22 Jul 2020
Restructuring America via Teamwork
in America

Selecting the Vice President
Here are some inputs for Joe Biden on the selection of his VP … the candidates are ranked based upon their suitability to play the VP’s role … to support the President in all actions and policies … not to be so ambitious to pull down the President to take the Presidency … and help in the overall leadership to bring change in America.

  • Keisha Lance Bottoms. She is the best candidate that you have in the list. She is humble, charismatic, relatable … she is a lawyer … which means that she will bring in a lot of logic and a good fight in doing what is right for America. She is not very ambitious … she will not try to take the Presidency away from you … and maybe she will be ready to be Bill de Blasio’s VP if required in 2024. She does not have any Socialist disasters with her … making her the best candidate to support the overall structure that we are putting in place to take America Forward.
  • Val Demings. She is better than the candidates below … she has a charming personality but she is scary as hell … as if someone walked out of a horror movie. Another disadvantage with her is that … she is not relatable … she is scripted and reciting routine bookish lines. She would not sell as a good VP.
  • Kamala Harris. Her looks are not a problem … but she is full of herself … its always I, I, I and I with her. You could possibly have a power transition problem with her … as she could try to go for the Presidency and she would not be a good President. It would create issues in the overall structure. However, she is better than Warren … as she does not come with Socialist policies.

The below candidates should NOT be considered for VP

  • Elizabeth Warren. The lady is fine but her leadership and policies are Socialist disasters. She is ambitious and even as VP she will try to influence Biden to a great extent. She can be a headache. You should not allow her to control and manage you … but you should control and manage her … its then that she would be useful.
  • Susan Rice. She is a corporate puppet … a horrible person and leader … she is Black Hillary. Why on Earth is she even on the list? Biden should not take Warren or Rice as VP.

Hope pinned on one candidate
Now, coming to the main topic of the page. Generally, SM Groups look for the strongest candidates to lead America. This is mainly because the Presidency about fighting against Establishment malice and breaking Establishment monopoly. So, everyone looks if that one person … the President … is capable enough to fight against the Establishment or not. This is the main analysis … and then comes the integration with Active Democracy, right policies and the right team and bla bla bla.

This is generally the process because … if the candidate is strong … then by integrating with Active Democracy … he will put everything in place and the country will move forward. But the issue with Biden is that … we have a weak candidate. If we look at Biden standing up to the Establishment … then forget about hammering out the Establishment … Biden won’t even be able to handle Trump.

Trump was brought in the game … mainly because he is a strong and logical person … he has withstood almost every type of aggression against him. All hopes were pinned on Trump to lead America … but owing to the aggression that he faced … not only he did not take any action against the Establishment but he also started doing favors for the Establishment. So, picking one knight to kill the dragon … is not working out.

We have to work at it … from a broader perspective … with a bigger team … with better planning … so that the dragon can be successfully taken down. Instead of putting all of the weight of the work on one candidate … we can distribute the work among a dozen others … create a bigger and stronger team … which would give us enormous force to take down the dragon.

Controlling the direction of the country
You saw this in action … when we controlled the direction of the country … by pushing all Establishment independent candidates to run for President. The entire Presidential team was anti-Establishment and anti-war. The campaign, the promotion and the debates that these dozen candidates did … it led to controlling the direction of the country. We successfully moved away from wars and we brought the focus on the need for reforms in America.

It’s a different side that Democrats blundered into Socialist disasters and promoted them as the change that America needs … which led to Warren’s dismal failure. But the good thing about this teamwork was that … we changed the direction of the country when we worked collectively.

Mess with one of us, everyone kicks your ass
Trump is facing everything on his own out there. Yes, SM Groups have created protective shields for him and they are keeping him secure … but he is not able to move forward … he is scared and the country is going through cycles of humiliation and stagnation. The National debt rate has doubled to $2 Trillion per year.

Instead of just relying only on one person to lead America … if Biden creates a fantastic team with a dozen Establishment independent candidates … then it changes the entire perception of the Biden Presidency. Biden gets the power of a dozen in his hands … Trump is just one candidate that people are hoping that will lead America … but Biden’s team of a dozen powerful leaders … working at top portfolios in his Cabinet … will totally change the influence that Biden will have on the Establishment.

For example … if we give Warren the policy in reforming Education … then this will be supported by the entire team of top Democrat leaders. If the Establishment messes with Warren … everyone will collectively kick its ass. The same goes with infrastructure, energy, climate change and so on. Biden is not doing anything on his own … but if he forms the right team that runs the right policies … then they can collectively create phenomenal change in America.

Levels of Control – Rooting out puppetry

  • Presidency. If the Biden-Lance ticket wins the Presidency … then we automatically get Establishment independent candidates in the White House.
  • Cabinet. When Biden gives top portfolios of his Cabinet to powerful Establishment independent leaders … then he automatically routes out Establishment control from the Cabinet. The entire Cabinet will support Biden in every step that he takes against the Establishment.
  • Administration. Since every Cabinet member is a powerful Establishment independent candidate … they will root out thousands of Establishment puppets from every division in America … and make America more and more people centric.

Draining the swamp is something that Trump has already been doing since the past 3.5 years. He has changed more than 300 Judges from the judicial system. This is just one candidate at work … but when we put a dozen Trumps to work … then the change that will come in America will also multiply by a dozen times. The rooting out of puppets will take place by the thousands.

The Power of Teamwork
Biden doesn’t have to be strong on his own to fight against the Establishment or against Trump. But if he can at least setup the right team … and follow the right policies … then this teamwork will make him a dozen times stronger than Trump. It will give him a dozen times more power to kick the Establishment’s ass. If Biden can show this kind of teamwork then he can easily qualify for a win in 2020 … because every SM Group will see that … Biden is setting up the right team … he has the right policies … and he will take America Forward.

The Current Polices are Trash
Although we are showing you the formulas and configurations to get a win in 2020 … you should understand that … it is quite unlikely that you will get a win until and unless you have the right policies with you. Your policies define your line of action … and if your policies are trash … that means that you will trash America … which is exactly what the current policies are … trash.

  • Build Back Better. It is a ridiculous policy of the government buying $700 Billion worth Made in America goods. The policy creators have not thought what the government will do after buying these goods worth $700 Billion. Will you give these goods for free to Americans? Will you donate these products to Africa? This is American taxpayer money of $700 Billion … the people should know what this money is being used for and how it will benefit them. This is just another rip off by the Establishment to drain another trillion of taxpayer money into their own manufacturing industries. Its nothing more than that.
  • $2 Trillion for Climate Change. If you spend a $100 Trillion or $2 Trillion on a misleading propaganda … both of the amounts are a total waste. Trump is actually right on not blowing up trillions on this propaganda. Just because we are blowing up trillions … it doesn’t mean that we are solving this problem. The Establishment has misled and fooled America many times … how many times are you going to allow the same Establishment to fool you again and again and again?

This is the current problem with Democrats … a lot of energy to bring reforms in the country … but they are coming up with nothing but ridiculous policies of blowing up of trillions of taxpayer money. This is why you need to have the “right policies” first … and then you can pick the right team to run those policies. Interestingly, Trump doesn’t have any of these blunders with him.

Hope for Democrats is there in 2020 … but it all depends on … the right factual change in policies and teamwork.