13 Oct 2020
How Trump was impeached and saved
in America

Let’s give a preview to Trump of how he was impeached and how he was saved.

Basic Formula – People Centric Leaders and Active Democracy
This is the basic formula that the entire SM Network functions by … they pull people centric leaders who are most likely to coordinate with Active Democracy to do great things for the people and stop Establishment malice … such leaders are given the Presidency.

The process works like this … coordinate … plan and organize … and SM groups provide massive networking support from the ground level to win in each step and policy. In short, this is how everything works.

Tidal waves in action
A few moves that you might have seen in action on the frontend are … of managing Trump’s wars, Muslim ban and mass deportation. If we left Trump to do whatever he wanted … then we would be looking at nuclear wars, massive racism across the country, mass deportations and the Presidency wouldn’t complete even one full year before it would be terminated. Thankfully we are in a much better phase with some intervention and management.

SM Request - Don’t be too aggressive
During Trump’s first years … we used to get requests from SM groups not to be too aggressive against Trump … as Trump was the chosen one … he was chosen to coordinate and lead America into a new era. If we totally destroy the relationship with him … then they would have to remove him and bring another President who would be more cooperative … and that would waste 4 years in changing Presidents. I was requested to point out the issues but also not to be too aggressive.

Our Request – Protect Trump from Impeachment
We saw several moves against Trump to remove him via impeachment. We activated SM Groups to protect Trump from the malicious moves of the Establishment to impeach him.

Establishment’s attempts to impeach Trump
The Establishment continued to use several routes to impeach Trump. Some of which were:

  • Media. Calls from the media for the impeachment.
  • Democrat Leaders. Then some Democrat leaders came into action to impeach Trump.
  • Tom Steyer. A Jewish Millionaire starts spending by the tens of millions to campaign for Trump’s impeachment.
  • Mueller, Investigations and Lawsuits were used to find a way to impeach Trump.

Everything was failed and Trump was protected from impeachment.

Who is protecting Trump and why?
The Establishment tried every gimmick from the book possible to impeach Trump and it failed. It baffled them as to … who is protecting Trump and why? So, they started studying SM Groups and their purpose of protecting and supporting Trump. Before we got involved, the Silent Majority didn’t have a powerful presence … but now, it was failing the Establishment in every sphere. The Establishment started studying this new entity that had risen in America that was able to protect the President from everything.

They came to know that … America is moving into a new and more advanced form of a Democratic system of Active Democracy. Trump is very valuable since they chose him to lead America into a new era. That’s why, Trump is maintained under strong protective shields by SM Groups. They work with facts and logic in everything to do what is right for the people and the country.

Some of the information that they explored was:

  • So, is Trump working with Active Democracy?
    No, he is scamming them. He takes useful information from them but doesn’t coordinate with them. He pulls funding in the name of fighting against the Establishment but he injects them into his own companies. He has not supported them in any way.
  • Has he taken action against any Establishment element?
    No, he is actually doing favors for Establishment elements and Israel … he gave us Jerusalem.
  • Is he fixing any crisis out there?
    No, he does not know how to fix anything and we don’t think that he wants to fix anything.
  • So, he is our friend?
    Technically yes … but totally no. He just does deal making with us, so that, he doesn’t face too much trouble.

They collected this basic information on how Trump has become President and who is protecting him and why. The Establishment Think Tanks understood that … it is impossible to directly affect Trump and they will always be defeated. The best way to impact Trump is via SM Groups … we should turn SM Groups against Trump to take him down.

Turning SM Groups against Trump
What the Establishment elements did was … they collected all of this basic information about:

  • Trump’s favors for the Establishment
  • Trump not taking any action on the Establishment
  • Trump not coordinating
  • Trump only leeching and scamming
  • Trump is a friend of the Devil

They distributed this information among all SM Groups. They infuriated SM Groups against Trump. The Establishment knew that if they turned SM groups against Trump then they could have a real massive impact on his Presidency.

Impeachment over Ukraine Call
After infuriating SM Groups against Trump with information on Trump’s favors for the Establishment, inaction on them, no coordination and scamming … then what they did was …

  • They leaked Trump’s call to Ukraine on Biden to the media
  • They gave it full-fledged publicity in the media
  • They initiated calls for impeachment from several points
  • Since SM was furious against Trump … the protection for Trump was extremely limited … with only Pro-Trump groups standing by his side

Impeachment gets massive support
Till date … Mueller failed … investigations and lawsuits failed … media and Democrats failed … even tens of millions in campaigning for impeachment failed. But now, they were getting support to impeach Trump over a phone call. The President was being impeached over one simple phone call.

Help Trump, otherwise he will be removed from office
We got repeated calls for helping Trump in the impeachment. Several SM Groups were furious and they wanted him out of the White House. We had to pull SM groups together … using logic and facts … to do what is right for the country.

When the SM protective shields were there … nothing could impeach him … but when SM moved away from him, he was getting impeached over a phone call. We had to reactivate those protective shields. We used two major reasons to help Trump against impeachment.

  • Mike Pence becomes President. Trump has already dodged all wars. Don’t be furious at him … because he is already coordinating with us online. Look at Warren, she didn’t listen to shit … at least, Trump coordinates online. Coordination with Trump is 10 times more and he has successfully averted all wars. Will you punish a person for creating peace in the world with impeachment? If Trump gets impeached … we get Mike Pence as President … and only God knows what he is going to do.
  • Half a dozen Jews will impeach the President of the largest Christian country in the world? If you see, how the Establishment had designed the impeachment hearings … then every key member was a Jew … right from the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Chairman of the House Investigation Committee, the people asking the questions and the witnesses … all of them were Jews. The Establishment was using half a dozen Jews to impeach a Christian President.

We cannot allow this to happen … we have to protect Trump from impeachment. All SM Groups came on a common ground and the impeachment was failed again.

Succeeding against Trump via SM Groups
The Establishment got a thumping success in their impeachment for Trump. They understood the trick of taking action against Trump. Just use SM groups … and when they see that Trump is not taking any action and favoring the Establishment … then SM starts ticking.

“Trump inactive … Trump scamming … Trump not coordinating” … this is nothing new in the game. All of this was already used to impeach Trump in the House. Now, they are using the same pointers to fail Trump in the 2020 elections.

Establishment Strategy – Character Assassination
The Establishment knows very well that … Trump was chosen to lead America … to coordinate, to plan, to organize, to network and take America into a new era. And they also know that Trump has not done any of that. So, they are assassinating Trump’s character among SM Groups saying that … “he doesn’t coordinate … he creates security issues … he is not consistent … he is a scammer. How can such a person be a part of this project? This is the chance to remove Trump for good. Let’s remove Trump from the White House.”

“Vote for Biden” is not their strategy
If you note … “vote for Biden” is not their strategy. Everybody knows that Biden is weak and that he doesn’t have the right policies. Their strategy is … “don’t vote for Trump”. Create fury against Trump … create anger and hate against Trump … show Trump’s scamming and inconsistent behavior … and turn voters against Trump.

What will be the result of this anger and fury against Trump? People will not vote for Trump … but they will vote for the other guy. Who is the other guy? Joe Biden.

They are not saying vote for Biden … they are just creating every gimmick possible so that people don’t vote for Trump.

Critical Factors
These are some of the critical factors that Trump should understand.

  • People vote. During impeachment … it was half a dozen Jews who were taking you down. But now half a dozen Jews are not taking you down … its hundreds of millions of Americans that will be voting. This is not malice … the people are exercising their right.
  • Joe Biden not Mike Pence. The second major reason that we used to protect you from impeachment is that … Mike Pence will become President and only God knows how many wars he will start. But now, its not Mike Pence … it is Joe Biden backed by the Obama Coalition that will take over the White House. We cannot even argue on this. Both of the most important points that we used to protect you from impeachment cannot be used in the election.
  • Joe Biden not Hillary Clinton. Hillary was the most hated politicians in the entire country but she got millions of more votes than you … just because of the sex scandals. You were given victory against Hillary because she was a genocidal maniac. But now, we don’t have Hillary on the other side … it is Joe Biden. People know that he is weak … but nobody hates him.
  • Inaction and lack of coordination. During 2016, you had strong SM support mainly because they wanted to remove Hillary and they chose you to take America forward. But for 4 long years, you have been inactive and did not coordinate in changing anything in America. You only dodged disasters. Biden is promising strong coordination and support.
  • Minorities. You have a major issue with minorities … owing to which you are losing 30% of your voter base.
  • Mail-in ballots. Another factor is the mail-in ballots … which can sway millions of votes.

All of the above factors are extremely critical and don’t work in your favor. Each of the factors sway votes by the millions. You should realize that the Devil himself is using the fact that you did not take any action against the Devil … to remove you from the White House.

This is not the same as 2016 … this is not the same as impeachment. In this election, you have several drawbacks owing to which you could end up losing votes by the millions. That’s why we are telling you … wake up and realize what is going on.