17 Nov 2020
Managing Trump through the Transition
in America

Trump failed as the Chosen One
America was in several major crises with a $19 Trillion debt when Trump was chosen to solve America’s crises. Trump failed as the Chosen One … he flipped and became the Devil’s friend … starting doing a long list of favors for the Establishment and Israel … created the highest amount of debt and trade deficits … put the country in disease, death, debt, fire, riots and chaos. We will be hitting about $30 Trillion debt by the end of Trump’s Presidential term.

Trump didn’t do shit for anyone but himself … as we speak, SM Groups are stripping him of all powers and victories. Losing the re-election is just the beginning of failures and losses for Trump … Trump is going to lose in many things ahead … including almost all lawsuits and attempts to regain the Presidency.

SM favored Uncle Joe
SM groups have favored the amicable, friendly and mixable Uncle Joe. Getting SM support means … a lot of victories and success with very less effort. As long as you are doing what is right for the people and the country … you will get victories even if hundreds of politicians and thousands of media outlets stand against you. With this power also comes a lot of responsibility … we have a lot of work to do and a lot of crises to end.

I will give details after coordination begins … but here are some important pointers for this transition phase.

Trump’s code of conduct
All Establishment elements and SM groups have identified these 3 lines as Trump’s code of conduct … in fact, his entire Presidency can be summarized in these 3 lines: 

  • Trump blowing his horn
  • Trump saving his ass
  • Trump pocketing taxpayer money

If you want to identify anything that Trump is doing … then just look at these 3 lines. Trump will relate 99% of the time to any of these 3 lines of conduct.

Trump’s Exit Strategy – “I won, you lost … I won, you cheated”
Trump is baffling the country by refusing to concede … but instead of being baffled … if you look at Trump’s code of conduct then you will understand what he is doing. This is Trump’s exit strategy … “I won, you lost … I won, you cheated … I got more votes, you rigged your votes … my votes are legal, your votes are illegal … I am the winner, you are the loser”.

What is Trump doing here? Trump is blowing his horn … despite losing the election. Lol. This is how some moron adviser has told him to exit the White House … by claiming that … he is the actual winner … never admit defeat … and say that you won and he cheated. This is how Trump is going to hold his head up high and walk out of the White House … as a winner.

Yes, it’s a man-baby tactic … that little children in school use in football and baseball games … “I won, you lost … I won, you cheated … I won, you lost”. This is how little children refuse to accept defeat to comfort themselves. This is the childish advice that is being given to the President of the United States. Amazingly, the President is following these childish tactics.

Advice: Accept the loss and follow a proper transition
This is no time for childish tactics … we are in a pandemic where millions of Americans are affected by it … a thousand Americans are dying per day … the last thing that we need is more chaos in the country. The advice for President Trump would be to accept the loss as an adult and follow a proper transition for the good of the country. And use these two months to do some good for others before you go … because you are widely hated across the nation … for not giving a shit for anybody but yourself.

Managing Trump in the transition phase
We have no idea what Trump will do … but you should understand the tactic that he is following. “I won, you lost … I won, you cheated”. Trump following this childish tactic could mean that: 

  • Trump will continuously spread conspiracy theories about the election that it was rigged, stolen and that he actually won the election.
  • Trump will continue to sow discord in the country and use every opportunity to show himself as the winner.
  • Trump will refuse to concede and refuse to cooperate in the transition process … because as per this tactic … he is the winner and you lost the election.
  • The entire country is waiting for him to concede but he may never concede at all … not just until Jan 20th … but throughout his life he will keep on saying that … he won and Biden stole the election from him.

This is what we are dealing with Uncle Joe. Lol. So now … what to do about this? Well, these are the things that you should do about it.

One. Retain every vote and every State
Fight back and retain every single vote and every single State … don’t give up a single vote and a single State … protect your victory. Be involved politically and legally in every State and be involved in every vote recount process. Don’t lose your victory.

Two. Legal approval for being President Elect
As of now, it is only the media outlets that have declared the election in your favor. You have to closely follow all legal procedures to be “legally President Elect”. Once you are legally President Elect then Trump has to leave the White House … doesn’t matter what.

Three. Trump’s legal problems ahead
Trump should keep in mind that … all SM support is being stripped from helping and supporting you, as we speak. Post-Presidency life can be pretty hectic and there may be a lot of legal problems ahead. Establishment elements and some Pro-Dem SM groups may also blow the whistle on your “profiteering activities” while being President. When that happens … you will need Democrat support. Always keep in mind, how you are treating the Democrat President Elect.

Lindsey Graham was trying to suggest the throwing away of legally cast ballots in Georgia. The whistle has been blown by the Secretary of State of Georgia … he was on CNN openly exposing Lindsey Graham. If Graham exposes Trump and says … “Trump told me to get it done” … then it can get pretty shitty. There are many things that have happened during the Trump Presidency … billions in funding has moved into Trump operations and accounts. Anything can happen … I have no idea what Establishment elements and SM groups are planning ahead for you. The last thing you want is bad relations with the active Democrat President.

Four. Function as if Trump doesn’t exist
The best way to get things done when Trump is involved is … function as if Trump doesn’t exist. No expectations means no disappointments … no expectations means no waiting, no depending and no nothing from that person at all. Trump functions for Trump … everything has to be about Trump.

Asking Trump to concede and hand over the Presidency to you … this has no benefit for Trump in it. This will be the most difficult thing for him to do … because he has never functioned in this particular manner. Not thinking about himself and doing things for others … not thinking about himself and doing things for the people and country … this is not there in his psyche at all. He has never functioned like this. He ran for President for himself … he ran the Presidency for himself … and even after being removed from the White House … because he didn’t do shit for anybody … he is still thinking about himself only. “I won, you lost … I won and you cheated”.

This is the psyche you are dealing with. We figured this out in his first year itself. This is why we publish everything important online … so that, at least SM groups will work on it. Lol. Every major accomplishment that we got … it was by assuming that Trump doesn’t exist at all. It might be the Arab Spring, revolutions in country, #metoo movement, movement against gun violence, making America an Active Democratic country, taking down millionaire and billionaire criminals … in every major movement, Trump had zero involvement.

We are trying to salvage his last two months in office … we don’t know how it is going to go. But the advice for you will be … be the adult in the room … expect Trump to follow the most childish advice … take things under your control … function as if Trump doesn’t exist at all … if anything, you have to manage his childish behavior. Its then that you will be able to manage Trump in politics. 

Its just only 2 more months … and for the good of mankind … its going to be over. Lol. Good luck … President Biden … we are with you.