the frontend. All Media channels can be informed about Trump’s genocide … so that they stop encouraging him and all of us can collectively support Trump in his peaceful removal.

Seven. Governors and Europe
Everyone is waiting for the vaccines from Trump so that this pandemic can end. US Governors and European countries don’t know that … Trump has been stalling and delaying the vaccines since 6 months to support his own re-election. All US Governors and European countries should be put into action … to save their people … to stop relying and trusting only Trump … and make their own moves to approve, procure and distribute effective vaccines in their regions.

We cannot wait for one guy to clear his conscience so that he can save the world. Everyone has to come into action to end this damn pandemic … which should have ended a long time ago. Our focus should not be only on masks, testing and shutdowns … we have to make an equal emphasis on vaccines and procure every effective vaccine to save lives, open the country and bring back normalcy in our lives.