18 Sep 2020
Need to protect Obamas from the coming backlash because of Biden’s failure
in America

Triangular Friction in this Phase
This page is mainly for the SM Network. There are mainly 3 key elements, other than the SM Network, that stand up to Establishment malice and misleading … Active Democracy, Obamas and Trumps. In this phase of elections, our lovely Establishment is trying to create a triangular friction among all the 3 key elements.

  • Trump. They are telling Trump that … “hey, Democrats impeached you and investigated you … they want Biden to win … and the Active Democracy guy is a Democrat … both of them are against you”. They are trying to turn Trump against Obamas and Active Democracy.
  • Obamas. And they are telling Obamas that … “hey, you have to do everything against Trump so that Democrats can get elected this time … the Active Democracy guy is against Biden and he is helping Trump … shut him down.” They are trying to turn Obamas against Trump and Active Democracy.
  • Active Democracy. In this scenario, we would be the recipients of anger from both sides of the triangle … while we are helping Trump and not Biden. In all fairness, we gave a chance to Biden and he did not follow through.

Now, let us assume … all of us fight against each other and go down … then who remains standing in the picture? Exactly, the Establishment remains standing … the Establishment benefits via this mutual fight among each other. If all 3 key elements who have stood up to the Establishment … who did not allow Establishment disasters to occur in America and the world … if all of these 3 elements mutually destroy each other … then it would be a dream come true for the Establishment.

Biden will lose and Trump will win
To facilitate the above triangular fight where we mutually destroy each other … this competition between Biden and Trump is being shown … when the actual truth is that … victory has already been decided in Trump’s favor. Biden will lose and Trump will win … God willing.

So now, what’s the point of fighting against each other and allowing this friction to happen?

Need to protect Obamas like we protected Trumps
Trump had bombed two countries … he dropped the Mother of all Bombs on Afghanistan and carried out missile attacks against Syria … but we changed his Presidency in such a way that … today he is a Peace Champion that has received two Nobel Peace Prize Nominations already. From bombing countries to Nobel Peace Prize Nominations … we did this by protecting Trump from all Establishment malice … tactically holding back his wrong moves and giving him success in his right moves. Because of this … today, Trump is safe … he is a winner … and he is turning out to be a Great President.

Since the past 4 years, we put a lot of emphasis in helping Trump, guiding Trump and bringing success under Trump. Since we failed the Establishment on the Republican side via Trump … the Establishment has dumped all of its malicious policies among the Democrats. The Democrat leadership is an entire mess … owing to which Biden will fail. But Obamas are very lovely, positive and good people … and somehow even they are stuck in that mess … by virtue of being Democrat and holding the leadership responsibility to guide their Party.

Now, we need to tactically extract Obamas from this mess once Biden fails. Hillary received a massive backlash after her failure. She was so isolated and totally rejected from the Democrat party … that Democrats didn’t want her to make any public statement at all. No one took her advice and no one gave her any responsible role … to the extent that people even stopped paying her for her speeches. She was defined as the “rot” that was destroying the Democrat Party.

We cannot have this implemented on Obamas … we cannot have Obamas face any backlash owing to Biden’s failure. We need to tactically extract them out. See, they have helped us a million times … almost every single day since we moved live with this project. Now, if they are going to face some trouble or backlash of any kind in the months ahead … then its our responsibility to protect them as well. Our work wouldn't have reached to this stage and level … if it was not for God’s and our lovely Michelle Obama’s protection. We owe it to them … they are in a trap … we know how it is going to end … we need to help them.

The trash among Democrats is Establishment owned
This is how you extract Obamas out of this mess … all of the trash among Democrats is actually Establishment designed and owned.

  • Obama never campaigned for Socialism during his Presidency
  • Obama never spent trillions on Climate Change during his Presidency
  • Obama never endorsed or supported the Green New Deal or Blue New Deal as President
  • Obama never supported Establishment puppetry during his Presidency
  • Obama was anti-Bush not anti-Trump … he blamed everything on Bush … not on Trump

All of this anti-Trumpism, Socialism, Climate Change madness, trillions in spending, massive debt creating policies … all of this is owned and designed by the Establishment. Since we were very strongly managing Trump and Republicans on the right track … the Establishment dumped all of its trash among the Democrats. That’s exactly what happened.

Protect Obamas like we protected Trumps
Like we protected Trumps from every type of aggression and malice … its time to prepare to protect Obamas. They are beautiful, lovely and humble people … Obama was a blessing for America after Bush’s disastrous Presidency. He was the one who created a turning point for America’s future. They were critical in stopping Trump’s wars in his first year … and they have great things to do ahead … they have nothing but goodness to offer to the world. We need to protect every key element that understands this malicious Establishment and that has stood up to this Establishment … that’s how our coalition is going to keep on expanding against the Establishment. We work together and protect each other together.

No fighting against each other and falling together
SM will work on protecting Obamas and Trumps. When I disclosed that the victory for Trump has already been decided … other Establishment elements got so jealous that they unleashed a new sex scandal for Trump. We have to crush this sex scandal as well to help Trump.

The key elements against Establishment malice cannot afford to fight against each other. If we fight against each other … then we fall and the Establishment benefits. They win by using our hands against each other … I don’t think that we should be that dumb. Instead, we need to maintain the coalition among ourselves and stand together against the common malicious enemy, the Establishment. That’s how we will keep winning and the Establishment will keep on losing again and again and again.

Look at the bigger picture and a few steps ahead … so that we win and not those who divide us.