26 May 2020
Trump, take it easy on Obama
in America

Having problems with Obama? Posting a lot of tweets about Obama doing this and that. Here is what you need to know about Obama.

  • Lot of shit happened under Obama
  • But the important thing is that … all of it didn’t happen because of Obama
  • Obama took the entire country in its shittiest form that was being run by the Establishment and then he made a few changes that he could
  • The Democrat Party did a lot of shit
  • Trillions were blown up
  • Half a dozen countries were bombed
  • More than a million citizens were killed
  • A lot of shit was pulled against Trump as well

But all of this didn’t happen because Obama wanted it to happen. All of these activities happened mainly because of two reasons:

  • Establishment. It is the Establishment shit show … Obama got the country in its shittiest form. Most of these activities are Establishment activities.
  • Democrat Party. Secondly, Obama nodded along with many party politics and decisions … its because the Democrat Party leaders wanted that. Obama didn’t reach a phase of overcoming the entire Democrat Party like you have.

So, try not to blame Obama for everything wrong that happened to America, to the world and to the Trump Campaign or Presidency. In order to make the right decisions and policies in this massive mess that we are in … you have to very accurately pin point where the problem is and where the good thing is. If you turn against the entire Democrat Party including Obamas … then you will have no one to work with … this is what the Establishment would want. They want complete division between Trump and Democrats.

Dividing Trump and Obama
This is why they are saying Obama did this … Obama did that … Obama’s AG did this … Obama’s guy did that. All of this is bullshit. If you stick on an anti-Obama track … then you will have no one to work with. The Establishment will get to create a Second Impeachment … and ramp up all of the lawsuits and investigations again. Your victory in 2020 is not even guaranteed yet … its still at 80-90% … there is a 10-20% chance that it might not happen. I am 100% in your favor … but I am not the one who gives the victories. SM decides that … based on who will take the country forward successfully.

The Establishment will try to pin dozens of things against Obama … only to fail the required coalition. This failure will work against you and in favor of the Establishment’s aggression towards you and in favor of chaos in the country. You have to let go of a few things and form a coalition that is good for you and for the country. These coalitions are extremely important to secure you … to give you solid security from any lawsuits, investigations and impeachment … and to get you the votes to take the country forward.

Feel free to hammer people behind the malice. Obama is one of the good guys … Michelle is twice better. If you eliminate everyone then you will have no one to work with. We know, Obama follows party politics … but we have a solution there. We can use Michelle Obama … she is a fantastic lady.

Sometimes in life … you have to think beyond yourself … and create configurations that are good for the country. This will help you secure yourself. What is good for the country is good for you. Don’t get carried away with the Establishment’s divisive tactics. These guys are Satanists. This is what they do … create divisions, hate, fear, chaos and death.

The truth about Obama is that … he never did anything much on his own. This is why he has a zero legacy … he has zero accomplishments. The only major thing that he did on his own was run a campaign against politics of hate, fear and division. He took an extremely shitty country and pulled it out of war, terrorism, hate, fear and death. This was Obama’s key promise and he accomplished that. This itself is a massive victory.

Now, all of the shit show that happened other than that … it was not because of Obama. It was because of the Establishment and the Democrat Party. Just because we support Obama … it doesn’t mean that I am a Democrat. Shit shows exist on both sides … among Democrats and Republicans. Hillary was a Democrat. She was a total puppet. Don’t blame everything that Democrats did on Obama. Take it easy on Obama.

Creating coalitions is a must
Obamas will be critical in creating a coalition against this shitty Establishment. This is good for the country and this is good for the Trump Presidency. No one has treated Trump worse than the Establishment … the media is a living example that you can see every day. So, why are you leaving the Establishment aside and targeting Obama? Take it easy on Obama … he is one of the good ones.

Yes, he might be making some statements against you … because it is election time and the Democrat Party must be begging him for some support. The Democrat candidate is nowhere to be found … Biden is hidden. That’s why they must be begging Obama for some support for the party.

On the frontend, it is okay if you trade a few punches. But let it be just for the party’s sake … and nothing more than that. In the backend, you guys have to form teams. You should understand that both of you … Obama and Trump … both of you are extremely precious jewels for America. You guys are literally the pillars that will provide support against this malicious Establishment for the country. A lot of people are counting on you. You have very critical roles to play. Don’t allow some shitty party politics to divide you.