09 Oct 2020
For Biden: How to get the support to replace Trump
in America

Get better speech writers
First things first … Mr. Biden … I just heard one of your speeches … you are putting me to sleep man. Who is your speechwriter for crying out loud? You have the most boring speeches and you read them out in the most boring manner. There is nothing Presidential about the speech nor about the way you are reading them out. Check out your boss … this is how it is done:


This is Obama’s 2008 acceptance speech … (check out the crowd Uncle Trump!). See his speech and see the way he is giving the speech. I know, Obama has exceptional oratory skills … but at least try to come close. You are applying for the same job, aren’t you?

  • Get a “team” of speechwriters
  • The speech should not be a lecture … it should consist of all facts and logic
  • Don’t read out the speech … the speech is nothing but talking points for you … talk to the people using the speech. Converse with the people … use some emotions … smile, concern, modulation of tone, showing emphasis and anger … based on the point. If you read everything in one tone … you are putting people to sleep.
  • Use some facts, examples and show how each thing impacts the people and the country
  • Don’t talk too much on the things that “Trump said” … talk more on what he did … that matters more.
  • Make Kamala Harris work on your speeches … she made an excellent presentation in the debate … get her involved … make the VP do some work. She has all of the above points in her speeches … work with her on it. Do some teamwork.

Competition is at 50/50
The good news is … doesn’t matter what you say … you can still become President. Trump wanted to ban Muslims and deport 11 million immigrants … he shocked America … even then he was made President. Because we had to save America from the warmongering Hillary GodDamn Clinton. You are not “shocking” America … you are just putting America to sleep. In a way, it might be good for America after 4 years of the shocking Trump Presidency … everyone can relax and sleep with Biden’s lullabies. Lol.

No, seriously … work on your speeches. The competition is at 50/50 now … either candidate can win. We have been asked to help you out a little bit. Being at 50% doesn’t mean that you will win … it means that Trump can also win … but you need to show that you can surpass and replace Trump.

Understand the Basics
First understand some basics of how it works … SM decides on the Presidency. Understand who is made President and why. We have several Establishment crises in the country that have to be addressed and solved. This is why Establishment puppets are being removed and pulled down from key positions in America … and Establishment independent candidates are being given top positions, support and success.

Trump didn’t know anything about the Establishment crisis and he was made President … “assuming” that he would naturally take action against the Establishment … as many SM Groups saw him to be a patriot who loves his country and people. But unfortunately, our patriot has not met anyone’s expectations. He has wasted 4 years of his Presidency and has remained stuck in the game forever.

I am telling you this … before we design victories for you … so that later, you don’t tell me that “you didn’t know”. So that, later you don’t flip on this key reason why you will be made President. So that, you don’t give up, get scared or quit. If you turn against this very reason why you will be made President … then the people who make and remove Presidents … they will start wondering why you are still President.

Trump is exactly in this stage. He got scared … he flipped … and he didn’t take a single step against the Establishment. Now, nobody is seeing any reason why Trump should be maintained in the White House. This is the reason why you would be given the Presidency. If you are ready to accept this responsibility … then please be very clear about that. Because if the President falters … the country and people get screwed.

The Cost of Trump’s Inaction
Trump took the Presidency … got scared and flipped. This is the actual cost of Trump’s inaction on America:

  • The highest trade deficits ever
  • The highest debt ever
  • The genocide has entered the American soil killing more than 210,000 American citizens
  • There is no reform and nothing has changed
  • The Establishment remains in full power continuing its wealth drain by the trillions and continually planning wars and disasters for America
  • Trump’s cycles of humiliation have converted into cycles of death for the American people
  • As we speak, the Establishment is killing a thousand Americans every day and Trump is not able to stop that.

This is the actual cost to the people and the country when the President gets scared and doesn’t take action on a criminal Establishment. Replacing Trump means … entering this scenario and being responsible for managing this crisis. Forget about the routine speeches, ads and campaigns and promises to the people … that’s just routine work on the side … you don’t become President because of that. The key factors of picking the candidate for Presidency are his skills, talent, courage, team, actions and policies of the “managing several Establishment crises” in the country.

When we endorse a candidate … when we agree to work with a candidate … it means that we will help you, guide you, protect you and help you succeed in each of these crises. That’s the reason why our endorsement matters so much. SM Groups know that … the moment we endorse a candidate … it means that we will start guiding him and helping him succeed in each and every crisis … that’s why SM moves in the favor of the candidate that we endorse. This is the basics.

Understand the progress and positive steps under Trump
Yes, Trump got scared and flipped … but we didn’t waste 4 years under Trump. We helped him with a few positive steps that he was willing to take without a conflict with the Establishment. Please keep in mind … you cannot undo everything that Trump has done just because you are a Democrat. A few things have been done that are good for the people and country … you need to take these moves to the next level instead of undoing them.

  • No wars please. One good thing that Trump has done successfully during his 4 years is … he didn’t start a single new war. He didn’t give a shit what his political and military advisers said … he didn’t care about the media noise making nor did he care about his Party. He just didn’t start any new wars … no civil wars … no nuclear wars … no military conflict at all. This peace is a great accomplishment … it was not done under Bush and not done under Obama. After 16 years of continuous war in half a dozen countries … under both Republican and Democrat Presidents … we have peace under Trump. We helped and guided Trump in understanding the parameters in each war scenario and showed him how to take the right moves to get peace. You simply cannot start bombing and blowing up countries … this is not just a Trump accomplishment … I have spent 10 years to stop these God damn wars … this is also my accomplishment, by God’s grace. You start wars … then you and I are going to have a problem. (Lol.)
  • Be Pro-Russia. Quit the anti-Russia propaganda … its bullshit. The Establishment wants to destroy the West via a war against Russia. Screw being anti-Russia … tactically make yourself Pro-Russia after you get elected.
  • American Energy. Support American energy … it is a good accomplishment … its good for the country. We are in $27 Trillion in debt … we could use the trillions that can be made from the energy market. Trump doesn’t know how to do it … I will show you how.
  • Get the supply chain back from China. Trump’s tariffs are fine … but he doesn’t know what to do next and we have the highest trade deficits ever. Don’t go pro-China by removing tariffs … I will show you what has to be done after tariffs.

These are the good things that have been done under Trump … via our guidance and SM support. If you are against the above moves … then these will be your drawbacks in winning the Presidency. No one wants to undo the good things that have been under Trump. If you look at it … its not a mountainous task … its not like we have a long list of accomplishments that you have to manage … its literally just 4 of them. Lol. First two are mere tactical moves and the second two are administrative moves … its very easy … its simple use of commonsense.

Biggest drawback of the Trump Presidency
The biggest drawback of the Trump Presidency is that … he is stuck in the game since forever … and he is too scared to move ahead. Its stagnating and literally killing America. Alternate forms of leadership are being explored since his second year.

Trump lost the minority vote
Amusingly, along with Pro-Dem SM Groups … even the Establishment wants to remove Trump from the White House. They have created the Police violence crisis to take away 30% of the voting force away from Trump. Trump has a major issue with minorities because of his:

  • Muslim ban
  • Open deportation of immigrants
  • Family separation at the borders
  • Rejection and limitation on refugees
  • Border wall
  • Support of Law Enforcement over Black people

There are like half a dozen major reasons why Trump will lose the minority vote … which is technically 30% of the entire voting force in America. Trump is proud over the few thousand people that come to his rallies … but he doesn’t realize the tens of millions of votes that he has already lost.

Support for minorities is a major Democrat strong suit … you should use these as talking points in your debates, speeches and press conferences. Being against minorities will create a split among the White votes … and that’s all you need to walk into the White House. If you split the White vote … using Trump’s aggressive and negative stand against minorities in a country that is by and for the immigrants … then Trump has only 35-40% of the total votes on his side. Biden can get a sweeping victory if he configures his Presidency well.

Surpassing and replacing Trump
But the above is not enough … because you still have to get SM support for your win … you still have to show how you can surpass and replace Trump. Trump has not shown any action but you have to show what action you will be taking in these crises.

  • How are you going to manage the trade deficits?
  • How are you going to eliminate the debt crisis?
  • How are you going to end the pandemic?
  • How are you going to stop the wealth drain from the people and the country?
  • How are you going to dismantle the Establishment?

If you can answer these questions successfully … then congratulations, the Presidency is yours. But when I see Biden’s current policies then …

  • Removing trade tariffs doesn’t solve the trade deficit problem
  • Spending $10 trillion more, doesn’t solve the debt crisis
  • You have not mentioned anything new that Trump is not already doing in the pandemic
  • None of your policies show that you know how to stop the wealth drain from the country … you don’t even show that you know that there is a wealth drain from the country
  • None of your policies show that you can break Establishment monopoly

Now, you understand why I kept saying … “Biden needs to change policies … Biden needs the right policies … its all about policies”. This is the main reason.

Creating teams and solutions
Sometimes politicians get bigheaded and they don’t listen to logic. It’s a must for you to keep an open mind and be flexible to new ideas, actions and policies. We are in fast-changing times. If you want to be the President and lead the country during these times … it’s a must that you also need to be active and change quickly.

Right now, time is getting less and less … and amusingly, SM Groups are equally divided in their support for Trump and Biden. The key thing what they are looking at is … “who will take America forward” … and that candidate will most likely be President. What I would suggest for Biden is … coordinate and make a commitment … to do what is right for your people and your country … then doesn’t matter what the Establishment will throw at you … you will be fully supported, protected and victories will be given to you … God willing.

  • Obama Coalition. You are not alone out there. You have the Obama coalition with you. Obamas are beautiful, wonderful, positive and talented people who love to do what is right … and they love to crush this God damn Establishment. You can create a fantastic team out there with Obamas, Harris, Bill de Blasio, Warren, Beto O’Rourke, Kirsten Gillibrand, Tim Ryan and Tulsi … all of them are fantastic Establishment independent candidates that will fight by your side.
  • Commit to Solutions. I have told you the major crises that we have … they are designed in several forms. We will coordinate and we will give you the solutions for almost every crisis. You need to commit to solving all of these crises.

Its your Presidency … apart from this, you can do whatever you want that is good for the country. We are not running your Presidency … but there are many destructive schemes out there that need to be stopped and dismantled.

Trump is holding America hostage
Right now, Trump is holding America hostage … he has taken a few good steps and done nothing more beyond that. If you can commit to creating the right coalitions and work on the right solutions to end these crises … then America doesn’t have to be held hostage anymore. We can move on … we can end this darkness … and rise in a new light … a light that will have goodness and greatness for everyone.

Will you choose light over darkness?