17 Sep 2020
Obamas have to stop insisting on support for Biden
in America

New Situation
Till date, we were stopping warmongers like Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton. It was about eliminating Establishment puppets who would destroy America via wars. But when it comes to Trump Vs Biden … we don’t have a warmongering Establishment puppet in this race. Democrats have fallen for Establishment misleading and when we support Trump in this race … then we are technically against the top cream of the Democrat Party.

  • Barack Obama … a two time US President
  • Nancy Pelosi … the Speaker of the House
  • Elizabeth Warren … Senator and once a leading Presidential Candidate
  • Joe Biden … Ex-Vice President and Presidential Nominee

None of them are warmongering Establishment puppets … in fact, they are nice people. But the Establishment has puppets in both parties and unfortunately, they have pulled Democrats on a disastrous path of financial catastrophes.

Victory has already been decided in favor of Trump
Everyone is waiting to see what will happen on November 3rd. They are thinking that on November 3rd, the President will be elected. But no, my dear ladies … the victory has already been decided in Trump’s favor. Lol.

This evaluation and decision is generally made one year in advance. The candidate that is best for the country based on facts and logic … is decided to be the winning candidate. And then things are put into place so that he wins the election. The other candidate simply plays the role of the losing candidate.

Now, you understand why Biden has all of the bad policies? Because if someone has to win … then someone has to lose … in order for him to lose, he needs to have all of the bad policies. Why do you think we were telling you to change Biden’s policies?

Only 80-90% guaranteed
However, this decision is only 80-90% guaranteed. Thus, there are still 20% chances for Biden’s victory. There are some groups that want to use the Nuclear Option to enable Biden’s victory.

Decisions based upon … connect, learn and campaign
We are telling this to Democrats since more than two years … but they don’t seem to listen. Who will be there in the White House is decided based upon 3 main criteria.

  • Connect – Facts and Logic. They need to connect with us to be able to understand the current Establishment crisis and understand how to win with facts and logic.
  • Learn – Right Strategies. Learning doesn’t mean listening to a long lecture … but it means that you need to know the right strategies that should be used in each type of Establishment crisis and misleading.
  • Campaign – Leadership with the right actions. When you use facts and logic … in every Establishment crisis and misleading … then you become the right winning candidate.

This is the process that you had to follow.

Why did Warren fail?
We did not endorse Trump just now … we endorsed him the moment Warren launched her Presidential campaign two years ago. We told her repeatedly that Trump is way ahead in the game … first she needs to learn how to surpass Trump … then she can win. But if you see …

  • Did Warren connect? Nope … too bigheaded, I guess. Did she show the use of facts and logic in her policies and actions? Nope.
  • Did Warren learn? Nope … no connection and no learning … thus no understanding of any Establishment malice and misleading.
  • Did Warren campaign with winning tactics? Nope … she couldn’t even win in her own home State. She never understood what was going on … and she fell for all of Establishment’s misleading.

Then she also turned against us … owing to which support for her fell like a rock. Turning against us was her biggest mistake. Even Trump had issues in his campaign … but he didn’t turn against us in 2016 … thus all groups knew that we will help him fix those issues and move on. But when Warren turned against us she self-disqualified herself. Not bragging … but that’s what happened.

Why these steps are designed?
Why these steps of connect, learn and campaign are designed? Because that’s how …

  • SM Wins. SM was lost in its own world … they understood, learnt and worked on the right actions and policies … that’s why, they are getting victories.
  • Obama created America’s turning point. America was lost in wars under Obama … but when Obama understood what was going on … he created a turning point in America’s history by the right actions.
  • Trump wins. Democrats are falling for of Establishment misleading … but Trump dodges all traps, disasters, wars and misleading. How? Because, the lovely Ivanka takes out time to understand what is going on and they make moves in the right direction. That’s how they get the support to win.

By default, Trump is not Hercules who can defeat hundreds of politicians and thousands of media outlets.  But when he understands the malice and works on the right moves … then he is given the victory by SM Groups spread across the country against hundreds of politicians and thousands of media outlets.

Democrats failed a long time ago
Don’t worry and don’t be concerned about Biden’s failure that may happen in the next few months … because Democrats failed a long time ago … and did not show the right moves that are good for the country and the people. It was during Warren’s campaign itself that support and victory for Trump was consolidated seeing how far the Democrats are in the game and how lost their actions and policies were.

The Presidency is decided at least one year in advance … seeing who is who … what their talents and skillsets are … what their actions and policies are … and what is their capability in handling the current Establishment crisis and taking the country forward. Once this decision is made … the rest is simply put into place. Like it or not … want it or not … this is how it is done … and this is what’s keeping America safe from disastrous and ridiculous candidates. This keeps America safe and this is in the best interests of 330 million Americans.

SM decides on the Presidency
I don’t decide on the Presidency … it is all SM work. I maximize the chances for a win by guiding the candidate in each crisis and giving him the best strategies and tactics to win in each crisis. When the candidate shows that he / she can win in each crisis … that they can do what is right for the people and the country in each crisis … then SM Groups move in their favor.

Just a couple of months before elections, no one sits there selecting the President. We already told Biden that he had to change policies … those policies were literally given to him so that he can play the role of the losing candidate. Since he wants to remain stuck with those policies … it means that he wants to be the losing candidate.

Current Work
As of now … what we do is …

  • We show why victory is being given to Trump. What’s there in the Trump Presidency and leadership that he will be given victory?
  • Why will Biden fail? What’s there in his campaign and leadership that he will lose?
  • Identify all issues that led to failure and create a much better candidate for 2024.
  • Identify and create the best configurations to take America forward

These are our current activities. As far as the decision for the White House goes … it has already been made.

Don’t become the hand of the Satanic Establishment
Biden and Democrats should not freak out on what we write. They should not think that … just because what we are writing … that’s why you are going down and losing the election. Some malicious elements may try to mislead you by saying … “hey look, he is writing against you and that’s why you are losing the election.” The decision has already been made … doesn’t matter what I write … its quite unlikely that it will change.

Even if I support you now … nobody will buy it … because everyone functions via “facts and logic” … and you don’t have any facts or logic in your policies. Don’t blame me for your loss … don’t get mad at me for your loss. You guys made your own choices … you had the full term of 4 years … to learn, to understand the crisis, to work with the right strategies and become the winning candidate. But you did what you did … using your own choices … which has made you the losing candidate today.

I did everything that I could to help you guys … but you didn’t listen … so, your failure is not my fault. You own it completely … 100%.

The Establishment already knows that you are going to fail and lose this election … one way they can try to capitalize on your failure is by telling you that … “you failed because of him! You failed because of him!” This is again misleading … just like they misled you on all of your policies. They will try to use you to take action against us and try to shut down our work. Don’t fall for it … don’t try to become the hand of the Establishment during your failure. Don’t try to do for them … what they have been wanting since the start.

Impact on Key Elements
In this changed scenario … where Trump is going to win and Biden is going to lose … let me give tips to a few key elements of how to get out of this better and play a much better and constructive role.

Joe Biden
First, let’s address Biden … since he is the losing candidate.

  • All of this is not 100% guaranteed. There is still a 20% chance for your win. There are some groups that want to use a nuclear option for your win. They want to use the nuclear option because Trump has not yet started any direct coordination yet. They believe that Democrats protect us and thus they will coordinate with us to take America forward. There may be some hope.
  • Don’t turn against us. What we write hereon … is not going to matter … it will hardly change the decision. But doesn’t matter what we write … don’t turn against us. Support for Warren fell like a rock when she turned against us … because once you turn against us, SM Groups don’t think that you will work with us. And when you don’t work with us, nothing changes in America … thus you are not given the White House. Whatever you do … don’t turn against us … because no one will use the nuclear option to create your win after that.
  • We have to help the President in all scenarios. Doesn’t matter who wins … we have to help the President. Even if Hillary had won … I would have to help her. Which means that … if you win, by any chance … then we only have to step forward to help you … because there is nobody out there that understands Establishment malice and misleading to create wars and financial catastrophes like we do. Nobody will give you this help other than us and God.

So, as of now … you might be the losing candidate … suck it up and do the drill. And if you win by any chance … we only have to help you … otherwise, the Establishment will sit there and create America’s destruction when we are not there.

Another key element who have expectations of Biden’s win are Obamas. My dear friends, times have changed a lot since your Presidency. There is immense level of involvement by SM Groups on all matters of key leadership in the country and a lot of logic and facts are being used to make every decision. Victory for Trump has already been decided … because he showed all of the right characteristics and leadership qualities much better than any other Democrat candidate.

The works for the 2024 Presidency have already begun. We need to understand all of the issues what we faced … so that we have a fantastic candidate for 2024. Ivanka and Bill de Blasio are among the top considered candidates for 2024. But for heaven’s sake, please don’t dump your party politics in Bill de Blasio … otherwise, he will also flunk like Warren and Biden. We have a lot of restructuring to do.

Iranian Government
One entity that is getting pissed off at my support for Trump is the Iranian Government. Suck it up … Trump is going to be in the White House for 4 more years. Being against me for writing in favor of Trump  is not going to change anything.

Moreover, we are the ones who stopped wars against Iran more than a dozen times. If we don’t do our work then Iran is the next biggest target for wars by the Jewish Establishment in America. What we do is good for the people of every nation. So relax, we will find better ways of fixing the issues in Iran.

United Kingdom and Russia
The British have good influence in Armenia. Yes, we make some comments against the British Rule in India but our work is not centered against Colonial Rule. We are focused against the Satanic Jewish Establishment in America and Europe. The same Establishment had created the two world wars where Britain and Russia faced a lot of losses. We have a common enemy here. Security shields for our work from the UK and Russia can provide additional support for our work.