20 Jul 2020
Distribute your weakness and capitalize on collective strength
in America

This is an excellent formula for Biden to win in 2020. But it all depends on how well they carry it out and implement it. “Distribute your weakness and capitalize on collective strength”.

Biden is weak
This is something that everyone knows … Biden is weak. But the issue is that … not only the candidate is weak … but he has Socialist policies, is running a bad campaign, even the ads are not good enough, there have been like zero campaign rallies … there is no energy or enthusiasm to support Biden … and his speeches are also pretty darn boring. (I guess all of this is because they don’t have the right policies and don’t know what to do.)

This is why I say … Dems have a lot of work to do. But there is one shortcut that they can use … to speed up everything … to consolidate and boost voter confidence in Biden and in Democrats.

Formulate Team Work – Capitalize on Collective Strength
This is something where Michelle Obama should lead. Generally, the focus will be on the Presidential candidate … which means that all focus will be on Biden. “Can Biden handle this? Can Biden handle that? Can Biden lead? Can Biden implement change? Can Biden run America? Can Biden manage the Establishment?” This is what people look at and evaluate in choosing their President. As of now, Biden comes off as weak and that automatically puts him on the losing side.

But if you re-structure a few things … then you get to change this impression and perspective of the people. Instead of Biden doing stuff alone … let him team up with some strong, positive and Establishment independent Democrats. Convert everything into a team work. It might be campaign ads, TV appearances, speeches, rallies and any kind of promotion … promote everything as a team.

These are some strong Democrats that are Establishment independent that Biden should team up with … Bill de Blasio, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Beto O’Rourke, Tulsi Gabbard, Cory Booker, Tim Ryan and Elizabeth Warren. This is not for a VP position … we already discussed the VP position … he can give VP to anyone except Warren. He should team up with these strong Democrats by promising them top Cabinet portfolios … if he wins.

When Biden starts campaigning … creating ads … making speeches … in combination with 2-3 other strong Democrats … then it changes the entire game. Biden alone doesn’t have to face everything … on one side … and from the people’s side … everyone sees that he is teaming up with these strong Democrats and they will lead the country together as a team.

Vote Biden – Vote Democrat
People will not be voting for Biden alone … but they will be voting for the entire team of Biden, Harris, Bill de Blasio, Pelosi, Beto O’Rourke, Tulsi, Cory Booker, Tim Ryan and Warren. The concept should be to Vote Biden - Vote Democrat.

What this concept basically does is … it distributes Biden’s weakness and he gets to capitalize on collective strength of the team. It becomes from a one man show … into full-fledged team work. Biden gets to multiply his promotion, speeches, TV appearances, rallies … via several strong Democrats … working for him all across the country. All of them work collectively on the same message, same policies and the same track. Biden gets a boost by 10 times.

Note: Do not take Bernie or AOC … do not take Bernie or AOC. Don’t think that they will be helpful just because they are popular … even the Devil is popular … but taking the support of the Devil will not help you. It’s a must for you to slide them away … and also slide all of their policies away from you.

Victories that can be targeted via this approach

  • Victory against Trump. Trump is one person … but he will be facing 10 Democrats against him … campaigning on a common platform with a common message for the Democrat Party and Biden.
  • Victory against the Establishment. If you do this correctly … then defeating Trump is actually the easy part … but you get to fight and win against the Establishment itself. If you look at Biden on his own then he cannot manage the Establishment on his own … but when he formulates a strong team … with Establishment independent Democrats holding all top Cabinet positions … then this becomes a fantastic team that can crush the Establishment. They can collectively fight against Establishment malice and they can collectively take the country forward on the right track.
  • Senate and House. All of these victories are possible only with good people-centric policies … not with the current Socialist bullshit crap that you have. All of the moves must be made with the right policies. These policies will help you get a good hold in the Senate and the House. Even if you fail to get the Presidency … because of poor implementation and limitation of time … even then you get to work from the ground level as you will have good control in the Congress … Trump will help you from the top. Trump will not oppose these policies … he himself will compete to implement them better … so, either ways you will win.
  • Bill de Blasio 2024. Since Bill de Blasio is brought on the National stage … and he already got an exposure of what has to be done and he has implemented them for 4 years … he gets to easily lead the country from 2024.
  • Obamas. In all of these scenarios … Obamas continue to be the key guiding force that will take America Forward under Trump, Biden, Bill de Blasio and possibly even the next President after him.

Main target … win against the Establishment
SM decides on the Presidency … and this is the key criteria to win the Presidency … you should be able to show the right team and policies to win against the Establishment. Your target should not be Trump … don’t get carried away with anti-Trumpism … don’t create policies only to be against Trump. Just being against Trump will not give you victories. Understand what is going on … Trump has already made many positive moves … tactically move away from Socialism, Bernie and AOC … its very easy to do … and then formulate the right team and policies to go for the win.