Firstly, our well wishes for President Trump and the wonderful First Lady, Melania Trump (you are a lovely & caring mother) … hope both of you get well soon. May God bless you both with a speedy recovery. I am sure that the prayers of millions of lives that you have saved from wars and the pandemic, are with you. Get well soon Peace Champion!

Problems on both sides
Coming to the main topic, America needs the leadership and direction of a patient, wise and logical person right now. There are issues on both sides of the aisle … among Republicans and Democrats. Trump is stuck in the game since his second year … we are doing nothing but dodging disasters, one after another. Nothing has progressed and nothing has changed. On the other hand, Democrats were supposed to take it forward from Trump, but instead they came up with several disasters of their own. There are a lot of old era issues among Democrats of party and Establishment puppetry.

Doors of victories are open for both sides
SM Groups are configured on both sides … we have Pro-Dem Groups and Pro-Trump Groups. Both of them work on the best options of leadership via their own parties. Pro-Trump groups are working on configurations of Trump’s re-election and then an Ivanka Presidency … and Pro-Dem Groups are working on Biden’s victory and a long line of Dem Presidents. All of these victories are based upon who would address the crises in the country in the best manner and who will create the best people centric systems.

Michelle Obama’s Roles
Why we are choosing Michelle Obama and not Barack Obama is because … we need a candidate who can think independent of “party and Establishment politics”. An issue with Obama is party politics … he goes with the party flow very easily. We follow no one … but God and logic … to do what is right for the people. This is how we work and this is how we have trained SM Groups to function.

SM Groups and we don’t care who it is and where the info comes from … we don’t care if it is from Democrats or Republicans … we don’t care if it comes from the President or a Mayor. If it is good for the people then it is allowed to move ahead and if it is bad for the people then it is held back. If there are no rules to do the work … then we will create the required rules to do the work. Even if the Constitution comes in the way … then we will change the damn Constitution to do what is right for the people.

This is how we function and this is how we trained the entire SM Network to function.

In this work, we have made a lot of progress … in terms of stopping malice and disasters. We have defeated Establishment malice in almost every sphere and stopped the disasters that they had planned. But there are some glitches ahead … and we need the lovely, Michelle Obama, to help in taking America forward.

  • Security. Till date it was mainly security for our work … and you have done a fantastic job. We are very thankful and we love you for the same. But America needs you and you have to expand your role a little bit.
  • Biden’s Victory. You could also be critical in designing a victory for Biden. Biden cannot win on his own … he has to show the right team, policies and leadership to qualify for a win. There is still one radical group that wants to create a victory for Biden doesn’t matter what policies he has. Their argument is … “Trump was a guy who came up with banning all Muslims, deporting 11 million immigrants and he was about to start nuclear wars. This is the guy that worked with Active Democracy and they made a Peace Champion out of him. Biden has great and positive Democrats with him … if we connect these fantastic and positive Democrats with Active Democracy then imagine the beautiful things that they will do together.” This is a very theoretical approach … but this is what they are thinking to pull off Biden’s victory.
  • Configure next Democrat President. If somehow Trump wins then … Michelle Obama will be helping in configuring the next Democrat President … perhaps, Bill de Blasio … and after that, a long line of Dem Presidents. In this era, making of Presidents becomes very easy when they rise above “party and Establishment” puppetry. You have to help in making that happen. You have to help Biden to rise above party puppetry … and then you have to help Bill de Blasio to rise above party puppetry.
  • Some good work in Africa. And yes, there will be some good work in Africa which might interest you as well. We will be pouring billions into the Obama Foundation for these works … God willing … but perhaps, you might want to discuss with Malia and Sasha as to what type of works they would be interested in … as these projects move ahead from one generation to the next. Something like Chelsea Clinton taking up her Dad’s foundation.

Requirement of a patient, wise and logical intervention
You are not being a Democrat here, my dear lady … you are creating an intervention here … a wise, patient and logical intervention. Because we manage the entire country … we suggest the best options for a stable and progressive country. Firstly, with the current policies and approach … Biden may fail. Your intervention will boost Biden’s chances of success.

Secondly, let’s assume that you don’t intervene and somehow Biden wins … then this is what will happen in America.

  • No Republican Support. Since Trump will be removed from the White House … we will have zero Republican support.
  • $50 Trillion Debt Crisis. Biden’s current policies will take America into a $50 Trillion debt crisis.
  • Who will rectify Biden? Today Democrats are standing up and rectifying Trump’s mistakes … which is one of the reasons, he has a clean Presidency. But if Democrats lead with disastrous policies … then who will stop them … who will rectify them? Ted Cruz? Mitt Romney? Newt Gingrich? Show me one Republican with enough commonsense to stand up and rectify Democrat mistakes.
  • SM will come into action. We are living in a different form of Democracy right now. There is no more 4 years of cycles of suppression and tyranny from elected Presidents. SM Groups will immediately intervene and come into action against Biden … to mold him, to change him and to pull him on the right track. What do you think happened in Trump’s first two years? Democrats were chilling and there was massive opposition to Trump’s wars, Muslim ban and mass deportations. Once Trump fixed his ways … SM moved back and the Establishment continued on the ridicule and demonization. Both elements … SM and the Establishment were opposing Trump in his first two years. We contained SM activities so that they are fruitful for the Presidency and the country … the Establishment elements went on a more vicious and aggressive track.
  • Who will protect us? This brings us to the security question … who will protect us when Biden is rattled? When Trump got rattled … Democrats protected us … but when Democrats will get rattled … then who will protect us? Right now itself, the Establishment misleads Trump saying that … “I am a Democrat … this and that happened to him because of me”. When SM Groups will be creating a ruckus to stop Biden’s mass spending policies … then who will protect us? And what will happen to his Presidency if he does not change? President Harris?

My dear lady … we are looking at a few steps ahead … we always look at a few steps ahead. We are the ones who are designing this “new form of Democracy” in America. We know how it is designed and how it will function. Everyone sat and watched what Obama did … it is not the same anymore … no one will sit and allow the President to create disasters anymore. We are pulling you in for this intervention because … this is actually becoming a strong point for Trump’s re-election.

Lack of intervention can destabilize America
The view point of some SM Groups is that … “Trump is not creating any disasters for America. In fact, he is protecting America from wars and financial catastrophes. He is not taking America into a $50 Trillion debt crisis. If we remove Trump … then who will stop Democrats and their blunders? There will be no commonsense opposition to stabilize America via Republicans. Democrats are doing a great job in intervening and correcting Trump. Let them continue … and if they want to take America forward … then let them lead from the House … create good policies and move the country forward via a bipartisan approach. This is a more stable and logical way of taking America forward”.

Do you understand what is happening here? Everybody knows that Trump is not taking America forward … everyone knows that Trump is stuck. But if Democrats get the Presidency with their current policies … then they will take America into a $50 Trillion debt crisis and there will be no one to stop them. Just because Republicans cannot provide the right opposition to Democrat blunders … it is justifying Trump’s re-election.

Its not because Trump is more capable or Republicans are more capable … it is because Republicans are not able to oppose properly. Democrats are seen as a better and more responsible opposition party in the current crisis.

Intervene Right Now
Why do you think that we are telling you again and again and again that … “Biden has to change policies”. It is because … in a way, the country’s stability depends upon that. If Biden fixes his policies right now itself then …

  • No intervention required later on
  • No responsible opposition required later on … Republicans can be as useless as they can be … it won’t matter … because Democrats will be providing all of the responsible and right leadership for the country with no disasters. If Republicans oppose then they will be squished.
  • There will be no instability issues and America will not go into a $50 Trillion debt crisis.
  • We will not face security issues from Biden or Democrats because there is no open intervention required.

If our lovely Michelle Obama intervenes right now and helps out a little bit … then it will save a lot of trouble in the future. If we intervene right now … apart from saving us all of the trouble ahead … it will actually boost Biden’s chance of getting elected. It will openly and very clearly show that … Biden is flexible … he is changing policies … he is not going for disasters … and America will be safe under Biden. This is all that’s needed for Biden’s victory.

Biden’s Good Points

  • Minority Support. Trump pulls lots of crowds … but it is mostly White people in Trump’s rallies … hardly any Black, Latino or Asians. Minorities make up 30% of the voter base … Biden can get very strong support from minorities. To get the White vote, all that Biden needs to do is … show logical leadership with good policies.
  • Formulate a great Dem team. There are many great and positive Democrats that Biden can team up with … this team work can provide a fantastic coalition to take America forward.
  • Not a warmonger. Currently, both candidates are not warmongers … Biden can easily qualify for a win with the right policies.
  • Trump - Selfish and treacherous. We had already planned for Trump’s victory … but no idea why he is making his own victory very difficult. He is coming out as “selfish and treacherous” … with the dagger issue and flipping again and again in coordinating. No idea why he is doing this … but he is self-destructing. And this is opening doors of victories for Democrats.

Need to prove via facts
The election is in one month … but it could take a few months till it is finalized. If SM Groups see that … you are providing the right leadership for the country during this duration … where a Republican opposition is not required … then Biden can actually get the decision in his favor. So, prove everything with facts … everything is cross-checked and verified.