29 Sep 2020
Trump, the Peace Champion, needs to get involved in the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict
in America

Yes, today is the debate … but there is also a hot ongoing military conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan. President Trump needs to get involved to de-escalate the situation. Trump is going to promote himself as the “Peace Champion” in the debates … and this is an ongoing hot conflict. You cannot ignore an ongoing conflict and call yourself a peace champion.

You don’t need to give much time to it today. Just call Mike Pompeo and tell him get involved. The objective should be … “diplomatic negotiations without any military conflict”. You should press all parties in the conflict to do the same … only diplomatic negotiations and no fighting … doesn’t matter what the issue is.

Some background information

Nagarno-Karabakh. This is a disputed region between Armenia and Azerbaijan … something like the Kashmir problem between India and Pakistan. It’s a very old problem and fights break out now and then over this region.

Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan is generally the violent participant in these conflicts. Its an oil rich country … it has a lot to spend on conflicts. They literally want a military conflict to take over the region. Turkey is another regional power that supports Azerbaijan. They have close racial connections with Azeris.

Armenia. Armenia is a poor and simple Christian country being abused by its two Muslim neighbors. It doesn’t have the resources nor the power to fight these regional powers. It is the first Christian country in the world … very simple and humble people … and so is the government. Russia sometimes comes to Armenia’s aid when things go bad.

Where they are headed?
If this conflict is not stopped immediately … then they are headed towards occupation activities that happened in Syria, Iraq and Libya. They are looking for territorial occupation using military force. We cannot allow Armenia to become another Syria or Iraq. There are a lot of beautiful and historic Churches here … they are among the oldest Churches in the world. We cannot allow all of this beautiful heritage to be destroyed in this stupid conflict.

How to manage this?
These are the pressure points that you can use to manage this crisis peacefully without any military conflict. Tell Pompeo to do this.

  • Russia. First thing … get Russia involved … Putin is also a Noble Peace Prize nominee now … both Trump and Putin are doing great in maintaining world peace. Russia has influence on both sides … Armenia and Turkey. Putin will get involved to de-escalate the situation.
  • Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan is an oil rich country that has to do business with several other countries in the world. Tell them that if they don’t de-escalate the situation immediately then they would be looking at crippling sanctions. Forced military occupations will not be tolerated at all. First talk nice … if they don’t listen then use the stick of sanctions.
  • Turkey. Once America is in the picture … you can pressurize Turkey to back off in this conflict. Tell them we cannot create a Syria or Iraq out of Armenia. It is not acceptable.
  • World trade. They attack Armenia because it is simple and humble country that can’t fight back in the same capacity. But when America uses the stick of sanctions … then these rich countries face the threat of becoming poor very rapidly. Controlling trade via sanctions is a very strong diplomatic and peaceful tactic of controlling countries.

Give these instructions to Mike Pompeo … tell him to talk nice and tough. In this equation, we are protecting Armenia. And all countries in the conflict should start peaceful negotiations and immediately stop the hostilities.

It will take only 10 minutes to initiate this process. Try to get it done before the debate. It will be a very good talking point for you in the debate … especially, it will help you with some “image management” with the tax returns issue. Secondly, if you do this well … then it will consolidate your chances of the Nobel Peace Prize. May be you will get one more nomination because of this peace deal. It’s a decades old problem … peace between Armenia and Azerbaijan can be historic.

Immediate action on this is necessary.

Taking sides? If anyone says that … “we are taking sides. Armenia is an ex-Soviet country … why are we not supporting our NATO ally, Turkey? And why are we supporting Armenia?” The simple answer is … we are not supporting anyone … we are telling everyone not to fight. We will use the stick of sanctions on whoever fights. Secondly, the Soviet Union fell down a long time ago … today Armenia is an American ally and also a Russian ally. All 3 are ally countries … we are just using pressure points to de-escalate the situation … so that no one is fighting with each other.