05 Jul 2020
The Establishment is trying to use Don Jr. to create a new channel to terminate the Trump Presidency
in America

New Establishment Propaganda among SM Groups
There is a new Establishment propaganda among SM Groups going on right now. On our site we mentioned that Trump has two teams:

  • Team A led by Ivanka. This is the supportive and positive team that plays the good cop.
  • Team B led by Don Jr. This is the bad cop team that comes forward to shut down our work and get involved in aggressive activities against us.

Some Establishment elements have picked this information and they are further enhancing the given information by saying that:

  • Don Jr. supports and protects the Establishment
  • Don Jr. wants to shut down Active Democracy
  • Don Jr. wants to get me deported, arrested and even jailed
  • They are also saying that … Trump Teams are trying to use Russia and Putin also to get this done

We are getting repeated reports of the Establishment going around in various SM Groups and spreading this information about Don Jr … since a few weeks that is.

New Channel to terminate the Trump Presidency
Now, how much the above information is true … we don’t know. But why would the Establishment do something like this? This can be understood very clearly. This is nothing but another additional channel to build the support to terminate the Trump Presidency. As of now, these are the current channels being used against Trump:

  • Anti-Trumpism. The massive anti-Trump propaganda helps in pushing away voters from Trump.
  • Coronavirus Pandemic. After failing to trap Trump in wars, the Establishment resorted to pandemics … which has destroyed jobs and the economy of the country.
  • Jobs and Economy. This was something that was very useful against anti-Trumpism … but when we have 40 million people unemployed living in a pandemic then it doesn’t help the current Presidency.
  • Police Violence. After unleashing the pandemic, the police violence issue was created to push away minority voters away from Trump. Minorities form 30% of the voting force in America. They are driving away 30% of the voting force away from Trump.
  • Second Wave in Summer. We are seeing a second wave being created in America during Summer which is leading to a huge hike in the number of cases and hospitalizations. If the number of deaths increase in the coming months … again this will be used starkly against the Trump Presidency … to show that Trump has failed in his response to the pandemic while the rest of the world has won.
  • America’s Debt Crisis. No major changes have been brought about in America which has led to the continuous increase of the debt crisis. Trump got the economy with $19 Trillion in debt and today the debt is $26 Trillion … this is an additional debt of $7 Trillion within 3 years. Another $3 Trillion of bailouts is expected … which will make the total increase of debt to $10 Trillion in Trump’s first term. $9 Trillion was Obama’s total additional debt in “two terms” … this is after bombing 6 countries. With no new wars … Trump has the same amount of debt in one term … this is again a major drawback that Trump faces because he didn’t change any exploitation system in America. This is another channel that the Establishment promotes to stop the Trump Presidency.
  • Don Jr. creating Security Issues. To add to all of the above channels that are already being actively used against the Trump Presidency … a new channel is being designed that Don Jr. wants to shut down Active Democracy. He wants to protect the Establishment and he wants to do this as a huge favor to the Establishment.

Shockwaves across SM Groups
This is creating shockwaves across all SM Groups. Various questions are rising … “hey, we saved him from Mueller, Warren and Impeachment … and he is stabbing us in the back? He wants to shut down the main source of our guidance? What is wrong with him? We are about to get his Dad elected … what the hell is he doing? Is he gone nuts?”

Others are saying … “hey, Trump demands loyalty … shouldn’t he be loyal to those who help him as well?” And some are saying … “Oh gawd, for how long are we going to put up with security issues from Trumps … why do we even have to get him re-elected? If we get him re-elected then this shit show will continue for another 4 years. We need a Democrat in the White House.”

Many SM Groups are confused … some are pissed and furious.

Establishment Objective: Move SM Groups away from Trump
The Establishment knows very well that … SM decides the Presidency. The Establishment owns companies and runs malice … but SM decides the Presidency. If there is no SM support then the candidate loses. Examples are Mitt Romney, Hillary and Warren.

What they are trying to do with this new channel of “security issue” is … they are trying to break SM support for Trump. All SM Groups are looking for the candidate that will integrate with Active Democracy to take America forward and they are trying to show Trump as the candidate … who supports the Establishment and someone who wants to shut down Active Democracy. This automatically turns everyone against Trump.

SM Groups asking … what to do about this?
The question that is being brought to our table is … what to do with Don Jr.? We had got this question during Mueller as well. We had got reports about some of Don Jr.’s activities that we were not very positive.

We will say the same thing today as we said during Mueller … Don Jr. is family … he is the President’s son … the President’s children are off limits. Generally, SM Groups work on tracks of … taking away all power and putting the person in jail if he is a Satanic criminal that exploits the masses. But no way in hell, this can be applied to Don Jr. He is not a Satanist and he is not running any mass exploitation system. That too … he is the President’s son … we are planning to make Trump the Founder of Modern America … what are we going to tell him … “hey, SM Groups tossed your son in jail and now let’s make you the Founder of Modern America”? Lol. No … hell no.

He is Trump’s son and he gets to make some mistakes. Trump is not a useless leader like Hillary and Mitt Romney … Trump changed America’s direction and brought peace in the world. If some mistakes happen then we work it out together. Don Jr. is family and he must be treated as family.

Let Trump handle it
This Team A and Team B thing … this is done by Trump … let Trump handle this. Its Trump’s son … he can manage this issue himself very well. There is no need for SM involvement in this at all.

But yes, if the given information is correct … then you can work on derailing these moves. Peacefully fail the moves … let the Dad manage his son.

Establishment Misleading and Don Jr.
I don’t generally write about stuff if it is too teeny tiny … but this channel is being used to terminate the Trump Presidency. On one side, we are trying to promote Trump as the Peace Champion that created world peace and show him as the most capable leader of taking America forward … and on the other side, SM Groups are getting the information that … Trump has no plans of taking America forward and his own son is trying to shut down the entire work.

Trump has to step in to manage this. These are a few places that you need to see where Don Jr. was misled by the Establishment in one way or the other … we had to involve SM Groups to manage the damage from all of this:

  • Anti-Muslim Stand. Don Jr. went live on TV talking about Radical Islam and taking a hardcore anti-Muslim stand … and supporting the Muslim ban. We had to activate SM Groups to manage the downfall from this. What we did was … we showed that, we had Hillary on the other side that would destroy America in wars … while we had minor issues with Trump that can be easily managed. Using Hillary’s disasters, we got you elected despite your Muslim ban. And yes, these minor issues were easily dealt with later on.
  • Racist Marketing for the Border Wall. Again talking to guys like Stephen Miller … he was using an extremely racist style of marketing to get the funding for the Border Wall. We had to get involved in this to change this approach as well. Don Jr. should stay away from idiots like Stephen Miller.
  • Establishment Favors. Don Jr. supported favors for the Establishment and Jerusalem during the Mueller Investigation … this is the reason why it took such a long time to shut down Mueller. It could have been shut down much more earlier.
  • Not keen on breaking monopoly. He might have got scared during Mueller and tried to make deals with some companies … which is why Trumps are not keen on breaking monopoly. This again creates a major drawback for the Trump Presidency.
  • Cycles of Humiliations. Owing to the above, Trump is stuck in cycles of humiliations … which is now turning into disasters for the country with pandemics.
  • Shut down Active Democracy. Already due to police violence crisis a lot of support has been lost … now, with another new propaganda … more support will be lost.

Just in case you lose
Now, just in case if you lose in 2020 … it will be because of the above factors … where your son was involved. You will get pissed off at your son after losing the Presidency. What’s the point of being pissed off at your son after getting the loss? Its better to manage things before the loss occurs. It puts you on a better and stronger track.

I think President Trump should get involved in managing this Team A and Team B crap. This Team A and Team B approach doesn’t work with us … it backfires. In fact, the Establishment is using this as a full-fledged propaganda to move SM Groups away from you. You might be using two teams for better decision making … it helps in business … but when it comes to running the country … there are millions of SM Teams on the ground level. And the whole thing becomes messy and the Establishment will use it against you. The Establishment will sit there justifying channelizing trouble via various sources for Don Jr. on this pretext.

No proper track established
We are getting these reports of Don Jr. activities since a few weeks now. It is creating division among SM Groups. It is advisable to establish a proper track … so that, all SM Groups align after one candidate and one program. Sometimes you are showing supportive moves and sometimes SM Groups are seeing opposite moves … this is confusing everyone.

No Collusion, No Obstruction
See … the basic line is … we will not push you to do anything that you don’t want to do. As far as the Establishment is concerned … if you don’t want to break monopoly and don’t want to get into a fight against the Establishment … then use a simple “no collusion, no obstruction” approach. Just say that … “hey, this guy is backed by Democrats … I have nothing to do with this … take it up with Dems.” That’s all you need to do. Its easy.

That’s what the Establishment did to you basically … they ran the Mueller Investigation against you … the investigations … the impeachment … it was all designed by the Establishment. But what did they say? They said … “no, no … it is the Democrats … we have nothing to do with this… take it up with Dems”. Use their own line against them.

Clean Presidency
Owing to our support and guidance … your Presidency is totally clean without any disasters, wars or financial catastrophes. As far as Don Jr. is concerned … he is family … he will be treated as family. But since you are the father … just make sure that your son is not in bad company and not doing stuff that is not fruitful. We already have too many channels to manage. That too, you are pushing us to work with Democrats … which means that, we have to help Biden with all of his channels as well. Its double the work for us. The last thing that we need is additional new channels of malice to manage … which are not required at all.

Hope you will take care of it.