25 Oct 2020
The policies owing to which Biden can lose the election
in America

Unique Election – Guiding both candidates
This is a unique election where we are guiding both candidates … Trump and Biden. Because both of them are Establishment independent candidates and SM Groups are split between the two … America can move forward under both candidates.

However, the issues with both candidates are of a different nature. The issues with Trump’s leadership are more of a personal nature … where he has not coordinated with us directly, took action to stop our work, created security issues and also tried to block Democrats from working with us. And the issues with Democrats are more related to policies, party and Establishment influence.

The good news for Biden is that … the early voting has begun. The majority of the votes are being cast via mail-in ballots … and you have the lead in the early voting. However, November 3rd will be the final verdict on the Trump Presidency … whether SM groups want him to hold the fort and lead America … or the leadership will be given to Democrats.

Holding America hostage
Pro-Trump groups use Obama’s failures and the progress that Trump has made to justify his re-election. While Pro-Dem groups use Trump’s inaction and lack of coordination to remove him from the White House. As per their argument … if Trump is given 4 more years then he will continue to hold America hostage … he will not create any reforms … removing Trump means getting Mike Pence which could be a disaster for America. If we give Trump 4 more years … we get locked in his inaction and Establishment favors. Thus, they are making every effort to end the Trump Presidency for good and take the country forward via Democrats.

On November 3rd we will know … which group is winning … Pro-Trump or Pro-Democrat group. We will know which configuration we have to move forward with.

Trump avoided bad but didn’t do good
If you want to successfully replace Trump … then you should also understand the good things that he has done. He has not coordinated with us directly … but he did a lot of online coordination. Almost every success under the Trump Presidency is guided by us … we have the entire knowledgebase through which Trump has worked to stop all wars, address Climate Change, pandemic, avoid Socialism and financial catastrophes. We are literally the Think Tank through which Trump has worked … we have all of the formulas and structures that were given to Trump so that he could succeed in each of these fields.

This peace and successful economy that he got … it is all because of Trump following our formulas and structures. Trump rose above party puppetry, media & Establishment misleading to get these things done.

Trump didn’t do good either
Trump did a good job in avoiding the bad things … which helped him create records in jobs and economic growth … but that’s the only good thing that he did. He didn’t do any good other than dodging wars and disasters … he left everything unchanged … not a single new reform … and did not touch the Establishment monopoly in any sphere. Because of Trump’s inaction on the Establishment:

  • We got dozens of war traps
  • Humiliation, ridicule and impeachment of the US President … who happens to be Trump
  • Trillions are still drained from the US economy, the country and the people
  • We got $8 Trillion of additional debt in just one term … this is the highest amount of debt that any US President has created … it will soon be $10 Trillion with the next stimulus bill … this is more debt than Bush and Obama combined.
  • We got the pandemic in which more than 230,000 Americans have died. All other developed countries were able to hit zero deaths per day … but in America one thousand citizens die every day owing to Establishment malice which Trump has not stopped or worked upon.

The Trump Presidency has continuously paid the price of Trump’s inaction … and now America and American citizens are paying the price of Trump’s inaction. Seeing the debt, pandemic, wealth drain and rioting cities … Pro-Dem groups want to end the Trump Presidency for good. They are sure that Democrats will work with us in fixing all of these crises … they are looking at a sure shot removal of Trump from the White House.

Need to be 10 times better than Trump
To replace Trump … you don’t have to be the opposite of Trump … but you have to be 10 times better than Trump. Not in all scenarios the opposite of Trump is right … Trump has followed us in several places and his decisions were right. Trying to do the opposite of right will put you in hot waters. We will show you exactly where such decisions were made and how they are good for the country.

We love Obamas
We are always moving things forward … we are always making things better. In order to do this … we have to point out the issues from the past to move into a better future. This is how evolution takes place … we leave the bad things behind and move ahead with better things. So, sometimes we show the issues of the Obama Presidency … its not because we don’t like Obamas … we love Obamas.

  • The issues that happened under the Obama Presidency are not all Obama’s faults. They happened because of the massive control and misleading of the Establishment during Obama.
  • Secondly, when we point out Obama issues … its not going to affect him in any way. He is already a two time President and nobody can take that away from him. He has nothing to lose from our criticism and everything to gain.
  • Obama exited from politics after his Presidency … we were the ones who pulled him back and made him the most powerful ex-President in America. With Obama’s coalition, he is able to guide the entire Democrat Party.
  • And now, we are designing a lifelong role for Obamas in leading America to maintain its stability and progress.

Obamas need to always keep in mind that … we love you … and when we discuss the issues of the past ... it is only because we are evolving the leadership and the country for a better future for 330 million American citizens … and you will be a crucial part of this new leadership in the country.

Remember, we told you in the last months of your Presidency … “Obama’s legacy will begin after his Presidency”. Now, you are seeing it happen … after 4 years of the end of your Presidency. Lol.

Think Tank – American stability and progress
Yes, this is called long term planning. We told you something 4 years ago … you didn’t even believe it and you are seeing it happen today. This is because … it is not only the politicians who follow the structures and formulas that we give … there is a massive SM Network at the ground level that also follows the same. We are like the Think Tank that structures the country and create formulas for its stability and progress … the SM Network and Politicians work on implementing the same.

There is a phenomenal level of cooperation from SM Groups … but the cooperation from the political level is very disappointing and severely lagging … which is stagnating the entire project and the country. Now, more than stagnation … destruction, death and rioting is spreading in the country.

Everything that we plan, structure and formulate … these is the main track … everything else that you see on the frontend … the campaign, the advertising, the polling, the votes, the media, who wins, who loses … everything is structured based upon the planning that we provide. This is how America functions … as of now that is.

Political integration is crucial for America’s progress and success … here is where exactly Trump is lagging since 4 years. With the right political integration … the work will become unstoppable … American progress and success becomes unstoppable. And the politicians who integrate with us become great American leaders.

Some of Biden’s positive moves
This page will help you understand why integration is important. Biden seems to be a logical person. Based upon the Democrat performance during the election year … he has made some positive moves. He has moved away from Medicare for All … he is not spending $100 Trillion on Climate Change like Warren … he has chosen Harris as VP and not Warren … and he has also fixed the issue with his Build Back Better program. Before he was going to spend $700 billion in buying American products … now he has structured it to the $600 of purchasing power of the US government for its needs and he will make everyone make these products in America. All of these are good, positive and logical moves.

This is exactly what we need … good decisions based on facts and logic.

Obama Coalition – Standing up to the party and the Establishment
Nobody thinks that Biden can actually pull off the Presidency … stand up to his Party and the Establishment misleading all on his own. But if Biden does some good teamwork … then he can get an extremely powerful team of Establishment independent candidates … that will help him make every decision via facts and logic … and he never has to bow to his party or the Establishment. If Biden coordinates with the Obama coalition and gives key positions to only Establishment independent candidates … this can very easily be accomplished.

A small preview with some policies
Let me give a small preview of how this would work. As of now, you have some policies owing to which you can lose the election itself. In order to improve your chances of getting elected … you have to change and transition away from these policies. I know … it is just 10 days to the election … but if you understand this and show a willingness to move away from these policies … then it will help.

All SM Groups are “fact based” creatures … they have to see real time intentions, commitments and actions for them to believe in you. Here are some policies where there is concern.

Shutting down of the oil industry
You should understand that this Climate Change crap is nothing but Establishment misleading … it’s a total scam. It was hatched under a Socialist program under Bernie Sanders … which was picked by AOC … embedded in Warren’s policies … and then Warren dumped these ideas and policies in your campaign. It’s the handiwork of the Devil that has found a way in your policies.

The oil industry employs more than 8 million American citizens. With clean energy, you will create 1 million jobs … but where will these 8 million people go? Who will employ them? Oil is a filthy rich industry … its high paying jobs for American citizens … its 6 figure salaries. If you shut down the oil industry … what are these 8 million people supposed to do … flip burgers? Is it justified to render 8 million people jobless because you are creating 1 million jobs?

Not only jobs … but we will lose trillions in oil revenue if we shut down the oil industry.

Clean Energy – Climate Change
Not only we will lose trillions in revenue from oil … but we will spend trillions in creating clean energy that doesn’t exist. You want to do this while we are going to hit a debt of about $30 Trillion when your Presidency begins. All of these trillions of spending on Climate Change will go to the same Establishment. This is nothing but a massive scam to mislead America … this misleading is of a much bigger scale than the War on Terror itself.

We had to write only one line to tell Trump how to manage this … “Climate change is a scam. Don’t go for it.” Trump asked for our input and that’s the only thing we told him. He looked into it … and America had to pay trillions and trillions and change all of its businesses costing in trillions to work on climate change … he said, “this is bullshit … we are not doing this”. What did Trump do here? He followed facts and logic to do what is right for the country … by rising above his party and Establishment misleading. Can you do the same?

Trump is just one guy … he saved America’s oil industry and also saved trillions in ridiculous expenditure. With the entire Obama coalition on your side … can your entire team manage to do this? Not shut down the oil industry and not blow up trillions of taxpayer money on Climate Change? We will show you how to work on Climate Change without the trillions in expense.

This is a simple logical test … to see if you can make decisions that are logically right for the people and the country. You talk about working with us … coordinating with us … doing it together … working on American success and progress. Well, this is one policy … can you transition away from your current -stand to do what is right for America? Trump did it … can you? This is not a Trump move … this is our move … we gave Trump the guidance for this … because we know exactly what the Establishment is planning 10 steps ahead. Can you use logic to do what is right?

$15 per hour minimum wage
Politicians think that they will get more votes and support when they campaign to increase the minimum wage to $15 per hour. Warren campaigned for the same and she lost. This is another policy because of which you can lose the election. Trump is targeting your scams and corruption to take you down. But it is not your scams that will take you down. Firstly, because Trump himself has been under ridicule and humiliation from thousands of media outlets since the past 4 years. He has mountains of scams and ridicule with him … and his strategy of throwing a few stones at you while he stands next to a mountain of trash will not work. Lol.

Scams and trash is not what SM Groups evaluate. They evaluate how your actions and policies will affect the masses. Your policies on Climate change and the oil industry will create trillions in losses and render more than 8 million American citizens jobless. And $15 minimum wage will kill small businesses … ship more jobs to China and eventually increase the cost of living more in America. This again will impact the entire American spectrum.

The key reason for the hike in minimum wage is the high cost of living. So, the solution is killing the high cost of living … and not hiking the minimum wage to make everything even more expensive. This is something again we had told Trump and he followed. Trump is not wrong on this. If $7.25 per hour is starvation wage … then fix the high cost of living so that people can live comfortably with only $5 per hour. That’s the solution.

Coalition for Facts and Logic
I am just showing you a few policies that can cost you the election. Forget about Hunter Biden issues … they don’t matter at all. It’s a few million dollars here and there. But these policies that you have … it creates issues for the masses as a whole for the country and losses by the trillions. The coalition that you will create with Obama … it is meant for such decision making. It is meant to ward off any kind of party puppetry or Establishment misleading that will push you to make wrong decisions for the country in these lines.

Trump has already followed us on all of the above 3 issues. He is right … it has saved America by the trillions. Its simple decision making to do what is right for your people and the country … using facts and logic. Create a coalition to make such right decisions. If you can do this … then you are looking at a phenomenal Presidency ahead. You can become an extremely successful President … via facts and logic … keeping America and the American people first … by surpassing party and Establishment misleading. If you create a strong coalition who can help you and support you to remain on this track … then you never need to be afraid like Trump … you can always win.

Its very easy … all you need to do is use commonsense … use facts and logic to do what is right … and you will be given the support to win.