13 Nov 2020
Welcome to the games President Biden!
in America

Do you know who can be worse after the Devil himself in this world? It’s a King or a Leader who follows the ways of the Devil … who supports the Devil and implements its ways in the world. Do you know who can be good after God and the prophets in this world? It’s a King or a Leader who follows the ways of God … who supports God and implements His ways in the world … in creating a better world for the people.

The King who follows the Devil can be a curse for billions of people and the King who follows God can be a blessing for billions of people. We try to create Kings who are a force for good and a blessing for their people.

This is exactly what this game is about … supporting God or supporting the Devil? Supporting the people or a Satanic Establishment? Supporting the country or the abusive systems of the Establishment? Supporting good or evil? The fundamentals of this game are pretty darn easy … and it is one of my jobs to take the most complicated bullshit Establishment propaganda and make it so easy to solve as if it is simple commonsense.

Force for Good
We function as a “force for good”. We are not anti-Trump nor are we pro-Trump … we are not anti-Obama nor are we pro-Obama … we are not Republican nor are we Democrat. We evaluate every action and every policy … doesn’t matter the source … President or Senator … Democrat or Republican … we evaluate the action or policy based on facts and logic … on how it will impact the people … to determine whether it is good or bad. We are pro-people, pro-country, pro-good and pro-God. We are anti-Establishment, anti-evil, anti-exploitation and anti-Devil. Lol.

Trump Presidency
We are not saying that Trump was all evil or bad … he was 50 / 50. He was good in foreign affairs because the President was all powerful in dealing with other countries … no Establishment opposition was there and thus he was successful in stopping wars … thus he became a peace champion. With Socialism and Climate Change … he did not face any Establishment opposition … thus he was able to make the right decisions in these spheres as well.

But Trump’s bad side was at the domestic level … he took no action on the Establishment … allowed them to flourish … and thus we got the highest debt, highest trade deficits, dozens of war traps, pandemics and the highest number of deaths in America since generations.

Bush and Obama Era
The amusing thing is that … Trump was actually better than Bush and Obama. Under Bush and Obama, not only we got multiple times of debt increasing … but we also got genocide for half a dozen countries in the world. You should note that Trump did not start a single new war … in fact, he created peace around the world. The problem with the Trump Presidency was that … his inaction on the Establishment brought genocide on American soil in the form of pandemics. And since he did not work on the malicious routes of the Establishment in the pandemic … America got the highest number of cases and deaths.

Biden has to be 10 times better than Obama and Trump
President Biden … my dear friend … you don’t have to be Obama and you don’t have to be Trump … but you have to be 10 times better than both. You are becoming President in extremely challenging times … where we have:

  • A dozen war attempts in half a dozen countries
  • A scenario of pandemics
  • Trillions of wealth is being drained from the people and the country
  • An America with $30 Trillion debt crisis
  • Mass spending policies of Socialism and Climate Change that will take the country in $50 trillion debt crisis
  • Massive misleading of the Establishment via political, military and intelligence advisers
  • Misleading via thousands of media channels
  • Misleading via party puppetry and the Establishment via campaign finance

Yeah … when you thought of good and evil … God and Devil … everything seemed pretty easy … now, when you look at war traps, socialism, climate change, $50 trillion debt crisis and misleading everywhere … then not so easy, huh? Lol. Yeah … I know. Welcome to the game … my friend … welcome to the game.

How to be 10 times better?
Now, how to be 10 times better than Obama and Trump? Simple formula … don’t repeat their mistakes and do things better. I will show you a few things … work on that … this transition phase is very important … don’t waste this time. If you formulate the right teams and put them on the right track … then you can hit the ground running and get victories after victories. Follow everything very closely.

These are some of the advantages that you have … that will help you get victories. Always keep in mind … Trump can rise in 2024 again … you have to be victorious in your first term to get the second term. Trump is not dead … he just lost the election this time. Lol. He can come back for a second term.

Advantage 01. The Obama Coalition … the lovely Michelle Obama
I hope that you have thanked Obamas for your victory … especially the lovely Michelle Obama. We brought her in the game to take America forward … doesn’t matter who wins … Trump or Biden. SM Groups chose you over Trump. Everybody knows that you cannot handle the Establishment on your own … but time of playing solo is over … its time to fight and win via coalitions. Here is where Obamas will provide a fantastic coalition for you.

A small tip: We chose Michelle to lead America … not Barack Obama. Your boss … Barack Obama has “White mommy” issues … he follows White folks many a times blindly thinking that they may be right. This is his biggest disadvantage. The guy is too humble and too nice to say no … especially to White people. I am sure that Barack Obama is not going to be the same person again … hopefully, he also wants to do things 10 times better. But just telling you … you don’t have to follow your boss in everything … just because he was your boss, he was not right in everything. Michelle Obama, please help! Lol. (Either ways, we love you both.)

Advantage 02. Active Democracy / SM Support
You must be seeing interesting things happening in America since the past few years. One guy has full-blown sex scandals with Pornstars and Playmates … and yet he becomes President. And another guy has only two dozen honking cars in his rallies … and yet he becomes President … defeating a guy who has 20,000 people in his rallies. So, what the hell is going on?

Yes, here is where we integrate you with Silent Majority groups that are working on the ground level in various fields to protect America and to ensure American stability and progress. These are tens of millions of SM groups spread across various fields of media, intelligence, politics, judiciary, celebrities and corporations to combat this Establishment malice and to take America into a new era. Apparently, they have chosen you to lead America in this crisis … congratulations.

Trump was also chosen by them to fix the Establishment crisis in America … because we had a warmongering Hillary on the other side. But Trump flipped and didn’t change anything … owing to which he lost the House by Midterms … and by the end of his First Term … he lost his Presidency and almost the Senate as well.

Trump’s loss is your gain. Now, not only you have the Presidency and the House … but almost the Senate as well … giving you awesome policy making power … to create new regulations and systems … and to dismantle abusive and exploitation systems in America. Not only SM Groups are empowering you with the Presidency … but they are giving you the power to revolutionize America itself. Yes, Uncle Biden … they are giving you the potential and power to become America’s Uncle that will be remembered for generations to come.

Advantage 03. Victory Formulas and Structures
Don’t worry if the Trump Presidency is giving you a tough time over the transition process … we have all of the victory formulas and structures that Trump has used in almost every crucial crisis … starting from wars to pandemics … climate change to socialism … managing the media to politicians … American energy to tariffs. And the thing is that … Trump just followed 2 steps that we showed in most of the fields … and it brought him so much success that he ended up creating record breaking jobs and economic growth. When you will work on all of the steps needed … then you will do 10 times better than Trump in every field. Seriously … seriously.

I don’t want this to be a very long page … so let’s cut to the most important points that concern this moment in transition.

Team Building Tips – HR Intelligence Team
We actually told Trump to create an “HR Intelligence Team” to do a background research on every candidate at key positions to avoid the misleading and to manage the influence of the Establishment within the Presidency and the Administration. I will give details on this later on … the short formula is … avoid all Establishment puppets and candidates closely connected to the Establishment. They can be identified by their Jewish family connections, warmongering, affinity to Israel, promotion of Socialism and spending trillions on Climate Change.

I know … Socialism and Climate Change are a new thing … which many Democrats are connected to. Some Dems are doing is just because it is party politics and some are literally campaigning for the Establishment propaganda.

Candidates to avoid: These are the blacklisted candidates … do not make them a part of your Presidency or Administration in any capacity … Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Susan Rice and Pete Buttigieg. If they have done something for you during the campaign … then tell them … thank you very much and you will see what you can do for them as President. But DO NOT make them a part of your Administration.

All of these candidates are closely connected to the Establishment … they will mislead you, pull you in disasters and if you fire them … they will go to the media to demonize you and start writing books about you. All of this has already happened. Obama spent his second term undoing all of the shit that Hillary did in his first term. Trump hired some Establishment puppets and when they got fired … they went on a demonizing trip to all media outlets and also wrote books against the President. These puppets will be a curse for you to manage … keep them at a distance.

A tip on Warren. She is a nice person but she doesn’t know anything. She is bold and a good fighter … but she cannot design any policies. She is a school teacher who performs very well when she is given the right syllabus and books to be followed. So, give her a good position in your Cabinet … but don’t take her policies. We need her courage and good nature to fight this malicious Satanic Establishment.

Candidates to consider. These are excellent Establishment independent candidates that will help you fight and win via coalitions in this time of crises … Elizabeth Warren, Bill de Blasio, Beto O’Rourke, Amy Klobuchar, Kirsten Gillibrand, Tim Ryan, Tulsi Gabbard and Cory Booker. Pull them in to make a fantastic team.

Tip on Bill de Blasio. The guy is great … pull him in … he is talented, bold, courageous and very practical. He will be of phenomenal support for the Biden Presidency. He should be among the top cabinet members.

We will show you the policies of how to revolutionize America … then it will become easy to assign the right Cabinet portfolios to each candidate. A tip on policies would be to … hold off on any multi-trillion dollar spending on any policy. The moment you sink America in an additional $10 trillion crisis … Trump will rise for his second term. Fighting against this debt crisis that Trump did not work on … is your winning formula. We will show you how.

Your Day One Executive Orders are fine. You can go ahead with them.

Trust no one, evaluate everything
This is the formula that we gave to Trump on getting success in America in this crisis … “trust no one, evaluate everything”. This is how Trump won in all foreign policies and at many places at the Domestic level. This formula helps you see through the misleading of the media, political, military and intelligence advisers … and also helps you rise above party and Establishment puppetry. This is a very important formula … always use this in every action and policy … doesn’t matter where the action or policy comes from.

Even if we tell you something … don’t trust it blindly … first evaluate it … if it is logical, factual and practical … then work on it. Always use facts and logic … this is the era that you are in … of facts and logic … an era of People Power. The more facts and logic you will use … the more victories you will get on a platter … and the easier you will become a force for good.

There are a lot of expectations … a lot of things to do … a lot of crises to manage … a lot of systems to revolutionize … and you also have a lot of ground level support. We are all praying and expecting you to be … a force for good.