11 Jul 2020
Making Obamas a Competition to the Establishment
in America

Obamas are sitting there and thinking that … “hey, we are Democrats … we have a Democrat agenda … we have to follow the Democrat Party and our Party leaders”. But all of this is bullshit … Obamas have to rise above politics now. Please keep an open mind … try to think big and work big … and we will create options for you … where you will literally run America and take America Forward. You will become one of the key pillars that will take America Forward.

Establishment Monopoly – Control Routes
In Trump’s initial months … we gave him a very simple formula to do what is right for the country … “trust no one and evaluate everything”. We told him … doesn’t matter who it is … Republicans, Democrats, media, political or military advisers or corporations … trust no one and practically evaluate if that action or policy is good for the country or not. If it is good for America then do it … otherwise leave it.

These are some of the key control routes of the Establishment via its monopoly … they use these routes to control how the country is run and what decisions are made. Also see how Trump has successfully surpassed these control structures … it’s a massive milestone that Trump has already passed.

  • Corporations – Campaign Finance. Establishment companies heavily invest in campaign finance at various levels of politics in America. Via campaign finance they are controlling the decision making of the politicians at the State and National levels.
  • Party Politics and Party Leaders. These leaders that they buy out … they are placed at top positions in both the parties … Republican and Democrat. These guys design and promote party politics based upon Establishment objectives … thus successfully creating damage and controlling the country via Democrats and Republicans.
  • Media Propaganda. The War on Terror, Coronavirus and Police Violence crisis … all of them are Establishment activities carried out via massive media propaganda … trying to control the decisions that leaders make.
  • Political and Military Advisers. And then they have also placed their puppets among political, military and intelligence advisers to the President … that will try to control the decisions of the President.

These are 4 massive channels that the Establishment uses to control the decision making in the country. Now, take a look at Trump … who has influence over him? Corporations? Republicans? Media? Advisers? Trump bows to no one and no one controls Trump. These massive structures that the Establishment has created to control the country have been rendered useless by Trump. How? He gives top priority to facts and logic …

  • Doesn’t matter what the corporations say
  • Doesn’t matter what Republicans or Democrats say
  • Doesn’t matter what the media says
  • Doesn’t matter what the advisers say

If something is right for the country … Trump kicks ass … doesn’t give a shit about anybody … and goes for the kill. He has shown this type of leadership dozens of times in various scenarios … yes, except breaking monopoly.

Republican Party, a Party of Trump
What you should observe is … the fantastic result that Trump has achieved with this “fact based logical leadership” is that … Republicans fear opposing him and he has made the Republican Party a Party of Trump. He has 96% of support among Republicans. This is the level of success that he is getting … even before breaking any monopoly. If he breaks monopoly … his image and leadership will skyrocket.

This is exactly what all SM Groups want from leaders … Establishment independent and Party independent leadership … that keeps people first based upon facts and logic. If you can do that … then everyone will follow you.

If you want to compete with Trump or surpass and defeat Trump … then you cannot sit in an old conventional mindset and system where the Establishment controls and dictates everything. That type of leadership is over and it will never be accepted by any SM Group. It is a must for Obamas to enter the new era of People Centric leadership … that keeps people first based upon facts and logic. If Obamas themselves understand this and move into this new era of leadership … then they can also guide Biden and Bill de Blasio into this new system.

Making Obamas a competition to the Establishment
The Establishment mainly uses elements of power, finance and media to control the country. We can’t give Obamas control over the media … to revolutionize the media different structures need to be put into place … but I am sure Democrats have quite a lot of media channels that support them. The two main things that Obamas need to be totally independent of is … finance and politics.

Financially Independent
Obamas don’t need a job … they have their own Obama Foundation. They are not holding any active political position … which means that, billions can be channelized to the Obama Foundation from the top world governments. We will give structures and policies that you need to do in the Foundation so that such donations can be channelized. The important thing that will happen with this is … Obamas never need to depend on anybody locally for any finance whatsoever. Obamas become rock solid independent entities financially.

Obama is going around sucking up to billionaires for donations to his Foundation … he doesn’t know that he himself can become a billionaire.

Obamas get buying power in the Congress
The great thing that will happen for America when Obamas become billionaires is that … Obamas get buying power in the Congress. Obama already has his coalition … apart from this coalition … they can further expand their influence on both sides of the aisles … via campaign finance. Obamas can themselves buy out and control decision making in the Congress.

Obamas would be literally competing with the Establishment influence in the Congress. Obamas become a competition to the Establishment.

Politically Independent
The second thing that Obamas should realize is that … you are already politically independent. I don’t need to make you politically independent … you are already politically independent.

  • You don’t need the Democrat Party now … they are the ones who need you.
  • You are already a two time President … there is nothing that they can give you more … nor can they take anything away from you.
  • To add to that … the Democrat Establishment stabbed you in the back when you tried to audit the Federal Reserve. Why do you have to follow this Democrat Establishment?

There is absolutely no need for you to follow everything that they say … you don’t have to be their puppets … you can easily draw the line between right and wrong.

Key pillar to take America Forward
When you configure your mind … your actions … and your policies … to be independent of the Establishment and Party politics … and when you work on fact based logical policies that are good for the people … you become a fantastic pillar that can take America Forward.

You need to surpass politics now … you are not a politician anymore … you will compete with the Establishment and kicks its ass. You will be one of the key entities running America. Thinking as a Democrat … thinking along party lines … opposing Trump only because he is Trump and not a Democrat … following all party orders … you have to leave all of this behind.

Its your country … its your people … you run the country … do always what is right for your country and people via logic … then bingo … welcome to the new People Centric Era.

It is Obamas that have to first understand this way of thinking and move into this new style and approach of leadership … if you can do this … then it will help you to guide Biden and Bill de Blasio ahead. Its very easy … look at Trump … he has already crossed this milestone a long time ago. It’s a must to make Obamas financially and politically independent so that they can play their roles in taking America Forward.