28 May 2020
Trump’s on the ground strategies are missing
in America

Talking about promises and actions … in politics never “sit and trust”.

  • Always take real time action. Don’t sit and hope … make it happen.
  • Believe it only once it happens.
  • Then protect your results and accomplishments once they are realized.

This is why we succeed. We are not just about speeches or promises or plain words … we work on real time on the ground strategies … in making things happen. We identify things and people very specifically … to the minute details … of what is right and wrong. We help in what is right and stop what is wrong. That’s how SM wins every time. It is about very specific on the ground strategies.

Let me give one or two examples so that you understand.

  • Mitt Romney and Banning Abortions. We showed SM Groups that Mitt Romney is a corporate leech that has to be stopped … we had to give the victory to Obama. So what some SM Groups did was … they inserted the “ban of abortions” into Mitt Romney’s campaign. Mitt Romney campaigned on a pro-life position to the extent of banning all abortions. Lol. On the other side, SM Groups raised a campaign that showed Mitt Romney taking us back to the middle ages with his complete ban on abortions. Obama won because of women voters. This was a real on the ground strategy to eliminate Mitt Romney.
  • Coronavirus. You have seen this very recently … if we all just sat, did nothing and hoped that the virus would go away … would that be the right thing to do? We gave you more than a dozen “on the ground” strategies to combat this crisis … all of them involved real time action. You were the central Director in managing this crisis … you activated thousands of entities in manufacturing, testing, Governors, politicians, companies, research, distribution … and then you won. You took real time action to address the crisis.

Now, when it comes to anti-Trumpism … where is your real time action? When it comes to 40 million people unemployed people and a shattered economy … where is your real time action? What SM Groups are saying is … “yes, we will support Trump … but where is the real time strategy? We are not giving much coverage to Biden but anti-Trumpism has been the headlines since 3.5 years. Where is Trump’s real time strategy to overcome that?”

You should know this … support from SM Groups is not just … sit, hope and get the win. Real time strategies need to be put into place to overcome the issue and win. To add to this lack of strategies … you are sending mixed signals.

  • You are saying work with Obamas. But Biden is not the one facing a negative propaganda at the National Level.
  • To add to that, you are continuously trying to pick a fight with Obama. You don’t understand that this is a trap to create the Second impeachment for you. Obama is not your competitor … Obama is not running for elections … Obama doesn’t hold any political office and for some reason you are bashing Obama. You are facing Biden and not Obama.

You should understand that … you already have more than 10,000 media outlets that hate you. You already have more than 10,000 enemies out there. The last thing you need is more enemies. The more enemies you make, the more channels that the Establishment will use against you. That’s what they did with the Biden-Ukraine issue. They leaked the Biden issue only to use the top Democrats against you. They are pulling you in the same trap again … this time keeping Obama in the scene. You are falling for the same trap again. Next step will be a Second Impeachment … why will Democrats help you if you worsen relations so much?

That too … if Democrats win the Senate … then your Presidency will literally be at their mercy. Mitch McConnell will not be able to do anything for you. Biden will most probably lose the election … which will keep Obama as the most powerful Democrat. Your worsening of relations with Obama is just step one … next step will be using Democrats to impeach you. This clearly shows that the Establishment is eyeing on getting a Senate majority for Democrats.

This is the forthcoming crisis now … we are being asked to design strategies to protect Trump from this crisis. The issues that we are having in the design and implementation of the strategies for this is …

  • Lack of strategies. Trump doesn’t have any on the ground strategies to address anti-Trumpism. He is just hammering Mika and Joe … Mika and Joe are just one outlet. There are 99,999 media outlets more that are involved in anti-Trumpism. Just hammering one or two outlets will not change anything. This is not called a strategy … it is plain anger. You have to strategize at a National level … not just hammer one or two outlets.
  • Work with Obamas. Well, I love Michelle Obama … I would love to work with her. But Obamas and Biden are not facing any negative propaganda at the National Level. They are not responsible for 40 million people being unemployed. Obama is not the one who has to get re-elected.
  • Picking a fight with Obamas. Not only Trumps are asking me to work with Obamas … but he doesn’t realize that the Establishment is already putting him on a track for his Second Impeachment. And when I am teamed up with Obamas … who am I supposed to help in Trump’s Second Impeachment?
  • How will Trump get votes? If Trump doesn’t strategize properly and if he loses the Senate … how will he get votes to do anything in America? This is what Obama faced in his Second Term … Republicans won both the House and Senate … they wouldn’t allow Obama to do anything … they would vote down everything. Either the Democrat House & Senate will impeach Trump or they will vote down everything. They have already been doing this in this entire first term.

Coalitions and Strategies a Must
That’s why we are saying again and again … coalitions and strategies are a must. Trump is simply working via Presidential powers … but the President cannot do everything in a Democracy and the President also has many limitations. The worst thing that can happen to a President is a bitter opposition that wins the House and Senate.

The Establishment is already giving signs of a Senate win by the Democrats. Trump needs to go easy on his revenge and tit for tat moves. First, he needs to fully secure himself with a good win in the Presidency and the Senate … this is what he needs to prioritize. A very important point … don’t go for revenge or creating any new enemies … the last person that needs more enemies in America is Trump. Because the Establishment jumps in using every negative route to attack the President … more the enemies you create, the more routes the Establishment gets to attack you. Obama is not the person you should be messing with right now … he is the last route that the Establishment should use against you.

Understand how the Establishment functions against you … you need friends and coalitions right now. You do not have any scope to handle more negative baggage with you. The Establishment is already working on creating your Second Impeachment and you don’t even realize it. You have 5 months until elections … it is more than enough to strategize for a good win. Please stop fighting among yourselves and create coalitions. Please stop hammering one or two media outlets with anger … but strategize at a National level.