03 Oct 2020
Let’s save Trump from Corona
in America

The Establishment has channelized Corona to Trump via Hope Hicks. I think we should save President Trump from Corona. He is a peace champion … and he is a pandemic champion. His work has saved the lives of millions of people that we would have lost in wars and the pandemic. Owing to his fantastic diplomatic work in several countries, world peace is being maintained … and owing to his tireless efforts in the pandemic, millions of American lives have been saved. Trump actually deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.

We can’t lose such a champion to Corona … that’s just ridiculous. I know, there are some issues with trust and loyalty with the Trump Presidency … but humanity comes first. We are all children of the same Adam and Eve … irrespective of our color, religion and nationality. Doesn’t matter who we are today … Christians, Muslims, Hindus or even Atheists … if we believe that all of us are the children of Adam and Eve then … technically, each and every human being is related to each other … in one way or the other. We are all brothers and sisters … uncles and aunts … nieces and nephews … of one another.

Trump himself is some far away uncle of mine. Why should I lose my uncle to Corona? Especially when he has also saved millions of lives in wars and the pandemic?

Helping old people and people with existing conditions
In general, this page will also help to save the lives of:

  • Old people
  • Young people with weak immunity or malnourishment
  • People with existing conditions and
  • Long term patients of Covid-19

How people are dying due to Corona?
Corona generally doesn’t kill … 95-99% of the people survive Covid-19 … but only 1-5% of the people are dying. They say that “old people with existing conditions” are most prone to fatalities. So, why is this case … why are old people, especially with existing conditions … why are they dying? Technically, this is exactly what is happening.

  • Corona creates inflammations. The virus creates “inflammations” wherever it affects your body. It might be lungs … it is most commonly lungs … but it can also be the heart, liver, kidneys and even the brain. Wherever this damn virus goes … it creates inflammations in that organ … due to too much inflammations, the organ fails and the person dies.
  • Medication - Anti-Inflammatory. To stop these inflammations … Doctors are giving anti-inflammatory drugs to Covid patients … in order to save the organs of the body … thus saving the person’s life. This is working well with young people and not with old people … why?
  • Anti-Inflammatory drugs deplete organs. How anti-inflammatory drugs like Hydroxy-Chloroquine and Dexamethasone work is … wherever the inflammation is … they remove the inflammation from that organ. While removing the inflammation, a little bit of the organ also gets depleted. Its like cutting off infected skin … while removing the infected skin … you remove the infection as well as some of your skin. Similarly, these anti-inflammatory drugs keep on depleting your organs wherever the infection is … little by little by little. The more you use these drugs, the more your organs get depleted … the more of heart and lungs you lose.
  • Old people dying. HCQ and Dexamethasone are working fine with young people but the old are dying. That’s because … children and young people “regenerate” their organs rapidly. But old people … especially those above 70 years … their regeneration capabilities are very weak. As it is, due to old age they are weak … when these weak organs keep on getting depleted more and more … the organs fail and they die.
  • Longer the treatment, higher the chance of death. You must be seeing the statistics of Covid treatment around the world … the longer you need the treatment, the higher the chances of your death. Why is that so? Why is the treatment killing the people and not curing them? Its mainly because of this … the anti-inflammatory drugs keep on depleting the patients muscles and organs every single day … the more you give them these drugs, the weaker they become … the closer to death they get. That’s why you see … several people … with a good built of the body … they lose a lot of weight due to Covid treatment. Its mainly because of the anti-inflammatory treatment.
  • Deaths in underlying conditions. Now, along with old age … if you have underlying conditions … then your chances of death are higher in Covid. Why? Because not only you are weak and old … but your organs already have some kind of ailment or disease in them. When you start depleting these old, weak and diseased organs … then obviously, the person will most likely die. This is again because of “anti-inflammatory” treatment.
  • Young people – weak immunity and malnourishment. The same applies to them … when their immunity is weak or they are malnourished … even then organ depletion becomes drastic.

How to minimize fatalities in these scenarios?
Two factors have to be managed to minimize fatalities in these scenarios.

  • Continuous Infection and
  • The Medication

Continuous Infection or Channelized Infection
One of the biggest issue in managing Covid deaths is … continuous or channelized infections. If you got infected once then you can get rid of it. But if the infection is being continuously channelized in your body … then you will fall more and more sick … you will need more and more treatment … and the more treatment you need, more the chances of your death.

This is not just for old people … but this is for everyone. Owing to these huge number of millions of cases everywhere … it’s a must for you to check and continuously monitor the air, water, drinks, food and any other cosmetics, lotion or shampoo that you apply on your body.

A simple check would be … you yourself should observe and check if any item is contaminated.

  • The moment you breathe some air … is it contaminated or is it clean and fresh? If contamination is going inside your lungs … then you can actually feel it and sense it. For example, if the air in your room feels contaminated … then probably the cleaning liquids used to clean the room might be contaminated.
  • Similarly, if you drink or eat something … observe what it is doing to your body. Is it clean and healthy or you are drinking and eating contamination?
  • Whatever you are applying on your body … shampoos, body wash, lotions, creams … observe what they are doing to your body. Check for contamination in them before using them.

All of these are routes of channelized infections via products. Given the current scale of the spread of the virus … nobody knows how products are being contaminated … it could be Establishment malice or may be not … either ways, it becomes your duty to protect yourself.

Anti-Inflammatory medications killing people
We are dealing with a disease where the medicine is killing the people. The popular medications in this category are Hydroxy-Chloroquine and Dexamethasone. These medications are doing great when it comes to young people. But they should not be used for old people, people with existing conditions, people with weak immunity or malnourishment or for long term treatments. In all of these cases, the medicine can kill the person.

What’s the solution? Use antibody and anti-viral based medications.
It is highly advisable for old people and people with existing conditions that … they don’t use anti-inflammatory medications … but they should rather prefer antibody and anti-viral based medications. Because both of these medications don’t have a “depleting effect” on the body of the person.

  • Antibody Medications. Treatments like Convalescent plasma … they are antibody based treatments. They don’t deplete anything … but they boost the antibody response of the person … making him stronger and not weaker. Similarly, antibiotics like Azithromycin, also don’t deplete anything … but they increase the immunity of the body.
  • Anti-Viral Medications. Anti-viral medications like Remdesivir and Regeneron … they also don’t deplete anything in the body … but they restrict and prevent the spread of the virus in the body … thus reducing the infection in the body.

Consult with experts … obviously
Don’t take my word for this … I am not a Doctor … consult with the experts … obviously. If the “expert” is going to give you anti-inflammatory drugs for 2 months straight … then that expert has no idea what the hell he is doing. Its better to take a second opinion. Its best to avoid anti-inflammatory drugs … if you use it … then it should not be for more than 2 weeks … because the moment you cross two weeks of continuous anti-inflammatory drugs … then you are literally in the red zone. If you have to use them … minimize their use and dosage as much as possible.

Key to survival for old people
The information on this page is strictly meant for people of this category … “old age, old age with existing conditions, weak or malnourished young and those who need long term treatment”. The key to their survival is … avoid anti-inflammatory and prefer antibody, antibiotics and anti-viral treatments.

So … Uncle Trump … get well soon! Lol.