23 Jul 2020
A Win-Win Competitive Track to take America Forward
in America

Obama-Biden Dialogue Mode
Firstly, thank you for teaming up with Biden for joint appearances. It will help boost his public image and chances of getting elected. But doing a dialogue with him is not best way to promote his Presidency. You are probably trying to use my style of conveying information … because I am popular in the Matrix. But you should understand that … I used a dialogue mode only to convey the information to SM Groups about Establishment malice and crime. I was more like a witness at a crime scene. The dialogue mode helps in explaining the crisis, the crime and its associated criminals.

You cannot use the same style for Presidential campaigns. Biden is trying to be President … he is not a witness on a crime scene. His style and approach should be totally different. I guess, you guys are using such an approach because you don’t know what has to be done and what policies have to be implemented. I think once you know the policies … you will be able to formulate more effective ways of boosting Biden’s Presidency.

Not abandoning Trump
Pro-Trump SM Groups are concerned if I am abandoning Trump. No, we are not abandoning Trump … we are just pulling Biden on a competitive track. Firstly, because Trump himself asked us to work with Democrats. And secondly, because Pro-Dem Groups were repeatedly asking me to help Biden and move him away from the Socialist track.

We have not rejected Trump nor did we tell him not to contact us. The only thing that we told him was … not to send his contacts to my new residence. We already have some Dem contacts here and having both Dem and Trump contacts at the same residence is turning into an ugly competition where nothing is moving forward.

Leadership moving towards Democrats
The only major difference that Trump will notice is that … there will be restructuring of SM Support for candidates based upon their role in the work. Trump doesn’t want to break Establishment monopoly … he is telling Democrats to take up that work. He is giving away a huge and key section of the work to Democrats … which means that the leadership responsibility will move towards Democrats. So, Trump will not be the Founder of Modern America … it will be probably Bill de Blasio.

When Trump loses the most important role in the work … then he loses all of the associated praise, support, love, admiration and protection … as he will not be the one who will take America into a new era … it is going to be someone else. SM Groups start focusing on the new candidate to help him, guide him, protect him and to raise him in ranks and power. Whichever candidate that we show that has great potential in leading America and reforming America … SM Groups start supporting, protecting and promoting that candidate.

Trump has himself rejected this leadership position and he is asking me to give this position to Democrats. So, I have to show how Democrats have to create coalitions and teams to take America Forward. This helps America in two ways … firstly, it saves America from Socialism … just in case Biden wins owing to anti-Trumpism and Trump’s inaction on Establishment monopoly. Secondly, it pulls Biden on the right track with the right team … helping him compete with Trump in taking America Forward.

Win-Win Competitive Track
We are not rejecting or pulling down any candidate. Trump has already moved ahead in the game … he has already passed Level One. It is the Democrats who need help to restructure their policies and teamwork. Trump has already done this restructuring in policies and teamwork. Trump doesn’t have Socialist disasters under his hood … nor is he following Establishment puppets like Bernie or AOC. We are creating a win-win competitive track.

Wins for Democrats
When Democrats will coordinate in removing Socialist policies and form the right team to take America Forward … then Biden can win. If Biden wins … then Democrats lead the country from the top level. Even if Biden doesn’t win for any reason … because of the lack of time and not proper integration of the right policies and team … whatever reason it may be … Democrats still lead from the ground level. Trump doesn’t want to lead … so the focus and support will still remain with Democrats … they would still be creating the policies that will take America into a new era. This would eventually get Bill de Blasio elected in 2024.

Democrats have nothing to lose … it’s an all win track for them. Their chances of winning in 2020 get a boost and the win in 2024 gets consolidated … since Democrats are the ones that will create a new America.

Wins for Trump
Well, if Trump leads then he can get sweeping victories. But since he doesn’t want to lead … this his choice. But the advantage that Trump still has is that … he has already passed Level One. He has no disastrous policies and he doesn’t follow any Establishment puppets. The victory for Democrats will depend upon how they move forward in real time … whether they will move away from Socialism or not? Whether they will move away from Bernie and AOC or not? Whether they will formulate the right policies and teams or not? Democrats have to pass through more checks than Trump.

Secondly … even if Biden launches the right policies … then Trump can copy paste and compete with him … compete for better implementation and accomplishment. We are not against Trump’s leadership … he is the one who is refusing to lead … but options are still open for Trump.

Wins for Obamas
Since Obamas have become the guiding force for Democrats … and Trump want Democrats to lead … then Obamas have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If Biden wins … then Obamas guide America via Biden … if not they will still guide Democrats via Bill de Blasio and continue to lead America. Obamas don’t lose in any way on this track.

Wins for America
America wins under both candidates. If Trump leads by any chance … then bingo, America gets great things done via Trump. If not then via Biden … or Bill de Blasio. When we put the right candidates on the right track with the right team … then only good things happen for the country. America wins under all candidates.