10 Jul 2020
Democrats get a good logical win in the Police violence crisis
in America

5 Star win for Democrats in the Police violence crisis
Democrats won in several layers in the Police violence crisis by working at it intelligently and tactically … by using logic and facts.

  • Managed protesters very well. Firstly, they showed compassion and understood the crisis. They stood by the protesters and helped them voice their concerns. Democrats gave the protesters a platform to be heard and to address their issues.
  • Managed Establishment Malice. While working with the majority of the protesters that were peaceful with a genuine cause … Democrats also understood Establishment malice in this crisis. They successfully shunned and derailed the promotion of bad policies like defund the Police and abolish the Police. Secondly, they also took patient but swift action in wiping out autonomous zones that turned out to be mostly lawless occupations. Democrats successfully defeated Establishment malice in this crisis.
  • Right Reforms. Not only did Democrats make speeches but they also came into action by proposing the right reforms to control the use of aggressive force by the Police.

Owing to the above logical moves that correctly addressed the issues of the people … while dodging Establishment malice … Democrats are winning the majority of the minority votes in America. This is a 30% voting force in America and Democrats were able to successfully pull them on their side.

Thank you … after a long time … Democrats showed the right use of logic and facts in a crisis.

The good thing that Trump did was … he did not resort to anti-Black and anti-Minority statements and approach … this would have totally alienated the support from the minorities for Trump. Not making any anti-Black statements keeps the door open for Trump to pull Black voters on his side in the future. However, Trump was late in responding in this crisis and his approach was mostly pro-Police. I guess, Trump didn’t have the right psychology and words to approach and address this crisis.

40% support for Biden
This page will be helpful for Obamas in designing a track to take America Forward. Understand why Biden already has 40% support from SM Groups … this is mainly because of Trump’s inaction on Establishment Monopoly. We were going in debt by $1 Trillion per year during Obama … and during Trump this doubled to $2 Trillion per year. Trump keeps saying “jobs, jobs, jobs” … but jobs was never the problem in America … the wealth drain was the biggest problem that America was facing. This is something that Trump did not address.

Trump, the Peace Champion facing the Pandemic
Trump has very successfully averted many war traps … nuclear wars and world wars. When it comes to managing and averting disasters … Trump is the Champion … he is the Peace Champion that manages all disasters. He has kept America safe.

But we told Trump … “hey, these wars are being designed because you are hitting a record breaking employment rate of 96 to 97% in the country. This is what they did after Bill Clinton … Bill Clinton also created fantastic record breaking jobs … he also reached a peak of 96-97%. And what happened after that? They launched the War on Terror using Bush and crashed the economy. The War on Terror was the cover-up for the debt crisis. Because everyone would question … how the hell are we going down in debt by $1 Trillion every year when we have almost 97% people employed? This would expose the adverse effect of the Establishment Monopoly on the country that drains the country’s wealth.” We have repeatedly told Trump about this … that these repeated war traps were designed to pull America into another series of wars … crash the economy again … and even destroy America via a war against Russia.

Now, look what happened with the Pandemic … they crashed the economy. From 97% employment … we fell to 85% employment and we got 40 million unemployed people … and ridiculously spent trillions to contain the economy. This Pandemic is serving as a cover up for the wealth drain from the country.

This is what many SM Groups are furious about. Trump has successfully averted disaster after disaster after disaster … but he is not rooting out the key source of all of these disasters … owing to which the world is facing the Pandemic … where America has lost 130K citizens and got 40 million American citizens unemployed.

Can Biden break Monopoly?
What these SM Groups are looking at is … can Biden break Establishment Monopoly? Trump had no idea about the Establishment or its monopoly. He got all of the instructions from us … he closely followed us on:

  • Dodging all war traps and maintaining the peace in the world
  • Allowing Russia to lead the world
  • Dodging financial catastrophes via Socialist policies
  • Taking the moves of tariffs and keeping America First
  • Managing the Pandemic

All of this progress that you are seeing under the Trump Presidency … it is because of the coordination with us. SM Groups don’t want only dodging of disasters … SM Groups want someone who can root out the main source of the disasters. So, what they say is … if you can guide Trump to do so much … then guide Biden to take America forward … why remain stuck forever?

Biden’s winning configuration
The proposed winning configuration for Biden from some SM Groups is:

  • Bill de Blasio as VP
  • Supported and guided by Obamas
  • Policies and structures given by Active Democracy
  • Ground level support and victories given by SM Groups

If Biden can enter this configuration … then not only he qualifies for a win … but he is looking at rock solid long term leadership for the country.

Conventional Leadership to People Centric Leadership
Generally, politicians listen to and depend on:

  • The Establishment and corporations that gave them donations
  • Party Politics and Leaders
  • The noise in the media
  • Political and Military advisers

These are the 4 entities that control political decisions in any Democratic country … this is how conventional leadership functions … apart from the people, the politicians listen to everyone else with power. If you observe, Trump has already surpassed this huge milestone … Trump does not listen to corporations or party leaders or media or his advisers … he is keeping logic and facts first to do what is right for the people and the country. He has repeatedly shown this in “real time action” by following Active Democracy in dodging wars and Socialist policies.

But on the other hand … if you see the record of Democrats in live action:

  • Obama. Obama never stopped the funding and supply of weapons in Syria … despite hundreds of requests to do the same. Obama did many other things … but this was a major logical mistake where Obama was following his party and advisers.
  • Warren. Again with Warren … we showed the issues in her policies … but she didn’t give a rat’s ass … because she was stuck in the conventional political system where you don’t care about common people and you follow your party, party leaders, corporations, the media and advisers. Warren never crossed this milestone either.

Michelle Obama taking America Forward
Yes, we are inviting you in a major task that will create phenomenal changes in the country … it’s a huge milestone … but today in America it will be very easy to do … because the ground level support has already been created. Look how you won swiftly, easily and with full support in the Police violence crisis. When you are right … logically and factually … you will be given the victories.

Two simple structural changes in your leadership will help you win:

  • Right team. First form the right team … a considerable section of SM Groups are banking on Biden teaming up with the right VP … the right VP that can handle these ongoing Establishment dynamics in the country … its preferably Bill de Blasio. Biden, BdB, Obamas, Active Democracy and SM Network … it will be a super good team.
  • Right Policies. The second major structural change in your leadership should be … moving out of conventional politics where you bow to party politics, corporations, media and advisers. You always have to keep the people first and do what is right via logic and facts. You have to run with the right policies and not Socialist policies.

If you can prove this in working action … then welcome to the games ladies and gentlemen … the chances for your victory in 2020 rise to a great extent.

Trump currently has 60% support … mainly because he has moved out of the conventional system a long time ago … he has already crossed this milestone that Democrats have not shown in action yet. But 40% of SM Groups don’t support Trump … mainly because, nobody want to just sit there and avert disaster after disaster … everyone wants the country to move forward.

Good News – Michelle Obama, Bill de Blasio and America
What will happen in the next steps is that … if this program moves forward … Trump will not just sit there and allow Biden and BdB to lead the country. Trump doesn’t want to break monopoly but he is very eager to lead the country. The moment Trump will know what to do to take America Forward … he will himself jump for it. Trump will compete with Biden in taking America Forward … Trump will try to win the election by trying to prove himself as the better candidate that is suited to implement and accomplish these changes.

Trump will compete with Biden with better accomplishment
The good news for America is that … they will get two good candidates that will compete in doing great things for the country. Before it was:

  • Obama and Mitt Romney. It was deciding between peace and war.
  • Trump and Hillary. It was deciding between chaos and war.
  • Trump and Biden. Now, it can be about deciding between great and greater.

The great change for America that will come is that … both candidates will compete to do great things for the country … none of them taking America towards war or chaos or Socialism.

The good news for Michelle and Bill de Blasio is that … they will form the backbone for this change that will be created in America. Doesn’t matter who wins … Trump or Biden … the key roles of Michelle and BdB will continue. BdB will lead from the ground level and show himself as the champion for the “right form of change” that America needs. He can automatically become President in 2024 … he will get 4 years of full-fledged National level of publicity.

Michelle Obama can be a key element … a major pillar … that can structurally change how leadership will function in America and how America will be transformed.