07 Oct 2020
Molding Biden’s Presidency
in America

Biden qualifies for a win
Good news for Mr. Biden is that … you, my friend … you qualify to be … President Joseph Robinette Biden now. Congratulations!

Well, I haven’t done anything to raise you to this level … you should thank President Trump for boosting your chances of victory. My analysis was that … Biden needs to show the “right team and right policies” for a win … but Trump came to your rescue … and encouraged everyone to support you despite your wrong policies. Lol.

Trump’s inaction and threats boost Biden
This is the report from some SM Groups about Trump’s inaction on the Establishment and threats against our work. It seems there is a Trump Team that pushes other governments to take action and shutdown our work. Apparently, they have contacted the governments of several countries to get this done.

  • India. They were pushing the Modi Government to do this somehow.
  • Russia. They were pushing Putin to stop protecting us and take action against us.
  • Malaysia. They created a law against Fake News in order to take action against our work.
  • Turkey. It seems they are allowing Erdogan to go around bombing countries and occupy territory … on the condition that he takes action against our work. Russia, Malaysia and Turkey are the bases that we chose for our work.
  • Armenia. Azerbaijan is literally bombing Armenia … I live in Armenia … there is an ongoing war here … and Trump doesn’t care to intervene and stop this war.
  • America. Recently, they even tried to flip Obamas against us to try to stop our work via American influence.

Trump doing the opposite of why he was made President
Many SM Groups are complaining that Trump is doing the opposite of why he was made President. He was made President in this time of widespread Establishment crisis … because we had an Establishment puppet, Hillary Clinton, on the other side. Trump was an outsider … brought in the White House … to fight for his country and to save his country.

He had to coordinate with us to take action against this criminal Establishment. Instead of that, he is taking action against us and doing favors for the criminal Establishment. Trump has renewed the question in everyone’s mind … “why is Trump still in the White House?”

Democrats are trying to blame Trump for the 210K deaths in America. But that’s not right … Trump actually did a great job … he saved millions of Americans from dying in this pandemic. The major issue is not that 210K Americans died … the major issue is … even after 210K American citizens died right in front of Trump’s eyes … he still doesn’t take any action against Establishment malice. This is baffling everyone among SM Groups.

Two modes of intervention
Let’s talk more about the Biden Presidency now. We are not in the same times as the Bush and Obama Era … we are in a more advanced and interactive form of Democracy … it is Active Democracy. Let me make things a little bit easy … so that it becomes easy to mold the Biden Presidency.

Every new President comes up with some issues …

  • Trump came up with the Muslim ban, deportation of 11 million immigrants and wanted to start new wars to capitalize on the spending of trillions in wars.
  • Now, Biden has $10 Trillion spending program while we are already in $27 Trillion debt … no plan on Establishment malice or systems … and no idea of how to stop the debt crisis.

To manage Presidential leadership … for the good of the country and the people … interventions are designed. Generally you get to see two forms of interventions:

  • Active Democracy. We wouldn’t call it an “intervention” from our side exactly … but yes, we show you where the issue is in your action or policies. We also show you how to dodge Establishment traps, disasters and malice. All of this is done in White collar mode … in black and white on paper … with a lot of love, support, strategies, guidance and implementation tactics. We are basically at the center of the entire Active Democratic movement in America.
  • Tidal Waves. And then there is a ground level intervention mode … which comes in the form of waves rising against your Presidency. Sometimes the waves are small … sometimes they are huge tidal waves of the size of mountains … depending upon the issue and crisis. These are tens of millions of SM Groups spread across America at work. Their objectives are also the same … they don’t have destructive plans … but they also want to mold your leadership towards what is good for the country and the people.

Bringing Michelle Obama in the game
This is one of the main reasons we are bringing Michelle Obama in the game … since Trump is still inactive on the Establishment issue … and more and more SM Groups were exploring leadership possibilities under Democrats without Trump in the White House. Several options were explored since the past few months on how to take America Forward.

We put some concerns on the table … SM Groups worked on a few solutions. Its not that Trump is shunned and removed … he still has a 50% shot at winning. But this page is more about activities and proposals from Pro-Dem SM Groups. Several suggestions have been made of how to design America’s  leadership via Democrats.

Democrat issues of bigheaded party puppetry
Democrats have been very slow in responding to us … they have been slow in using facts and logic to make decisions … they have shown characteristics of bigheaded party puppetry.

  • For example … Obama himself took 8 years just to stop the supply of funds and weapons in war zones … doing this would have stopped the wars within months.
  • Warren came up with Socialist disasters … costing more than $130 Trillion to American taxpayers. Despite the issues being pointed out … she didn’t change anything … until she saw herself failing in polls and votes. Its after failing to get votes … she realized her blunders and that she should have changed earlier.
  • Same goes with Biden … a lot of issues in policies that can take America into a $50 Trillion debt crisis in total. Even he still needs to show proper response and change to do what is right.

Since Trump responds very quickly via online guidance and he doesn’t have a $50 Trillion debt crisis with him … Trump was the preferred candidate over Democrats. To address this “bigheaded party puppetry” issue among Democrats … the solution was to “bring Michelle Obama in the game”. A beautiful, bold and talented Black woman will take America forward in this crisis.

However, it is good that Biden has toned down the spending from Warren’s $130 Trillion to a mere $10 Trillion … but even this $10 Trillion is simply too high … coz it takes us into a $50 Trillion debt crisis in total. And it is good that Biden chose Kamala Harris as VP instead of Warren. Biden is already showing some good and positive change … but a lot more needs to be done.

Biden passed the “flexibility test”
We complained to SM Groups that … “Biden is not listening … he is not changing his policies … how can I help him if he does not listen?” SM Groups said … “hold on and let’s check it out … if he doesn’t listen to you … then does he listen to the waves?” They checked Biden’s flexibility using “wave tests”.

Wave tests are like … the country coming into action … the tides coming into action … to mold the leadership. For example … on “defunding the police” … Biden suggested the defunding of the police … but when he was dropped in polls … then he was like … “no, no, no … I don’t want to defund the police … why would I defund the police? I want to fund the police!”

There were a few more tests like these. So, technically … the good news is that … Biden has passed the flexibility test. It shows that … he will use logic and do what is right for the country … by moving away from his mistakes. It’s a good thing.

Moving from a Trump Presidency to a Biden Presidency
Here are some of the concerns of moving from a Trump Presidency to a Biden Presidency … and their solutions and remedies offered by Pro-Dem SM Groups.

Trump is far ahead in the game
They say … what’s the point of having Trump far ahead in the game … when he is stuck and he doesn’t want to move forward and change anything? Let’s help Democrats lead America … and move forward from where Trump is stuck. Why should we waste more years with a stuck President who doesn’t care to move forward?

Trump dodged all disasters
A beautiful, bold and talented Black woman … named Michelle Obama … can help the Biden Presidency dodge all Establishment malice and disasters.

Biden is a weak candidate
Biden has the Obama Coalition on his side and he can create fantastic Establishment independent teams that can crush the Establishment in every sphere.

Removing Trump means getting zero Republican votes
If Democrats can successfully create the right teams with the right policies … then we can squish the Republicans and get both the House and the Senate by the MidTerms. There will be no need of Republican votes thereon. All leadership and victories can be designed under Democrats … in fact, several Dem Presidents can be created … as long as Democrats are following facts and logic to do what is right for the people.

Trump, an impeached President who didn’t change anything
Sadly, on this track … Trump becomes an impeached President who didn’t change anything in America. He became President when the country was in a dozen different crises … but he didn’t create a single major reform or new system to save his people and country from these crises. All credit, praise and glory will go to the Biden Presidency and Democrat leaders for reforming America and taking America into a new era.

Competition is at 50/50
As you might have noticed … this is a pro-Democrat page. Weirdly, during this election … I am having to guide both candidates … and show options of leadership for both candidates … since leadership is possible under both candidates. I am not flipping between two candidates … I am just bringing out the best options for both candidates. It doesn’t mean that the victory has been finalized for any candidate … the competition is at 50/50 … anything can happen.

We had actually put the victory in Trump’s favor … but he moved up Biden in the game, all on his own. The actual decision is made upon factual and logical evaluation of which candidate is most suited to take America forward during a time of multiple Establishment crises.

Tip for Debates
Mr. Joseph Robinette Biden … don’t fear the debates now. You have enough SM support for a victory. Just be a decent person on the debate stage and you can win. Trump has nothing new to offer … he is stuck in the game since his second year … everyone wants an alternate option. Trump is resorting only to mudslinging to win against you. Mere mudslinging will not work … it will backfire on him.

Relax … be confident … answer everything in a decent manner. If you had one or two good policies then it would greatly help. The only thing that everyone wants you to do is … be a decent person on the stage and answer well. Just talk decently and calmly to get victory. More and more SM Groups are moving in your favor.