29 Jun 2020
Russian bounties for US troops is a “reverse application”
in America

“Russian bounties for US troops” is bullshit information … it is actually a reverse application. This is what the Establishment does … they create Radical groups within each organization and run their propaganda under the group’s name. For example Al Qaeda … it was originally a group supported and financed by America to fight against Soviet influence in the region. Al Qaeda was a group of Arab fighters joining the Taliban to fight off Soviet influence in the region. Al Qaeda representatives also visited the White House to meet the then President. What the Establishment did was … they put extreme radical elements inside this group and created attacks around the world. The name of Al Qaeda was used but Establishment objectives were accomplished. Al Qaeda was marketed as a terrorist organization worldwide overnight.

Al Qaeda and ISIS
Same goes with ISIS … Al Qaeda terrorist activities were not enough … so they created an even more extreme group called ISIS that was an offshoot of Al Qaeda. These guys were so extreme that Al Qaeda itself disavowed ISIS.

The same goes with certain groups operating within the Taliban. They have created and finance groups within the Taliban that target US bases and soldiers. This is an Establishment agenda. They are making a reverse application and blaming this on Russia. It is the Establishment that has organized groups within the Taliban to attack US troops. But they are blaming this on Russia.

Russian blame - a new twist
This Russian blame is a new twist to the sponsored activities within the Taliban. These aggressive activities from the Radical Taliban groups were used to maintain US troops in Afghanistan … so that a constant conflict between US troops and the Taliban exists. This means a never ending supply for funding for war in the region. This is why whenever the Trump Administration tried to initiate peace talks with the Taliban  … US troops were attacked using these Radical sponsored groups within the Taliban.

The primary use of these Radical sponsored groups within the Taliban was used to maintain US troops in the region, continue war funding in the region and to maintain the region in war. This “Russian blame” that Russia was offering bounties to the Taliban for attacking US troops … this is just an additional useful feature where the Establishment is making use of its Radical sponsored groups in the region. That’s all it is.

There is no way to prove that Russia offered bounties … there is no evidence for this … other than a few lying radicals that they sponsor. In reality, if you see … why is there a reason for Russia to attack US troops? Obama expelled Russian Diplomats and Putin said … “no problem, we will manage this with the next US President”. It is in Russia’s best interest to be friends with Europe and America.

It is the Establishment that has been on a non-stop spree of attacking America and Americans under the pretext of Al Qaeda, ISIS and now Corona. It is total bullshit information that Russia paid Taliban to attack US troops … especially when Taliban was an entity used against Russia.

A new anti-Trump activity
They are hatching up false information against Russia only to worsen relations and take away all of Trump’s accomplishments. Good relations with Russia is a good accomplishment … such false and unproven information only worsens relations with a good world leader.

Pelosi should take a chill pill on this and let Trump manage it. Democrats should not jump into action with the news put in the media. They should also verify facts and also analyze the next steps what will happen with worsening relations with a world superpower. Just because of some Fake News we should not worsen relations with a massive world superpower.

Trump is doing great in world peace and economy
Democrats have become anti-Russia since Trump made friends with Putin. This anti-Russia stand is not good for America nor is it any good for the international atmosphere. This is not conducive to world peace nor does it help in the growth of the world economy. Trump is doing great in managing relations with Russia … he should handle this. Trump is actually proving himself to be a great peace champion in managing issues of war. There is a lot of baseless aggression against Trump … but what we don’t realize is that … Trump is actually fantastically maintaining world peace and owing to that he is creating fantastic economic records.

Democrats got a victory in the police violence section … I guess, Trump is going to get a victory in the world peace and economy section.