02 Aug 2020
How Mail-In Voting can Disqualify the Election
in America

Don’t bank on Establishment malice
I keep telling Democrats one thing … “don’t bank on Establishment malice”. Democrats jump for Establishment malice and think that it will work against Trump … but it never works and Trump keeps winning against all types of malice against him. Why? We said that even mail-in voting is an Establishment scam against Trump … and Democrats are again jumping for this option as well … thinking that the Establishment will rig the election against Trump and it will help them win. This may not come out true again … and Trump may win again. Why?

You should know something about the Matrix … it has two sections … one are the owners of the corporations … this is the Establishment … many of them follow a Satanic ideology. And second section is formed by the managers, executives and workers in the corporations … these are SM Groups … they follow the Christian ideology. The Matrix is actually one entity created by the Establishment … but we have already broken it apart.

We have already created a revolution within the Matrix itself and empowered SM Groups against the Establishment owners. #metoo movement is one example of that. We were successful in this because … the Establishment can own corporations … but they cannot own legal systems, intelligence systems and cannot prevent everything that flows in the media. We were able to root out this Satanic control over the Christian masses via coalitions.

The Establishment tends to mislead the country … by virtue of its ownership of the corporations … but when we come into action then this misleading gets dismantled. Because for 99% of the works … the Satanic Establishment has to work through the Christian SM Groups to accomplish its tasks. SM Groups are working with the media, legal and intelligence agencies to dismantle all types of Establishment malice.

That’s why in Trump’s impeachment … at every key place a Jewish puppet was used … the intelligence Chairman, the witnesses and everyone was Jewish. The Establishment did this to surpass SM influence and obstruction. But we activated SM again … and derailed the impeachment in the Senate. For the same reason, if SM Groups move away from Trump … then security, protection and support for Trump decreases. Because it is the same SM Groups that block Establishment malice … they are moving away from Trump and working on other options.

The Establishment:SM ratio in the Matrix is about 1:1,000 and even 1: 100,000. When you are banking on Establishment malice … then you are banking on one Satanist vs 100,000 Christians. That’s why the Establishment always fails against Trump.

4 elements that will rig the election
Democrats are thinking that the Establishment will be the one that will rig the election … but in reality … there will be 4 major elements that will try to rig this election.

  • The Establishment
  • SM Groups
  • Democrats and
  • Republicans

Conducting “Fair Elections”
If you want to understand how mail-in voting can be rigged … first you need to know how regular “fair” elections are conducted. These elections are conducted by a neutral Election Commission … that monitors every step of the voting process, ballot security and vote counting.

  • Each person gets to vote only once …
  • at a secure voting booth …
  • where votes are carefully secured in lock and key …
  • and then the votes are counted by neutral Election Commission officials.

The entire process is controlled and monitored by a neutral body. Now, take a look how the mail-in voting process can be rigged and misused by almost anybody.

Mail-in Voting – Points of fraud and rigging

  • Ballot Printing. Tens of millions of ballots can be excessively printed and used by any party in any State and used for its own purpose. Democrats can stock tens of millions of ballots in their own controlled States … for their own purpose … and so can Republicans do the same. The ballots can be fraudulently printed in millions by the Establishment and SM Groups as well. All 4 entities can print or harvest tens of millions of ballots and use them for their own purpose.
  • Ballot Distribution. A Republican or Democrat Governor can channelize more ballots into their own majority held areas … thus undermining and limiting the voting capability of the opposite party in their areas. Tens of millions of voters may not even get their ballots … tens of millions of people can be denied of their voting rights … via improper distribution of the ballots.
  • One person can submit 10,000 votes. In the regular process … one person goes to the polling booth and he can cast only one vote. But in the mail-in voting process … one person can submit 10,000 ballots under different names via different post boxes … and there is no way that you can stop this person who has printed or harvested 10,000 or even one million ballots. The voting booths are controlled and monitored … but it is impossible to monitor the submission of ballots to all mail boxes throughout the country.
  • Postman – Collection. Your vote is not collected by a neutral Election Commission official … but it is collected by the postman of the area. The postman’s activities are not monitored or controlled. He can do anything with the ballots that he wants. If he is Republican … he can just dump all Democrat votes from a Democrat area in some dustbin … and there will be no way to figure out what happened to tens of thousands of votes. Your votes will not be in the hands of a neutral Election Commission … but it will be in the hands of the free will of a Postman.
  • Postal Workers – Office. Whatever left over ballots that are actually brought to the post office … again your votes are not in a monitored and controlled territory. Anything can happen to millions of votes across the country in tens of thousands of post offices … where they are openly exposed to tens of thousands of postal workers … who might be Democrat or Republican. If someone decides to pick a few bags of thousands of votes and put them in the dustbin … there is no one who can stop that from happening.
  • Whose vote is it? Your vote can be forged by anyone and posted across. How would anyone know that it is a forged vote or a genuine vote? If the forged vote reaches the Election Office first … and it is counted as the genuine vote … and if the genuine vote is tossed aside as a forged vote … how will anyone manage this?
  • Vote counting will take weeks. The ballots are not received at the Election office immediately for counting … they take weeks to reach the office. Which means that … the result of the election will take weeks to get finalized. If in the first two days … Democrats are leading … expecting a victory … and some pro-Republican groups send out millions of votes in favor of Trump … how will the Democrats manage this? Based upon who is leading … tens of millions of ballots can be sent across by either party during the vote counting process.
  • Excess votes can disqualify the election. Another issue is … if the eligible voters are 100 million and if 125 million or 150 million votes are received … that is 25-50% more than actual voters … then obviously the election will be disqualified. How will you decide which are the right votes and who got the right votes? The election itself can be disqualified … and it will turn out to be an open example of why mail-in voting doesn’t work. In fact, if some Pro-Trump groups want to disqualify the election result … they just needs to coordinate with some people at the ground level … and channelize millions of more votes in as many States as possible. If States start reporting more votes than voters … the election gets disqualified.

Who will rig more to win?
Democrats are thinking that the Establishment will rig it in their favor. But in reality if you see … SM Groups surpass the Establishment by 1:100,000 ratio … who do you think has more rigging power? All major 4 elements can rig this election … the Establishment, SM Groups, Democrats and Republicans. But the issue with Democrats is that … Trump has 60% of SM Support already … he has more rigging power. This mail-in voting could turn into Trump’s favor.

Trump should take it to the Courts
It is very clear that mail-in voting cannot be controlled or monitored … and it is possible to rig and defraud people from their rightful votes at every step of the voting process. Yes, as per the Constitution … we need to have elections every 4 years … but also as per the Constitution we have to protect the people and stop fraud in all forms. You cannot use one line of the Constitution to break the Constitution in dozens of other ways. There are many illegal and fraudulent activities that are possible via mail-in voting … we cannot use the Constitution to legalize fraud.

Trump should take this issue to the Courts … but he should not do this directly himself … as fighting to postpone the election can backfire in some ways. He should use the GOP to do this … make it a Party agenda … use Mitch McConnell to fight the legal battle to postpone the elections. Elections should be held only when people can safely vote in-person … that’s the right way to ensure proper elections that are conducted in a controlled and monitored manner.

How will this help Democrats?
Democrats think that the Establishment will rig this in their favor … but in reality Trump has more rigging power. They can easily challenge and even disqualify the result of the election. Delaying the election by one year … will actually help Democrats. We have just 3 months for elections and Democrats have to show 3 huge milestones ahead in order to get elected.

  • At first, they have to show a complete reversal from all Socialist policies and financial disasters
  • Then they have to form the right team with all of the right policies
  • And then they have to show good enough leadership to lead the country with zero Republican votes

Doing all of this within 3 months is quite a challenge. Giving Trump another year in office will actually give Democrats the time to create the right teams, policies and fight to win the election.

Win by surpassing Trump
The mail-in ballots … will be a total mash up … it can be a total mess. It gives the opportunity for anyone and everyone to screw the elections. That’s why we gave a simple formula for Democrats to get a winning edge in the elections … “win by surpassing Trump”. This is your winning formula. Relying on Establishment malice will only put things in Trump’s favor. Don’t rely on Satan.