31 Oct 2020
Trump stabs us in the back on Corona and Corona stabs Trump in the front just before elections
in America

Trump’s Covid Response – More people die due to Flu
“More people die due to flu” … this was Trump’s Covid response. It was his strategy to save himself and his Presidency in the pandemic. He had no idea what to do … how to respond … what measures to take … and the top WHO officials were saying that “we are in uncharted territory”. So, Trump’s strategy was … to keep everyone calm by saying … more people die due to flu.

Put Trump in action
We knew that the pandemic was Establishment malice and we were watching what the World Health Organization was doing … and how Trump will respond to the same. We already had alerted Obama about the use of deadly diseases by the Establishment during Ebola itself. We expected something better from Trump … but if we did not guide Trump then the deaths would be by the millions in America.

The pandemic keeps on expanding and it reaches US shores … it was time to put Trump into action to avert the catastrophe. We told Trump to start preparing a team to combat the pandemic. Trump is very happy that he is getting support to win against the pandemic and Trump promises us “billions and billions and billions” for our work. Lol. We were like … “yeah, yeah … just setup the team and save your people … let’s see how much you will be able to pull it off”. And we started guiding Trump.

Coronavirus Taskforce comes into play
Trump sets up the Coronavirus Taskforce as per our guidance and starts working on several tracks to save America from the pandemic … right from ventilators to setting up new hospitals, increasing hospital capacity and number of beds in several States … medications, masks, medical supplies, frontline worker care and so on.

Trump is in the National headlines … being a frontline hero … with a White House press conference every day … enjoying the limelight and victories that he was getting. We give him 2 months of full support every single day … showing him what to do on every track.

Raises funds and injects them into his own accounts
Trump plays the routine drill … lol … he raises funds for the work by the billions and then injects them into his own accounts and operations, once he gets the info that he needed from us. He thinks that he got all of the info that he needs … the number of cases go down … and bingo … he doesn’t need us anymore.

Doesn’t work on Establishment’s malicious routes
Trump works only on the normal routes … and doesn’t work on the Establishment’s malicious routes that we had shown. Instead of ending the Establishment malice … Trump’s way of dealing with the Establishment malice is … doing favors for Israel. Trump allows Netanyahu to bomb its neighbors … Trump is creating peace deals for Israel … hoping that the Establishment will ends its malice. That’s why Trump thinks that “Corona will magically disappear from America” … because he did some favors for Israel. Lol.

Now, Corona is stabbing Trump in the front
Trump stabbed us in the back on Corona … and now … right before elections … Corona is stabbing Trump in the front with 100,000 cases in one day. We had contained the virus when it was only 20K cases per day … if Trump had acted on all routes to combat the malice … then the pandemic would be over for good.

But instead, Trump’s way of dealing with the Establishment is by pestering them and doing favors for them … and now the lovely Establishment is creating 100K cases per day to remove him from the White House just before elections. Don’t trust the Devil, Uncle Trump … don’t trust the Devil.

Why does Trump behave like this?
Well, its probably his hotel owner mentality. He takes whatever is required to setup his hotel … and then he screws his suppliers. The hotel is what makes him his money … he protects his hotel … the suppliers cost him money … so, he screws his suppliers. This is what Trump tried to do with the Covid scenario. Lol.

Body trying to get rid of his brains
It is understandable when you do this in the hotel industry … its not nice but its understandable. But when you try to pull off the same gimmick in politics … when you have widespread Establishment malice all around you … and when there is only one Think Tank that can help you through it … it is something like “the body trying to get rid of its brains”.

We are the brains … the Think Tank … that gave you the formulas and structures to win in several scenarios from wars to Socialism … from lawsuits, investigations to impeachment … and even for pandemics. We are the brains through which you function … through which you get victories and success. If the body has got good arms and legs … is it okay if the body gets rids of its brain now? If the arms and legs are safe … is it okay if the brain is removed from the body?

This is exactly what you have been doing President Donald J Trump since the past 4 years … taking the info to secure the body … and then try to get rid of the brains. Do you understand the fundamental problem in your leadership? You are a body that wants to get rid of its brains. Lol.

Good thing … at least you follow
Well the good thing is that … at least you follow to some extent … we have other leaders like Hillary and Warren … who did not follow a thing and they were totally disastrous. At least you are saving America to some extent … you are using logic to stop many disasters and wars. The partial information that you follow … that itself is creating many good results.

Overall things are shitty … but they could be even more shitty … if you would not have followed even this much.

Biden can lose because of Climate Change
And this brings us to Climate Change. Leadership is comparative … banking on Trump’s lack of coordination and his ungrateful and unthankful ways of functioning will not help to much extent. There is a lot of hope and expectations from Democrats. SM Groups are expecting phenomenal coordination from Democrats … and Climate Change is one of the reasons why Biden can lose the election. It’s a must for Biden to show flexibility in his approach to Climate Change.

The 3 truths about Climate Change
Trump has already made the right decisions on Climate Change … he does not have this baggage. Here are the 3 main truths of Climate Change that Biden and Democrats should know.

  • Propaganda. Climate Change is real.
  • Establishment Malice. The fact that the Establishment wants trillions of taxpayer money on the pretext of Climate Change is also real.
  • Political Cooperation. The fact that our Politicians want to make billions from blowing up these trillions on Climate Change is also real.

The whole Climate Change propaganda is a typical Establishment scam. That’s why we are telling Democrats again and again to stay away from this. Climate Change can be addressed without the trillions in expense. Do not allow monetary greed to mislead you on this track. You can make your billions without costing trillions to the taxpayers. There are many many routes out there to make your money … but please do it without running multi-trillion dollar Establishment scams that will drain the country’s and the people’s wealth by the trillions.

This is something that we had told Trump also in his first year. “Make your money without bombing and destroying other countries. Make your money while doing good for the people and the country” … then no one will object.

The Pandemic is a fantastic opportunity to revolutionize the entire healthcare system in the country and to create a roaring economy. And it is also a fantastic opportunity to stay away from a bigger Establishment scam of Climate Change. Biden and Democrats have to be flexible on this. This is exactly what it means working with us … moving away from multi-trillion dollar disasters … and doing things in a better way. Show you can do this … and you can get more support.

And don’t worry, Uncle Trump … you still have chances of winning … we will get to know what SM groups will decide soon.