11 Nov 2020
Protect Trump through the Transition
in America

SM Groups calling the shots
I know … SM groups are calling the shots in this election … it might be Pro-Trump or Pro-Dem groups. I have taken a tactical retreat from campaigning for any single candidate in this election and SM groups are deciding the best leader to take America Forward.

As per the results till date, I am seeing that there is a lot of frustration and anger against the Trump Presidency. I am seeing the artwork on the US Electoral Map and I am also seeing how Trump is being treated post-election.

Protect Trump
I know … Trump is facing more backlash because he has not accepted the election results. His idea of doing campaign rallies after losing the election is also not wise. It will make him the laughing stock for everyone or it may even incite violence and Trump may face criminal charges and lawsuits for inciting violence after losing the election. We don’t know what move the Trump Presidency may take … but if, in any way … they are entering an illegal zone where they may face severe backlash … then protect Trump. Make sure that he doesn’t enter these criminal or illegal zones. Those advisers telling Trump to go for campaign rallies should get a kick in the nuts.

As far as recounts and lawsuits are concerned … these are legal and allowed procedures. Even Hillary went for recounts … if Trump wants recounts, then he should be allowed to do so. Support the legal steps and procedures that Trump wants to follow peacefully … and don’t allow him to enter any illegal or criminal zone during this sensitive time.

Why protect Trump?
The obvious reason is … Trump kept America safe from dozens of war traps … he automatically won the security shield. He is an American hero and champion. There might be frustration and anger against him for not solving all of America’s crises … but it doesn’t nullify the fact that Trump kept America and the world safe from dozens of wars. Even today, he sent Russian peace keeping forces to stop the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan … he stopped another war. This move is saving thousands of lives in this war zone.

Making these tactical moves is something very good that saves thousands of lives. I don’t think that it is too much to ask to keep Trump safe from illegal and criminal zones. I am not campaigning for any candidate yet … its simple security.

Trump and Democrats locking horns
Trump and Democrats will obviously lock horns over the election results … and these are the 3 main places where they will work on.

  • Deal Making – Governors. Both parties will try to strike a deal with Governors of several States to skew the election result in their favor.
  • Recounts. Trump will send his teams to work on the recounts in several States. Obviously, Democrats will not sit silently … they will also send their teams to make sure that everything is done correctly.
  • Lawsuits. The same will go for lawsuits. Trump will setup his own legal teams and use his influence in the court to get things in his favor … while Democrats will do the same.

Both parties will fight to maintain the results in their favor. Trump winning more votes is Biden losing more votes. Trump winning more States is Biden losing States. Trump will want to win votes and States … and Biden will want to keep all of his votes and States. Both parties will lock horns to keep the Presidency for themselves.

This is exactly what is going to unfold in the next few weeks. In this skirmish or battle for the Presidency between the two parties … make sure that Trump is on the legal routes. The last thing we want is Trump getting caught in something illegal or criminal … it will become an extremely embarrassing exit for him. Help him out with that … and you never know … maybe Pro-Trump groups may pull off something for him. You never know what will happen … nothing is final until it is final.

I know, there will be many questions … “why help Trump? What has he done for America? He has not changed a single system! He wasted 4 years … we have Biden and the Obama Coalition … they will take America forward!” I know … I am not campaigning for any candidate yet. Trump kept America safe … he stopped many wars … even today, he stopped one war … by virtue of this, he has won the security shell … keep him safe from criminal and illegal activities in every State through this transition process.

Establishment malice to embarrass Trump
One key concern is that … we have already seen the Establishment carrying out a full-fledged marketing campaign for a long time among SM groups to remove Trump from the White House. Some nut job is telling him to go for campaign rallies after losing the election … and now, if another nut job tells him to start bribing and buying out votes to get re-elected … if he does that and the Establishment blows the whistle on this … it will be terribly embarrassing for Trump.

Given the state of frustration and anger against Trump … and the Establishment malice against Trump … in this scenario, if Trump makes any mistake … it can be terribly embarrassing for him. The second group that is strongly against Trump is the Pro-Dem group … they are also very closely tracking every move that the Trump Presidency is making … even they can be whistle blowers. And the worst combination is … when the Establishment goes around all SM groups exposing and campaigning against Trump’s wrong moves. This is the type of activity that led to this election loss.

So, its very important to keep Trump on a clean track. Help the Trump teams remain on a clean track in every State … in every recount and in every lawsuit. It will help avert bigger problems.