12 Jul 2020
Build Back Better Joe Biden’s Economic Plan the least disastrous plan that Warren has come up with
in America

Plan Designers – Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren
Let’s try to help Democrats understand the issues with Joe Biden’s economic plan. Firstly, never take policy advice from Bernie or Warren. Bernie is a puppet of the Satanic Establishment and he will use every opportunity to promote and accomplish Establishment objectives. And Warren is a bookish and impractical politician who has never done anything practically in her life, other than read books and lecture people. She was a teacher all her life, who never applied the knowledge and never ran a business or a company of her own.

Bernie will bring malicious objectives of the Establishment that will further drain the country’s wealth and not solve anything at all. And Warren, owing to her ignorance, will jump at whatever policy is put in front of her and start promoting disasters that will cost the country several trillions. You can see the attributes of both of these candidates in the currently proposed, Joe Biden’s Economic Plan.

The issues with Build Back Better – Joe Biden’s Economic Plan

Issue 01. The Government will spend $700 Billion in this plan
The current debt is $26 Trillion and we are getting about $2 Trillion debt every year. We are raising the borrowing limit every year just to keep the government functioning. But in Warren’s world, magically we have trillions in wealth that we will spend to create magical change in the country. Warren has always lived a “paid life” on a salary … wonders for her happen when she gets a bigger paycheck and a better position. That’s how she designs all of her plans … where she magically gets tens of trillions and even a hundred trillion to spend on her plans. Warren sits there creating plans with money that does not exist.

And if you look at Bernie, from the Establishment puppet’s perspective … we have been spending a trillion dollars on wars since the past 20 years … now in the name of “creating jobs” we will drain $7 Trillion of American taxpayer money to the same Establishment that will own these industries. Bernie is creating a plan to drain an additional trillion dollar of taxpayer money to the Establishment.

Issue 02. The Government will buy Made in America products of $700 Billion every year
The “Made in America” sound byte is very nice … but even guns and bombs are Made in America. We are already spending a trillion dollars on the Defense Industry. Now, the same Establishment elements will setup new industries and an additional $700 Billion will be channelized to them.

The question is … what will the Government do after purchasing these products worth $700 Billion? Manufacturers will make phones, gadgets, equipment, agricultural products … what is the American Government supposed to do with these products worth $700 Billion? Supply them for free to the American people? Or donate to Africa? How does the next step come into play? I guess … they did not think it through.

China refused to buy agricultural products in the recent trade war and we had no place to store these products. A huge section of these products were piled up in the fields rotting in rain and sun. And that was products worth only $10 Billion. But Bernie and Warren want to buy products worth $700 Billion every year … only God knows what they are planning to do with that.

Issue 03. What if you don’t have $700 Billion for this program every year?
All of these new companies that have been setup … all of these jobs that are relying on this massive payout … what will happen to them … if you cannot shell out $700 Billion every year?

Issue 04. Who is going to supply this $700 Billion every year?
We don’t have the money to pay bills and keep the government running every year … so how are we going to generate this $700 Billion every year? We are going to borrow money from banks … $700 Billion every year? Just listen to yourself … the US Government will borrow $700 Billion from banks to buy Made in America products and it has no idea what it is going to do with them.

Issue 05. Why should $700 Billion of taxpayer money be used to buy products?
At the end of the day … it is American taxpayer money that is going to be used. It might be via tax or borrowed money … eventually Americans have to pay off this debt. Why should the Government buy products worth $700 Billion? Shouldn’t these companies directly supply and compete in the market and sell to the American consumers directly? Shouldn’t these companies make something useful and worthy that Americans will buy? Why is our taxpayer money being given to them as handouts? Why is our taxpayer money being blown up? Why is massive debt being created and put on our heads?

Issue 06. Channelizing an additional trillion to the same Establishment in the name of creating “jobs”.
This is nothing but a total rip off of the American taxpayer money … where the Establishment monopoly is not broken apart … no change in the Establishment is created … but we are openly and legally handing over to them a trillion dollars of hard earned American taxpayer money. And we are campaigning for this as a key policy for the next election.

Democrats are openly promising to break Establishment monopoly but they are taking policy advice from Bernie Sanders who is a Socialist hardcore puppet of the Establishment and they are campaigning to channelize an additional trillion dollars every year to the same Establishment. How can you be so naïve?

Issue 07. Minimum wage should be $15 per hour
What you are seeing here is continuous and systematic induction of Establishment objectives in this economic policy. Not only this is a total rip off of the American people … but it promotes as many Establishment objectives as possible. A key requirement in this policy is that … the minimum wage should be $15 per hour. Only politicians who don’t know shit or Establishment puppets promote this policy … clearly resonates with Warren and Bernie. This is done to kill American manufacturing and make American products incompetent in the world market. Higher the minimum wage, the more expensive will be the products … the more difficult it will be to compete with China. This policy does not help America but it helps China.

Our politicians should be focused on killing the cost of living … here is where the real talent is seen. Only the do-nothing morons come up with ideas of continuously increasing the minimum wage to get more votes. We should kill the cost of living and make it very easy and affordable for anyone to live comfortably with $5 per hour. That should be the objective of our politicians … not just a crazy hike in wages.

Issue 08. Not patchwork … this is real change
Listen to Warren on this economic policy (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKTMEgeX8H8). She starts the interview by saying that America does not want patchwork with some plaster … and talks about 5 minutes on this economic policy saying that it is the real change. But in fact, this is nothing but patchwork … it doesn’t affect the Establishment in anyway … it will increase the ongoing annual debt to $3 Trillion per year.

Issue 09. Jobs is not the problem … Obama and Trump did it without trillions in expense
Obama and Trump created records in jobs and economy … both of them got a fantastic booming economy and hit up to 96-97% employment rates. And they did it without this ridiculous expense of trillion a year to create jobs. The economy is already coming back at a roaring rate of 5 million jobs a month … why on Earth should we spend $700 Billion of additional taxpayer money in the name of jobs? Why should we allow the Establishment to rip us off by $7 Trillion in the next 10 years in the name of jobs?

This is utterly ridiculous and crazy.

Issue 10. Problem for Democrats in 2020 Elections
If Trump stands there and says … “excuse me, this is a ridiculous amount of taxpayer money to spend … of $7 Trillion in the next 10 years to create jobs … when without spending a single penny and by creating the right regulations, I have created 97% employment. This is a total rip off … the money will go into the hands of a few Establishment companies and create an additional mountain of debt for the American people. In reality, this program doesn’t need to exist … America can recover without wasting a single penny on this program.”

What will Democrats do when Trump takes this stand? Never underestimate Trump … Trump is extremely logical … he picks info real fast and follows on stuff that helps him very quickly. These bad policies that are not logical will create a problem for Democrats in the 2020 elections.

Good news – 10 times less horrible than the previous policies
But the good news for Warren and Bernie is that … this policy is 10 times less horrible than their previous policies. With the Green New Deal, they were aiming at the spending of $100 Trillion … Medicare for All, $30 Trillion of spending … but this economic policy costs only $7 Trillion. So, at least things are getting less worse … if not better.

A tip for Democrats
Don’t involve Bernie or Warren in any kind of policy making. One of them is a puppet of a Satanic Establishment and the other is simply impractical and ignorant. None of them will do you any good in policy design. However, once you design a good policy … without trillions in expense … that does great things for the people … then you can pull in Warren to promote those policies at the Senate level. She is good in lecturing … that’s the only thing that she is good in.

This is the reason … Democrats need Michelle Obama to step in … and help them restructure themselves … in policy and action. Democrats need Michelle Obama.