23 Oct 2020
Who is going to be President?
in America

Who won the debate?
The third Presidential debate is over … it was definitely better than the first one. Both candidates did very well … and the winner of the debate is … the moderator. Lol. Trump developed such a vicious relationship with the media that all moderators were anti-Trump and pro-Biden. The first two moderators ruthlessly belittled and trashed Trump … but the last one did it with complete class … and Trump didn’t even realize it. Lol.

Trump is thinking that the moderator was real nice and that he won the debate … but this is what he does not realize. All of the topics in the debate were “anti-Trump” topics … right from the pandemic where your response seems to have failed to healthcare where you don’t have any plan … from deportations and family separations to police violence and black lives matter. All topics were anti-Trump topics and mostly related to the minorities where Trump’s actions have been mostly anti-minority.

What the moderator basically did was … used the third debate which would be watched all over the country … to publicize all of Trump’s anti-minority actions and policies. Thus pushing away 30% of the voter force towards Biden. She did this with total class … with a smile on her face with utmost respect. She was the best anti-Trump moderator ever. Lol.

So, technically … the winner of the debate is … the moderator. Lol.

Eager to know who is going to be President
With less than two weeks to election day … there are 3 elements out there who are very eager to know … who will be the President … SM Groups, Democrats and Trump. The good news for both candidates is that … SM groups are starkly divided between Biden and Trump. Both groups are using facts and logic to support their stand. As of today … this is their current standing. Both candidates have pluses and minuses … if they can work on their minus points then these 2 weeks can be critical in getting the decision in their favor.

Nation Management
The main reason why we have a lot of weightage in the making of the President is because … the SM Network and we are involved in Nation Management. This is something that our politicians should be doing … which makes it a common thing between all of us three. Look at the figure below:

This is how the 3 entities of Active Democracy, SM Network and Politicians are interconnected … it is knowledge, people and political power working hand in hand for American stability and progress. This is how the Presidents are chosen … who will best fit into this synchronization … everything else is put in his favor accordingly. The campaign, the advertising, the publicity, the votes … everything is just a secondary layer that is put into place based upon this main core layer.

The Presidency is all about the integration with SM Networks and Active Democracy to maintain American stability and progress. For this, SM Groups are split between Trump and Biden … both having their own facts and logic.

Trump’s Status
The good news for Trump is that … yes, he still has 50% chances of getting elected … so, don’t give up yet. There are a lot of proven facts that are on your side.

  • Advantages. Trump kept America safe … he dodged all wars and Socialism disasters. He initiated a few America first policies.
  • Dis-advantages. Trump didn’t change anything … he didn’t create a single reform. He misused the funds that we meant for our project repeatedly and created security issues in half a dozen countries for our work. And then he also tried to turn Obamas against us and started paying Democrats not to work with us.

Pro-Trump groups justifying Trump’s Re-Election
They say that the issues that Trump has are of a personal level. He has already surpassed party and Establishment puppetry to dodge all wars and Socialism disasters. This is a much bigger accomplishment than the issues that Trump has. Yes, though the issues are quite shocking and unbelievable … they can still be fixed very easily.

There are some issues with Democrats that Pro-Trump groups use to justify Trump’s re-election.

Disadvantage 01 – Wars – Democrats didn’t fix anything. They made everything 10 times worse
They use the facts of the Obama Era. Obama got elected based on his promise of ending wars … but instead, he bombed half a dozen countries, created twice the debt that of Bush and killed a million people. In reality, Democrats didn’t fix anything … they just made it 10 times worse.

In a later stage, when Obama saw that the War on Terror had taken an anti-Russia stand … that a war against Russia would be possible … its then that Obama moved back from these wars. He allowed Russia to fight in Syria and signed the Iran Nuclear Deal.

So, were Democrats the solution for Bush? No, they made everything 10 times worse. We told Obama … don’t bomb Libya … and he bombed Libya. We told Obama … don’t start a civil war in Syria … he started the civil war in Syria. We told Obama … cut the supply of funds and weapons in these wars … he never did that. On the other hand if you see the facts about Trump in the same arena of wars … its totally different. Trump followed us in every single war scenario … in every country where a war trap was laid, he followed us … in Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, Koreas, Venezuela, Turkey and Kurdistan. At every single place … Trump instantly followed us and he got victories.

So, if you are looking at the synchronization between Active Democracy and the Presidency … then Trump synchronized with us 10 times more than Obama. Just because Democrats secure us and protect us … many SM Groups are automatically thinking that Democrats will also work with us … but it is not a proven fact yet. Yes, Trump created security issues despite taking help from us in every crisis … it only shows that he is an unthankful and ungrateful person. But it doesn’t mean that he didn’t rise above his party and Establishment misleading to do what is right for the country. He still followed us to do what is right for the country.

Disadvantage 02 – Trillions of spending on Climate Change
Democrats didn’t follow us in the War on Terror … they waited till everything got as worse as possible … and followed whatever their party leaders said. They are doing the same thing on Climate Change … it is nothing but another major false propaganda of the Establishment of the same scale as the War on Terror. Warren wanted to spend $100 Trillion on climate change … and Biden still wants to spend $2 Trillion on climate change. Its open loot of American taxpayer money.

Here again, Trump is following us … which is saving America trillions of taxpayer money. Democrats are promising … but where are the facts? This is the main reason we are pulling Michelle Obama in the game … to manage the crisis under Biden and to increase Biden’s chances of victory.

Trump’s Victory for American Stability and Progress
What some Pro-Trump groups say is … “we don’t care if Trump has directly coordinated or not with Active Democracy. His online coordination was itself 10 times more than Obama ever did. Let’s get him re-elected … Trump will maintain American stability … while Democrats will filter out there bad policies and come up with good policies from the House level.”

The strongest point that they use in Trump’s favor is that … Trump has the entire Republican Party under his control … which means that Trump is technically 50% of the Congress. A lot of effort was put in getting this done by several Pro-Trump groups … by knocking out anti-Trumpers from the Republican Party … so, why should we lose all of the work that we have done? Why should Trump be removed? Trump is not creating any disaster for America … its just a personal thing with Active Democracy … they will work it out. Democrats should rise from the ground level with the right policies and Trump will hold the fort.

Biden’s Status
The Pro-Dem groups are of a different mindset. They are furious at Trump at his inaction on the Establishment, creation of security issues for us and even paying off Democrats not to work with us. It is because of Trump’s inaction that we have so many war traps, pandemic, 210K Americans dead and $8 Trillion of debt created in a single term. Trump has killed more American citizens than any other President and he has created more debt than any other President in American history. To add to this … he doesn’t coordinate … let’s remove him from the White House … 4 years was enough … we don’t want 4 more years of this.

The Obama Era was different … SM Network was not active then … it was still being formulated. We will send a few waves if required to maintain Biden on the right track. As it is, Michelle Obama is being brought in the game for American stability and success. Obama himself was keen on creating some accomplishments … Democrats will definitely synchronize with Active Democracy. Why waste time with Trump?

SM Groups still divided
This is what I will suggest to Biden and Democrats … if you want to boost your chances of winning. As per SM evaluations … they are right … there were many wars under Obama and there is peace under Trump. Trump has risen above party puppetry and Establishment misleading. He followed our instructions closely at many places and got many successes. They see Trump as 10 times better than Obama.

You cannot try to redo an Obama Presidency again. You have to be 10 times better than Obama and also 10 times better than Trump. This peace must be maintained. You need to show skills that you can rise above party puppetry to do what is right for the people via facts and logic 10 times better than Trump. And for this … one of the first things that you need to do is … move away from the trillions of spending on Climate Change. This is an Establishment scam only to loot trillions of taxpayer money. Yes, Climate Change is real … work on it without the trillions in spending.

Don’t shut down the oil industry … its plain crazy to do so. It will create trillions in losses and spending trillions on energy that doesn’t exist … is plain crazy. It’s the same level of War on Terror misleading. Writing one page was enough to pull Trump on the right track on this … he followed what is right with just one page. You guys have to shun party puppetry and start using logic.

This is the biggest reason why Biden may lose the election … climate change trillions and shutting down of the oil industry. You are saying that you want to synchronize … that you want to follow logic … so here it is … this is the disaster … move away from it. We will give you all details of how to do it without the trillions. Its easy.

SM will be deciding
SM decides on the Presidency … let’s see how things unfold in the coming weeks.