18 Nov 2020
Trump should stop following childish advice
in America

The world is hearing the sounds of a crying baby from the White House. No ladies and gentlemen … there is no good news of a new born baby in the White House … but we have a 74-year-old baby crying in the White House. “Oooowww wwaaaaahhhh … oooowwww wwwaaaaaahhhh … I won, he lost … I won, he lost … oooooowww wwaaaahhhh … ooooowww wwwaaaaahhhh”. Lol.

Grow up … smelling, sniffing and licking every possible vote and way of changing your loss … only shows “self-obsession”. Its been more than 10 days since you got the news that you lost. America needs adults in the room. The guy who gave you this shitty advice is a moron … it might give you some self-comfort … but it is only creating humiliation for you at the international level. Everybody is looking at you as a sorry self-obsessed loser … who can’t realize that he has lost and can’t move on.

The tactic of “I won, he lost … I won, he cheated” … it’s a shitty childish gimmick … that addresses only your self-comfort and ego. There’s nothing more to it. Get over it. Think, behave and conduct yourself like an adult. And “adults” think of others … being the President … you should be thinking about your 330 million American citizens … of how this behavior impacts them and their lives … of how it is going to impact the next Administration who is going to serve “your people”.

Biden is not from an enemy country … he is an American citizen … duly elected as an American President. His job is to serve the American people … your people, your nation. Obstructing, screwing, yelling, screaming, sniffing and licking every vote and every option to disrupt the next Administration only shows how you care only for yourself and nobody else. Stop being a baby and stop following shitty advice.

If you are going to prolong this childish behavior till the last moment of your Presidency … then that’s exactly how you will be known … as a “childish loser” who couldn’t realize and admit that he has lost. At least, Hillary admitted that she lost and she conceded for the good of the country. She did not keep herself above the country … and I can’t believe that I am saying something nice about Hillary. Lol. What you are doing out there is creating chaos and confusion for the good of only one person and that is you. This is something that even Hillary did not do.

Yes, Hillary cried for a long time … she blamed anyone and everyone for her loss … to the extent of writing books about her loss. But she didn’t screw with the country and didn’t put the lives of 330 million Americans in limbo when she lost. Well, thanks to Bill Clinton for helping her through this phase … he is the commonsense in her life. (Yes, Hillary’s commonsense lives outside her body and it is called Bill Clinton … lol).

I am glad that you are showing some moves of moving forward. You are pulling back troops from Iraq and Afghanistan … you are expediting the vaccine for emergency use. These are good things … I am seeing that you are preparing to leave the White House. But you also need to stop with the conspiracy theories … you need to stop sowing discord in the country … you need to help the Biden Administration take over. The Transition is important because the next President has to serve 330 million Americans. He has to be onboard with every critical aspect of American life … including defense, pandemics and every major policy in motion.

You need to keep the legal aspect in mind. Biden will follow all of the legal procedures to move in the White House … but if anything adverse happens owing to your lack of cooperation in the Transition … you could face legal scrutiny and challenges. The Establishment itself can screw something to put the blame on “Trump’s non-cooperation on transition”. The humiliation and ridicule is already piling up … and your non-cooperation is putting the lives of 330 million Americans at risk. You can face severe legal consequences for this. This is no hotel property … this is the White House that controls the lives of 330 million Americans.

Just so that you know … some Establishment elements and SM groups are already looking at legal options in this scenario. Nobody likes you … there is immense hate and fury against you … this is mostly because you did nothing for anybody but yourself. And even after losing the election, the only person that you are serving is yourself. You are adding to the hate and fury against yourself.

Grow up … Donald J Trump … grow up. “I won, he lost … I won, he cheated” … this is shitty advice and a shitty tactic … it does you no good. If you want some glory and praise for yourself in these two months … think about your people and country … do a few good things for them before you go. This is what adults do … they work and fight for the good of others. As President, you should have kept America First … try to work on it before you go.

Babies cry for themselves … adults fight for others. Who are you Donald J Trump?