02 Sep 2020
Treaty between UAE and Israel is a trap to humiliate Trump
in America

This page is for President Trump. The treaty between UAE and Israel is a trap … it will be used against you. It is a flawed decision. Don’t talk about it too much and don’t promote it too much … it will backfire.

This is what you should note … everything cannot be done via political decisions or political pressure … it has to be properly integrated at the public level as well. The thing with Arabs is that … they function via “Arab brotherhood” … this is embedded in their culture, thinking and religion. You kill an Arab in any part of the world … then the entire Arab world will be against you. Politically they might be silent … but at the public level, their blood will be boiling.

Factor One – Arabs hate Israel and vice versa
Arab States boycotted Israel … mainly because Israel was killing Palestinian Arabs. This has been going on since the past 50 years. Everybody all across the Arab world hates Israel and Israeli Jews. The Establishment and Netanyahu know this very very well. This is factor one.

Factor Two – Israel and Israeli Jews are dispensable
The bankers have moved their gold to South China Sea now … Israel is dispensable. They can freely use Israel and Israeli Jews to promote wars and conflicts in the region. Israel has been bombing Syria, a country protected by Russia, only to invite war with Russia. They were literally using Israel as bait.

Factor Three – Anti-Islamic activities in the West
After they signed the Israel-UAE peace treaty … Establishment elements are being used in the West to “burn the Koran and publish cartoons of the Prophet” … both of these activities enrage the Arab people.

Now, what do you think will happen when Israeli Jews will land in an Arab country while some Jewish elements are burning the Koran in the West? These Jews will get slaughtered. Establishment elements themselves will facilitate the killing of Jews in the Middle East … these Jews will be nothing but bait.

Establishment Responses
This is how the Establishment will respond to the killing of Jews.

  • Air Strikes on UAE. Israel has carried out air strikes on almost all of its neighbors … Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq and Syria. Israel … as of now … cannot conduct any air strikes on UAE … because Israeli citizens are banned from the country. Since Israeli citizens cannot enter UAE there cannot be any conflict with Israel. But the moment Israeli Jews enter UAE and any event happens concerning them … Israel will get an excuse to strike.
  • A war in the making. This is no peace deal … this is a war in the making. The Establishment knows very well that Arabs hate Israel and Israel hates Arabs. They have started Koran burning events and are sending Israeli Jews to Arab countries only to facilitate a conflict. These Jews are being used as bait.
  • Cancellation of the treaty. There are less chances of UAE striking back at Israel … but they will definitely cancel the treaty and ban Israeli citizens from entering the country again.
  • Humiliation for Trump. A war can be successfully stopped but … sending Jews to their death trap … creating a new conflict in the Middle East … cancellation of the treaty … it will create immense humiliation for the Trump Presidency. You are touting Jerusalem again and again as a victory while Palestinians are still being killed. But the Israel-UAE treaty will become a major failure and blunder for the Trump Presidency.
  • Right before elections. This is being enfolded right before elections. It is designed to show a massive failure of the Trump Presidency in international relations. They will show that you don’t understand the regional dynamics and that you created a massive blunder. More the Jews that will get killed, the bigger the blunder it will be. This is a trap.

Jared Kushner himself is sitting the first historic flight from Israel to UAE. This move has Trump written all over it. If they pull off the entire gimmick before elections … then it can be a major setback to your re-election. This is trap to fail Trump and to humiliate Trump publicly and internationally.

What to do?

  • Trap. Well, you should have never done this in the first place. As long as Israel is occupying Palestinian land and killing Palestinians … there can be no peace treaty or normalization of relations with any Arab country … especially GCC countries, as they are Kingdoms. This is simple commonsense. Arabs function like one family … you cannot kill Arabs in one country and then expect friendship from another Arab country. Even if you try to pull it off via political pressure … you cannot control the public.
  • Don’t promote. Don’t talk about it too much. It’s a trap … the more you associate yourself with it, the more humiliation you will face. Distance yourself from this. Get Kushner out of it.
  • Shit will happen. Israeli Jews will not be welcome in Gulf countries. There will be hostilities at several levels. Prepare for it in advance.
  • Control Israel. Tell Israel not to bomb UAE if something happens. If someone has committed a crime then they should follow the law and they should be punished via proper legal procedures. If Israel goes on a bombing spree then it will create enormous humiliation for the Trump Presidency … because UAE will respond very fiercely. It will be a massive diplomatic failure.
  • Peaceful Dissolution. Take a lead in the peaceful dissolution of this treaty if shit happens. You should take the lead and tell the world that these two countries were not ready to normalize ties yet … and dissolve the whole thing.

This will help you manage the issue before it happens. It will help you maintain the fallout that will result from the friction between the two countries and it will also help you to protect your Presidency from any humiliation. You don’t want a massive diplomatic failure in international relations right before elections. Preparing in advance for this will help you.