06 Jul 2020
Qualifying Biden for a Win in 2020
in America

Pro-Dem SM Groups pissed off
Pro-Dem SM Groups are totally pissed off when I am showing that Trump is a better candidate than Biden to lead the country. I am showing a formula where everyone helps Trump in getting re-elected and then Democrats provide policies from the ground level. The Pro-Dem SM Groups are saying … “why are you treating us as losers when the election has not even happened yet? Why should we play the role of failures even before we have failed? Show us the winning moves … help us fight at an equal footing … and even then if we lose … then we play the role of the ground level party.” It’s a good point.

And the second point is that … they are pissed off at Trump’s inaction on monopoly. We had informed Trump about the major debt crisis in America even before he became President … he took no action to change systems and fix this crisis. Today we already have $7 Trillion of additional debt under the Trump Presidency … which is headed towards $10 Trillion soon with the additional bailout packages.

Trump creating two times more debt than Obama and Bush
The total additional debt under Obama was $9 Trillion in two terms … he got a debt of about $1.12 Trillion per year … and Trump is headed towards a debt rate of $2.5 Trillion per year. If we allow things to continue on the same track … we are going to get a debt of $20 Trillion in two terms of the Trump Presidency. Trump is saying that he is the greatest President of all time and he has done more than any other President … but he fails to see that he is accumulating two times more debt than Obama and Bush … while making no reforms for the country.

This is a big concern among all SM Groups. In fact, the Establishment uses this as a channel to push SM Groups away from Trump.

Trump, the World Peace Champion
Yes, its true that Trump is turning out to be the World Peace Champion. In his early months of the Presidency, he said that he doesn’t want to break monopoly … they were apparently afraid with all of the investigations and ongoing lawsuits. Trump was already in the White House … and replacing Trump would make Mike Pence the President. Mike Pence could have been a disaster. So, we told SM Groups … let us use these 4 years of Trump to create World Peace at least. The US President is very strong in the international arena and Trump fights very well where there is no Establishment involvement.

This has resulted in peace in Syria, Koreas, Venezuela, Turkey & Kurds, with Iran & Russia. As far as international leadership is concerned … Trump is doing great. But domestically, we are going twice faster in debt. The peace is helping in creating jobs … but it doesn’t help in the debt crisis because the same exploitation systems of the Establishment continue.

Don’t decimate but help Biden
SM Groups are seeing that we already have $7 Trillion of additional debt and Trump takes no action on the Establishment’s exploitation systems. This $7 Trillion will expand to $10 Trillion … and if the same track continues … we get $20 Trillion of additional debt in two terms of the Trump Presidency. Trump says that he is Making America Great … but a great country should not go down in $2 Trillion debt every year … isn’t it? This is the key problem that has to be worked upon … and the configurations that will take “America Forward” are being considered.

We were ourselves going to move Biden out and help Trump get re-elected. But this was strongly opposed by many SM Groups. We are being asked to help Biden compete successfully.

If you want to win in 2020 and want an equal footing in the game … then this is what you need to know and work upon.

Polls are incorrect
The first thing that Democrats should understand is that … the polls are incorrect. Biden is not leading Trump. In fact, Trump is at about 60% support and Biden is at about 40% support. Trump has the lead over Biden. The good news for Biden is that … he was at actually 20% … but after the Police violence crisis … his support doubled to 40%. This additional support is mainly from the minorities.

Why is Trump at 60%?
First understand … why is Trump at 60%? Then you will know how to surpass Trump.

  • Strong Candidate. This is about being the most powerful man in the world who leads the most powerful country in the world. You need a strong candidate for the job. Trump is definitely seen as a stronger candidate than Biden. Biden comes off as weak.
  • Logic and Facts. Trump has no party puppetry involved … the Republican Party does not dictate Trump anything … Trump does whatever is right for America via logic and facts. This is what’s helping Trump avoid all war and financial catastrophes. Trump is no political genius but he is maintaining peace in America and the world via the simple use of logic and facts … and by not giving into party puppetry.
  • Coordination with Active Democracy. The third major reason for a massive support base for Trump is … coordination with Active Democracy. There is no direct coordination yet … but Ivanka actively follows everything that we write and it is actively worked upon. Warren did not care to even follow the online coordination … let alone direct coordination. That’s why Warren was failed and Trump was helped with the impeachment. Trump might not have broken monopoly … but he has coordinated with us in stopping wars many times, averting disastrous policies and even in the recent pandemic. This again gives him an upper edge to any other candidate.

Why doesn’t Biden qualify for a win 2020 yet?
Biden is thinking that he will win … but he doesn’t know that … he doesn’t even qualify for a win in 2020 yet.

  • Weak Candidate. Firstly, he is a weak candidate that cannot handle the ongoing dynamics of Establishment malice in continuously creating wars, financial catastrophes and pandemics. It is the management of these disasters and malice that comes first and then comes reforming the country.
  • Party Puppetry. Most Democrats are following party puppetry which is essentially policies created out of anti-Trumpism … Climate Change, Medicare for All, Green New Deal and Blue New Deal … there are many disastrous policies.
  • Wrong Policies. When you have a weak candidate under the influence of party puppetry, running the wrong policies … then obviously you fail.

This is why Biden doesn’t even qualify for a win.

How to qualify Biden for a win?
The good news for Biden is that … you can qualify for a win and compete with Trump at an equal or even better footing. This is how you do it.

  • From weak to strong candidate. The Biden Presidency can turn from being a weak candidate to a strong candidate … by choosing a very strong VP. Biden should abandon the ridiculous advice of choosing a woman VP … and instead he should go with Bill de Blasio. BdB is Establishment independent … he is bold and courageous … he is a practical person running the largest city in America. When BdB becomes Biden’s VP … then this weak candidate issue vaporizes to a great extent.
  • Facts and Logic … not Party Puppetry. Trump is already party independent … nobody from the Republican Party tells Trump what to do. If you want to beat Trump then you have to be better than Trump. You have to use facts and logic … and not be a puppet to the Party.
  • Right Policies. You have to integrate with Active Democracy … and we will help you to transition away from all Socialist disasters. Trump is stuck in the game … you will know how to surpass Trump.

The better you integrate with Active Democracy and the more you show the use of facts and logic … the better the chances of your victory.

Michelle Obama should configure this
This is not something that Biden can configure on this own … Michelle Obama should step in to design configurations to take America Forward. Yes, my dear lady … you will be the bold, beautiful, Black lady that will take America Forward. You have to work with 3 key people to get this done.

  • Barack Obama. Firstly, work with Barack Obama … I am sure that you know him very well. Lol. You have to work with him in surpassing “party politics”. It is incredibly important to transition away from Socialist policies and mass spending in Climate Change. You will not get a win with such policies. Obama should help Biden surpass party politics and party puppetry. Do not be consumed with anti-Trumpism and think logically … this will help you get wins.
  • Joe Biden. The second person that you need to work with is Joe Biden. Tell him to drop the idea of a woman VP … going with a woman VP will increase the chances of failure. Nothing against women … but there are no strong woman candidates as of now. Warren was there but she screwed up so much that she has become toxic. You have to encourage him to pick Bill de Blasio.
  • Bill de Blasio. Do not give him the current policies to work on … any candidate that will attach himself to Socialist policies will not be President. We will give him different policies … that will be accomplished without the hundreds of trillions in cost. Tell him that he is not going to be VP … but it will be a partnership Presidency.

A Partnership Presidency
Bill de Blasio is a strong guy … he may not want to suck up to Biden to be his VP. He is a bold outspoken guy. Tell him that it will be a partnership Presidency. As it is Biden is too weak … he can be the Queen President … while BdB runs the country. This will give him 2 terms of fantastic experience as VP and then he can continue to lead as President for another two terms. That is 4 solid terms of great leadership for America.

Why should Biden work with Bill de Blasio?
The policies will be given to Bill de Blasio. BdB will help Biden get the victory. BdB will fight against Establishment malice and keep the Biden Presidency stable and running. BdB will be the key to Biden’s victory.

What if Biden loses … what will happen to Bill de Blasio?
Tell him not to worry … we will still keep BdB in the key leadership role for the country at a National level. Policies have to be channelized at a National level via the Democrats. BdB will continue his work from the ground level … and this will work as 4 years of continuous marketing and promotion for his Presidency in 2024.

Current Approved Formula
The current “approved formula” to take America forward is … Trump leads from the top and Democrats lead from the ground level. This has already been approved by many SM Groups. Why?

Because SM Groups don’t see only punch lines … they see real time actual action. Warren used many punch lines but in real action she was a disaster. I can put many formulas here on the site … but you also have to show everything in working action. If you see the past two years then …

  • Trump has shown fantastic capability of keeping America safe and first. He was able to use logic … he followed our recommendations … he averted wars … rose above party puppetry and did what is right for America. Trump has shown himself as a capable leader.
  • Democrats have shown a lot of on the ground action … in intervening where Trump was wrong … in correcting Trump and making him do what is right … showed a lot of courage and boldness to change America.

This is why many SM Groups agree to the formula where Trump leads and does what is right for America … while Dems provide the right guidance and support from the ground level.

If Biden wants to win 2020
If Democrats don’t want to be only an on the ground force … but if they want to win the Presidency and lead the country … and revolutionize the country in various spheres and take America into a new era … then you have to show everything in working action in live mode.

Do not blunder like Warren … try to do it right this time.

Time is a constraint for a win in 2020
We have about 4 months left and you have to show a working relationship between Biden and BdB … that you can surpass party politics … take America forward … run the right policies … not create financial disasters … not have Socialism … not blow up $100 Trillion on Climate Change … and show a strong and stable cooperation … it is then that you can win 2020. The key here is to show everything in “real time action”. Don’t think that my endorsement will give you the Presidency … no, you have to work on everything that is right for the country in real time … its then that you win.

With your current track and policies … you will fail. But if you can change as per the given information above … then not only you will be on an equal footing with Trump … but you can easily surpass him for a win.