13 Jul 2020
Warren Vs Bill de Blasio as VP for Biden
in America

We generally don’t get involved in all kind of decision making … but when things become of a critical threat to the US Presidency … or if millions of lives are concerned … or if trillions in damage is being done … it is then that we get involved. These are threats for the National or Global Security … or a major threat to the US President … this is where we get involved.

Choosing the right VP is critical for Biden’s win. If Biden picks the wrong VP then chances of his failure multiply to a great extent. This is one of the key reasons, we are getting involved in picking the right VP for Biden.

Show that you can dismantle the Establishment and you get the White House
Winning the White House is pretty easy … if you know how to play the right game. If you can successfully show that you can dismantle the Establishment in America via the right actions and policies … then you get the White House. Rest everything about the Presidency is bookwork. The campaigns, the speeches, the polling, the ads, the endorsements … all of this is nothing but routine bookwork. SM decides the Presidency and nobody cares about this bookwork. The Establishment crisis is the biggest crisis that is plaguing America … if you can understand and handle Establishment malice … if you can dismantle this Establishment … then congratulations, the White House is yours.

Competing with Trump in Team and Policies
Yes, you are not alone in this game … Trump is a very strong candidate in this game and he is far ahead in the game. You have to compete with him and show that you can be better and surpass him in order to win. Two things are critical for your victory:

  • Right Team. You need to show that you have the right team that understand the Establishment and you can manage and correctly respond to this malice. Trump is already showing a fantastic understanding of Establishment malice and he is successfully protecting America from many disasters … including Socialist disasters. But his issue is that … he is not keen on breaking monopoly … not breaking monopoly has doubled our National debt to $2 Trillion per year.
  • Right Policies. Even with policies Trump is a strong competitor … he has no Socialist and financial disasters in his policies. He is working on an America First strategy which is a good and constructive policy for the country. Just following our website is not enough to get the White House either because … Trump is already working with Active Democracy in online mode to dodge all war and policy disasters. You need to show direct collaboration to work on the right policies with the right team to lead America. It is then that your chances to win the Presidency multiply.

You need to surpass Trump with a better team, better policies and better cooperation.

Team Building – Understanding the dynamics ahead
In this environment filled with Establishment malice … a war trap created every now and then … disastrous policies laid down as traps … disasters for the country promoted as great initiatives in the media … in this environment, try to understand how Warren and Bill de Blasio will work out as Vice Presidents.

Issues with Warren
Warren is not a warmonger and a horrible Establishment puppet like Hillary who will create mass death at a push of a button and not give a shit about millions of people who die because of her actions and policies. No, Warren is not like Hillary … she is actually a good person … she is good natured with good principles and values. She is a nice lady.

But leadership is not about if you are a good person or not … the key test of leadership is whether you can do positive and great things for the people or not … here is where Warren fails miserably.

Issue 01. Bookish and impractical. She is extremely booking and impractical who has always been a teacher all her life … the only thing that she knows is how to read from the book and lecture people … that’s all that she is good in.

Issue 02. Bad influence on Biden. If Biden takes her as VP … she talks whatever she has read … unfortunately the only thing that she has read recently are disastrous Socialist policies … she will try to make Biden run all of these Socialist disasters in America … right from Climate Change, Green New Deal, Blue New Deal and Medicare for All.

Issue 03. Will fail Biden as well. Because of this Socialist nonsense in her policies and her refusal to move away from them … she was pulled down in polls and votes … and she was failed as a Presidential candidate. If she runs the same shit show as VP … then she will fail Biden as well.

Issue 04. Baggage for Biden. She is not going to help Biden in any way … she is going to be baggage for Biden. Everyone is going to question her disastrous policies, the moment she is put on the ticket.

Issue 05. Hypocritic. She doesn’t realize but she comes off as hypocritic. I will give a recent example … check this video … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKTMEgeX8H8. She starts off by saying … “America is working for the millionaires and billionaires but it is not working for the middle class … we have to make it work for everyone.” It’s a very good punch line … taken from our site. But then she goes on promoting Biden’s Economic Plan … Build Back Better … which is going to do nothing but pour $700 Billion every year into the hands of the same millionaires and billionaires that Warren talked about in her first line. She talks about making it work for everyone … but in the same speech … uses that punch line to pour $700 Billion into the hands of millionaires and billionaires. She is not doing this willingly and maliciously … she is plain ignorant to an extent that she doesn’t realize that she is being hypocritic at disastrous levels.

Issue 06. Who will take over? If anything happens to Biden before 2024 … or if Biden doesn’t want to continue in 2024 for any reason … then who will take over? Who will become President? Automatically the VP moves in to be President … and it will be disastrous if a person like Warren … who couldn’t do anything practically in her life … is given the responsibility to run the most powerful country in the world. It will be a massive catastrophe. She will drain us dry and leech the country’s wealth into her stupid Socialist Climate crazy programs.

Issue 07. A combo of weak and impractical. The key to victory is showing the talent, policies and courage to handle Establishment malice. Already Biden is seen as weak by many SM Groups to lead the country on his own. This is the main reason why Biden needs a very strong candidate as VP … so that his Presidency can be rock solid and stable. But if he picks Warren … then it will be a combination of “weak and impractical”. No SM Group will buy that this combination can successfully keep America stable and take it forward.

Issue 08. Not fit to lead. Biden should understand that he is not just picking the VP … he is actually picking the next President of the United States … who will take over after his Presidency. The good thing that Warren has done is that … she has shown everyone her flaws so that the right position can be given to her. And the right position for her is not the President or Vice President.

Warren is suitable for the Education Secretary
The most suitable position for Warren … if Biden wins then … it is the Education Secretary. She has been a school teacher all her life … she has “practical experience” of how schools work and how to make them better … hopefully. She can safely be assigned a responsible position in the education department.

Benefits with Bill de Blasio
On the other side … we have Bill de Blasio … take a look at his candidacy … and how he is faring completely on his own. We have not contacted him with any policies … all of these are his own ideas and vision.

Benefit 01. TaxTheHell.com. Yes, I know … this is not the way to handle the Establishment and the top 1% … but he shows enormous courage on his own. He wants to tax the hell out of the top 1% to fix the crisis in the country. This is something that Trump is missing … the courage to kick some ass.

Benefit 02. Extremely Practical. Bill de Blasio is extremely logical and practical. He is the Mayor of New York, running the largest city in America. And trust me, only the best survive in New York. If you can make it in New York then you can make it anywhere. The dynamics of the city are like that … it is a fantastic, dynamic and vibrant city with a huge multi-cultural environment.

Benefit 03. Surpassing the Governor and President. If you have seen the recent actions of BdB in the pandemic … then he is just the Mayor of the City … but he is repeatedly surpassing the Governor and even challenging the President many a times. This is because he is a guy with a vision … of doing what is right in a crisis to help his people. He is not waiting for the Governor or the President to tell him what to do … but he was telling them what has to be done. This is a sign of good and great leaders … know what to do in a crisis and fight for your people in the crisis. Where was Warren during this crisis? That’s right … she was nowhere to be found.

Benefit 04. Tossing Jews in jail. Our politicians become like chicken, the moment they see some Jews. But during lockdown, there was a mass Jewish gathering in New York with no social distancing. Repeated requests were made by the Police and the gathering does not care at all. Bill de Blasio arrives on the scene … makes some warning calls … they don’t bother to listen … he immediately tells the Police to arrest them. No fear, no chicken attitude, no nothing. We need someone like this in the White House … who can kick some real ass.

Benefit 04. No Socialist disasters. Bill de Blasio has no Socialist disasters in his policies as well. There is no worry that he will blow up tens of trillions of taxpayer money and pull us in a massive overblown debt crisis.

Benefit 05. Combo of Logic and Courage. If you see all of the above actions and policies … Bill de Blasio is showing excellent use of logic and courage. He is not using his courage to create Socialist disasters … he is successfully analyzing what is practical or not … using logic, he is taking the right action in all places. He is doing this all on his own.

Benefit 06. Strong Team. Actually, Joe Biden is also quite a logical and practical person … who stood against Warren’s policies on the debate stage … he should maintain that stand. Biden is seen as weak …  mostly because of his age … but the moment he pulls Bill de Blasio in the team … then everyone can see that this team can keep America safe and can take America forward. BdB has excellent communication skills … he will help in the campaign.

Benefit 07. Take over after Biden. If anything happens to Biden before 2024 … BdB takes over. If Biden doesn’t want to run in 2024 … then BdB takes over. There will be no issues in the transition of the Presidency among Democrat candidates.

Benefit 08. 3-4 Terms of Democrat Rule. If Bill de Blasio agrees to be VP … then we get 2 terms of BdB as Vice President … then he continues as President for another two terms. You are looking at solid Democrat rule in the country … that will keep America Safe and continuously take America Forward for the next 4 terms. You are looking at long term strength and stability in the country.

Opposite Effects – Warren Vs Bill de Blasio
Warren and Bill de Blasio will have actually the opposite effects on the Biden Presidency. Warren will pull down Biden and BdB will give success to Biden. This team that is being designed of … Biden and Bill de Blasio … it is about taking America Forward … it is about America’s success against a malicious Establishment.

The good thing that Trump is doing is … he is using logic to successfully dodge all Establishment traps and disasters. But his inaction on Establishment monopoly had doubled the National debt of the country. We are going down by $2 Trillion per year now. Bill de Blasio is currently showing both characteristics of “courage and logic”.

Trump has logic but lacks courage … Warren has courage but lacks logic … Bill de Blasio is one of the very few leading politicians in America who show both “courage and logic”. America can see great progress and stability under Bill de Blasio if he is pulled on the right track.

Note to Obamas. Just in case, Bill de Blasio does not want to be Biden’s VP … then let me have a word with him. If he comes to know the phenomenal change that we are going to bring in America and how he can go down in history for changing America and taking America into a new era … then I am sure he will be interested.