14 Jul 2020
Last Chance for Warren?
in America

No dictatorship … its practical evaluation
Team Biden must be looking at me like a Dictator … “just comes around and starts telling us what to do … what team to create and what policies to run.” Okay … this is not dictatorship … you have very less time … which is why I expedited the information and gave everything in short formulas … so that it is very easy for you to catch up and move ahead.

When it comes to Warren … there is no SM Support for Warren. We didn’t do this … she did that herself. SM Groups don’t follow whatever we say … they will practically observe … verify everything practically … and then they come into action. The issue with her was that … she came up with all wrong policies which were Socialist disasters … when we corrected her … she did not change … she doubled down on her disastrous policies and even turned against us. That’s why, she was pulled down in polls and votes.

3 Phases of Coordination
She only wanted our endorsement for the Presidency. She went crying to Jimmy Fallon showing us how teary she was because we did not endorse her. We told her to quit crying and learn the right thing that has to be done in the country. She goes on every other TV channel possible … blindly trying to promote Socialism as the change that America needs … and doesn’t connect with us and doesn’t learn anything. She became a failed Presidential candidate.

Basically there are 3 phases of coordination with us.

  • Obama – Online Coordination for Wars. Obama coordinated with us online to stop wars. We wrote in favor of Obama and Obama got victories. Warren also thought the same that … we will write in her favor and she will do whatever she wants … and just because we are endorsing her … she will get the victory.
  • Trump – Online Coordination for Wars and Policies. The online coordination continued with Trump … it moved beyond wars and we also stopped many policy based disasters internally. This is why Trump is the most preferred candidate for 2020.
  • Direct Coordination. Now, what all SM Groups are working on are … configurations to take America forward with new policies into a new era. Trump is the preferred candidate but options are also being considered for Biden.

We are in a phase where everyone is working on creating a mode for direct coordination … and Warren was expecting a blind endorsement where she can do whatever she wants and run Socialist disasters in the country. It doesn’t work that way.

What if the Biden and Bill de Blasio team doesn’t get formed?
If Biden doesn’t want Bill de Blasio … or Bill de Blasio refuses to be Biden’s VP … what is the second option? Some SM Groups are asking … if there is a way to configure Warren into a strictly VP role … as the VP can easily be controlled via Biden and Obamas. Warren as VP cannot run disasters on her own … it has to go through the President … Biden is a logical person and he can manage her.

Criteria for taking Warren as VP

  • Move away from all Socialist policies. This is a major requirement for Democrats to win … not only for Warren’s VP selection.
  • Don’t try to influence Biden’s policies. She should follow logic and facts … and not try to influence Biden’s policies.
  • Don’t pursue the Presidency. If anything happens to Biden or in 2024 … Warren should not pursue the Presidency. Bill de Balsio will take it forward from 2024, if required … not Warren.

With these pre-conditions, Warren can be taken as Biden’s VP. But nothing is written in stone … all of this information is based upon Warren’s actions and policies that she has shown till date. If Warren comes into action … with good change, with good logic and with good implementation … the above conditions can be molded. We are not dictating anything. This is about securing America and securing the lives of 330 million American citizens. SM see themselves as the “Guardians of America” … and they work via facts and logic. If Warren can practically show the use of good logic and actions … then the rules that apply to her can also change.

Best Option – Avoid VP position for Warren
Just in case, Bill de Blasio does not want to be Biden’s VP … then the best option to manage Warren is … don’t pull her in any kind of VP position at all. This is the best way to control her from not influencing Biden … and this is the best way to make sure that she doesn’t jump for the Presidency in 2024. Just make her the Education Secretary … it’s a good portfolio … she will still move from being a Senator to working at a National Level in improving education.

Kamala Harris could be chosen as VP in this scenario. And Bill de Blasio can be given another National Level portfolio so that he gets a National Level leadership position as well. This will greatly strengthen the Biden Presidency.

  • Kamala Harris will pull all of the Black votes … minority votes and even women votes.
  • Warren will campaign for Biden … pulling even more women votes … because she is also getting a key cabinet position.
  • Bill de Blasio will also campaign and support Biden … because he will be given a key cabinet position as well. BdB is a champion for minorities as well … he will pull a lot of minority votes.

All 3 campaign very well … it will boost Biden’s campaign and promotion. This way Biden gets to keep everyone under his hood, boost his campaign and strengthen his Presidency. The fantastic 4 stand a better chance of taking down Trump. Lol.

Presidential Configurations by Priority
SM decide on the Presidency and these are some of the top priority configurations among SM Groups.

Top Priority – Plan A – Trump Leads
This is the most preferred plan that has 60% approval among SM Groups. The key reasons for this being the top most preferred plan is … real time action.

  • Trump – Stability. Trump has put America First and shown in real time that he can coordinate with Active Democracy and do what is right for America. He has successfully averted wars and disasters via policies in America.
  • Democrats – lead for change. Democrats have in real time shown that … they are keen on change … they would like to dismantle the Establishment and take America in a new era. But unluckily, their policies are contrary to their words … the policies that they come up with are multi-trillion dollar disasters that only drain trillions of more wealth from the country.

So, what the majority of the SM Groups say is that … Trump is doing a great job by keeping the country safe and he is implementing everything that is good for the country. It is the Democrats that need to change their policies and offer the right policies to be implemented by Trump. Democrats cannot be given the leadership role because they have disastrous policies … let them first change their policies … and let them campaign for the right policies from the ground level. If the policies are right then Trump will implement them.

This is the most preferred option … that keeps America stable and also filters out the disastrous policies … and moves only the good policies ahead. In this configuration, America will remain stable and it will also move into a new era.

Plan B1 – Biden without Socialist Disasters
Some Pro-Dem groups were against Plan A because Democrats were not being given an equal opportunity and they were being made to play the role of losers even before the election happened. So, we gave the options to Biden to level the playing field … of how he can equally compete with Trump in 2020.

If Biden successfully creates the right team with the right policies … if he successfully moves away from disastrous Socialist policies … then he will be given an equal opportunity to win the White House along with Trump.

But there is only 40% support for this configuration … because there is no “real time evaluation” for this configuration as of now. It is only a theoretical proposition. There are many “ifs” in this configuration … “if Biden makes the right team … if Biden moves away from Socialist policies … if Biden runs the right policies … if Biden rises above Party politics … if Biden works with logic and facts.” And the time is too less to prove all of this in real time action. Its not impossible … but its not yet proven … Democrats have a lot to prove for this configuration to be considered.

Plan B2 – Let Democrats win, doesn’t matter what
And then there is a radical Pro-Dem SM Group that says … let the Democrats win doesn’t matter what. It is the Democrats that support Active Democracy … doesn’t matter whatever blunder they might run … eventually they will work together. Right now, Democrat options are limited as they are the opposition party … let’s make them the leading party … and they will work with Active Democracy at the push of a button.

It’s a minority group that supports this idea … but it is not a safe option. Already we got millions of people infected with a deadly disease … lost 130K plus citizens … the entire country was shut down … do we want more disasters to add to this? I don’t think so. I don’t endorse this approach … but there is a considerable group that supports it.

There is very less support for this option because it is risky and if Democrats lead with the wrong policies … then who would play the “on-the-ground-role”? We cannot trust Republicans to play an on-the-ground role. Democrats are playing a great on-the-ground-role and showing very good people oriented activism.

The good news for both parties is that … yes, Trump is in the lead … mainly because he has proven himself as a good leader. The good news for Democrats is that … yes, options are open and possible for you as well … but you have a lot of changes to make and you have to prove them in real time.