06 Oct 2020
Trump’s massive blunders that will help Biden win the election
in America

Welcome back Uncle Trump
Firstly, great to see Uncle Trump back to work and back in action. I guess the prayers of the millions of people that you have saved in wars and the pandemic were a powerful force in your recovery and yes, the medications also seem to have worked.

We told you this before … stay away from wars and do good works … these good works will work like “protective shields” for you in any crisis. Your good works are also helping you in your health crisis. You should thank God in your prayers … and if you remember us also in your prayers then we would also be happy.

Trump’s Massive Blunders
Coming to the topic of the page. Trump doesn’t realize that … he is helping Biden win the election with his massive blunders. Let me show 3 major blunders that can create a sweeping victory for Biden in this election.

Blunder One – Losing the Minority Vote – Police Violence
We told Trump one simple thing … tweet “Black Lives Matter” … Black people are not illegal immigrants who have jumped over the fence. These are American citizens … they have fought wars side by side other Americans. There cannot be a separate set of rules and treatment for people just because they are Black. A Police officer simply cannot put a knee on a Black man’s neck and kill him in broad daylight in front of everyone. The Police officer has the right to arrest but not to execute the person.

In the initial phase, the BLM movement was an anti-Police-Violence movement … but due to Trump’s blind support for the Police and Law Enforcement agencies … the BLM movement became an anti-Trump movement. Trump simply lost his entire Black voter base with just one movement.

To add to that … Trump has many anti-minority policies:

  • The Border Wall
  • Deportations
  • Muslim Ban
  • Against Refugees
  • Family Separation

All of these anti-minority policies and actions have diminished Trump’s support from the minority voter base. Trump gets huge crowds … he is happy with the crowds … but what he does not realize is that … he doesn’t have Black, Latino, Asian or minorities in those crowds. Trump’s crowds are mostly White people.

How does the Math work out?
Let me explain this in terms of votes.

  • Biden has got 30% of most of the minority votes. Trump may get 0 to 10% at most.
  • The remaining 70% of White voters are both Democrat and Republican. Which means that about 35% may go to Biden and 35% may go to Trump.
  • Giving Biden a total of 65% of the votes … there can be a 10% up and down in this.

The minorities are already deciding the election in Biden’s favor. Why? Because of Trump’s blunder of not addressing the minority issues properly. Trump may think that … “yes, White people are more in America … I will win based on White votes.” Trump needs 70% of White votes … to come to a total of 50% of total votes. But the thing is … all white people are not Republican … 50% of them are Democrat … which leaves Trump with only 35% of the total votes in his favor. The rest of 65% is moving in Biden’s favor.

Blunder 02. Inaction on the Establishment – Moved away from the main purpose of the Presidency
The second major blunder that Trump has been carrying with him since his first year is … inaction on the Establishment. The main purpose of bringing an outsider into the White House … who loves his country and the people … was to take action on the Establishment and end their abusive and exploitation systems … to take America into a new era. This was the main purpose of failing Hillary and giving the White House to Trump.

But since 4 years, Trump has done nothing about the Establishment monopoly … and many a times he has been favoring them and even protecting them. The best that he has done is dodged disasters designed by the same Establishment. Yes, today Trump is a crisis champion … for saving America from several crises … but what many SM Groups say is that … if Trump had taken action on Establishment monopoly then all of these crises would not even occur. The war traps, nuclear and civil war problems, the humiliation, ridicule, lawsuits, investigations, impeachment, Socialism, climate change, financial catastrophes and the pandemic … all of this happened only because Trump did nothing about the Establishment.

Mail-In Ballots
The newest ongoing scandal in America is the “mail-in ballots”. This scandal itself can remove Trump from office. If you saw the last election … even when we had in person voting … millions of votes were cast in Hillary’s favor. But this time … not only we have mail-in ballots … we have the Establishment who doesn’t want Trump in office and we also have several SM Groups who don’t want Trump in office because of his inaction on the Establishment … which means tens of millions of votes in favor of Biden.

How does the Math work out now?

  • Biden was already getting about 65% of the votes with massive minority support
  • But if you add the 5-10% of voter support via mail-in ballots
  • Then Biden’s total votes come out to about 70-75% of votes
  • Even if we make a deduction of 10-20% in this … even then Biden gets 55-65% of the total votes

This is a clean sweep victory working in favor of Biden. Trump is happy with a few thousand people that show up in his rallies … but he is not realizing what is happening at the National Level. He is losing support by the tens of millions of votes at the National Level.

Who do you want … Trump or Biden?
At this moment, I was asked by SM Groups … “who you want as President … Trump or Biden?” Do you know why the President making decision comes to our table? Because we designed this new Democratic system that is working in America. Because of the tactics and strategies that we have shown … we have peace in the world … SM Groups follow us in taking every major next step ahead. If SM is the Ocean … then the President is the key person who puts this in action at an official level. This is the main reason why SM Groups see who I would like to work with … before they finalize on the President.

We told them … “prefer Trump but keep options open for Biden.” Because Biden is not a genocidal maniac like Hillary … leadership for America is possible under Biden as well. Biden is backed by the Obama Coalition … we can create a fantastic and united front against the Establishment via the Obama Coalition. But then, Biden’s policies were wrong … that’s why we said … “prefer Trump” … he is already on the right track and it will be very easy for him to take the lead. Biden has to change policies first to take the lead.

Decide based on blunders or actual talent and leadership?
What you should realize is that … the Presidency is already in SM’s court. If we allow voters to decide based upon the candidate’s blunders … then Hillary would be the President and we would already have a nuclear war with Russia. If SM had not come into action with Trump’s sex scandals … then the voters had already decided in favor of Hillary. It was because of Trump’s talent and leadership capabilities that the decision was made in his favor.

We are being asked the same question even in this election. Trump or Biden? And the thing is … there are blunders on both sides … Trump’s blunders are putting voters in favor of Biden … and Biden’s blunders will put America into a $50 Trillion debt crisis. Trump showed good talent in dodging all disasters … but even Biden has the Obama Coalition with him to dodge all disasters.

It was eventually decided in Trump’s favor … because he had already responded so many times … changed so many times … that he was seen as the guy who would coordinate with us to lead America out of this crisis. Since Democrats were stuck in an old conventional era … the response from them was quite slow … it created the priority for Trump.

Everything was configured for Trump’s victory … and guess what President Donald J Trump comes up with next? He creates his third biggest blunder.

Blunder 03. Trump flips and tries to turn Obamas against us
We told all SM Groups … “Trump is a person of facts and logic. He has already become a President of a New Era. He has already surpassed party and Establishment puppetry. I will give policies to Trump so that he can win the minority vote and when he works with us … the complaint of taking no action on the Establishment will also be solved.” This is why victory was decided in Trump’s favor.

Amusingly, when Trumps came to know that victory was already decided in his favor … then he openly flips and says … “we don’t want to do anything … we don’t care about the trillions being drained from the country … we don’t care about the hundreds of thousands of Americans dying … I care only about my victory and I don’t want to change anything!”

Not only that … Team Trump even tries to flip Obamas against us … telling them … “hey, why are you supporting and protecting this guy? He is writing against you. Let’s shut him down.” I am like … holy shit … what have you done? What have you done!? Jesus Christ.

To add to that … SM Groups report that … Trump pulls billions of funding for our work … to take action on the Establishment crisis in America … from several countries. And then he injects those funds into his own companies and operations abroad … instead of financing our work. Lol. It seems he has done this several times already.

I am like … goodness gracious … now, how am I supposed to help this guy? He has already made blunders which is creating sweeping support for Biden … and Biden will take America into a $50 Trillion crisis. We are trying to stop that and help Trump via SM Support. Now, SM is the key entity that can change the election in Trump’s favor … we are promising new policies for America under Trump. And Trump tells everybody out loud … “we not interested in changing anything … I just want to get re-elected … I don’t care about any crisis”. He is pushing everybody away who can help him.  

The main reason he was given the Presidency was to take action and change the country … and just before elections … he is declaring that he will not change anything. Is this a blunder or is he deliberately helping Biden … I have no idea. But all of these blunders are creating massive support for Biden’s win.

Democrat standing on these issues
On the other hand … if you see the Democrat standing on these issues where Trump is making blunders …

  • Blunder 01. Minorities. Biden was the VP of a Black man … he has a Vice President who is a Black woman. Democrats are strong on immigration, support for refugees, show no bias against Muslims or any minority group. He has sweeping support from the minorities.
  • Blunder 02. Establishment. They have Warren in their team … she has no idea what to do … but she is immensely bold and courageous … given the right strategies … Warren and the Obama coalition can squish the Establishment in all spheres. They have no fear of the Establishment.
  • Blunder 03. Active Democracy and SM. When it comes to coordinating with Active Democracy to take America forward … the lovely Michelle Obama protects us and Biden himself is promising strong coordination.

Uncle Trump … Democrats are excelling at every place where you are failing. Biden can get a sweeping victory and you don’t even realize that.