25 May 2020
Stop the death toll, use the vaccine, Mr. President
in America

The good news is that … the number of cases and the number of deaths are going down in America. The Summer has come with a blessing … it is successfully killing the Establishment’s malicious spread of the virus. And the bad news is that, the virus still spreads via normal routes even during Summer. A case study from India shows the same.

The temperatures in India ranged from 37 to 41 degrees Celsius recently … and the number of cases spread from 4000 to 140,000 in this heat. Implying that there may be continued spread via normal routes during Summer. However, the good thing that is happening in America is that … the heat is killing the spread of the virus via “malicious routes”. This shows that the spread of the virus was more via malicious routes than the normal routes in America. Thanks to the lovely Establishment.

What this means for America and the Trump Presidency?
We have about 5 months for elections … it means about 150 days ahead.

  • Number of cases. Even if we take the lower number of cases per day of about 15,000 … then it means that we will get an additional 2.25 million cases … giving us a total of about 3 to 4 million cases.
  • Number of deaths. If we take the lower number of deaths per day of about 750 … then it means that we will get an additional 112,500 deaths … giving us a total of about 200,000 deaths.

But we don’t need to go on this track … we can dismantle this track. This is not good for America … this is not good for Trump. This time, saving America is saving Trump.

Two Active Tracks
We have already talked about 2 important tracks in keeping the number of cases and deaths to a minimum.

  • Investigate Establishment Malice. It’s a must to investigate Establishment malice in the spread and deaths in this crisis.
  • Alternate Medications. Until we have a vaccine, it is a must to use alternate medications like Hydroxy-Chloroquine and Remdesivir to save lives.

Third Track – Vaccine – Most Effective
The good news is that … the vaccine is available just days away … not months. The vaccine will be the most effective track that will be helpful in eliminating this crisis for good. There are two simple checks that you have to use … in order to use the vaccine.

  • Does it kill or save? A very simple question for the vaccine should be … does it kill or save? If it doesn’t kill then it passes the first check. We don’t want a vaccine that kills … we need a vaccine that saves lives.
  • What is the success rate? The next question that you ask is … what is the success rate? 50%? 80%? 99%? Well, higher the better.

What to do and not to do with the vaccine?
Here are a few tips that President Trump should keep in mind about using the vaccine.

  • Don’t need 300 million doses. You don’t need to sit and wait for 300 million doses to be manufactured. The total number of active cases in America are about 1.2 million cases. Your most immediate need is only of 1.2 million doses. If you can get 1.2 million doses today … then take it today.
  • Don’t need Mr. Perfect. You don’t need to sit and wait till they make Mr. Perfect that has a 100% success rate. This can take years. Thousands of American citizens are dying today … every single day since months now. We need the vaccine right now. The only thing we need to know is that the vaccine should not kill the person … even if the success rate is 50% … we will take it.
  • The job of the President is to provide the best. The job of the President is to provide the best product that is available in the world that the country can afford to his people. If the best vaccine development company is saying that … “as of today, we can guarantee only 50% success because this is the data that we have” … then take it. Don’t buy 300 million doses of a 50% success rate vaccine … but buy at least 1.2 million doses. Because it will guarantee at least 50% elimination of the problem. It will eliminate 50% of the cases and deaths immediately.
  • Follow Iterations. For the 50% of the cases for whom the vaccine has not worked … it is not going to kill them either. They still have the alternate routes Hydroxy-Chloroquine and Remdesivir to cure them. And after a few weeks or one month, another company or the same company improvises their vaccine to 80% success rate … then give them another injection. The vaccine is just one injection … that doesn’t kill them but it saves their lives. People can take another injection after a month if needed. As it is, the serious patients are going through hell to overcome the virus … another injection for them is no big deal. It will save their lives.
  • Vaccines will be available by June. Serum Institute is the world’s largest manufacturer of vaccines. They will have millions of doses available by June itself. Within weeks you can get the doses that you need for America. (https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-india-serum-insigh/how-one-indian-company-could-be-worlds-door-to-a-covid-19-vaccine-idUSKBN22Y2BI).
  • Don’t need to wait for September. You don’t need to sit and wait till September or November to solve this problem. The solution will be there in the market within days … make sure to pick it up. Don’t worry if the success rate is 50% or 80% … pick at least the minimum doses for all active cases in America. Supply to all States in the proportion that they need immediately. You can dismantle this track and wipe out the crisis even before you reach November.
  • Buy more of Mr. Perfect. And yes, once we have the Mr. Perfect that cures 98-100% … then we can buy 300 million doses of that vaccine. Right now, the immediate need is not of 300 million doses … we just need 1.2 million doses. This will dismantle the entire crisis in America.

Benefits of this track

  • Instant implementation of the vaccine. In brings about instant implementation of the vaccine for American citizens infected by the virus. Instead of going through the grueling phase of 3-4 weeks of recovery via alternate medications track … people can easily recover within days.
  • Treats every infected American. We don’t waste time until we can get 300 million doses of Mr. Perfect. We immediately treat every single infected American. These are the people who need the vaccine the most.
  • Boosts recovery rate. It greatly boosts recovery rate very rapidly … as the recovery using the vaccine happens within days.
  • Eliminates the death toll. The current track is taking us to very high number of cases and deaths. This process of using the vaccines in iterations to cure infected people … helps to eliminate the death toll to a great extent.
  • Helps in the development of the perfect vaccine. This mass usage and the data collected from it helps in the development of a better and more perfect vaccine.
  • Helps in tracking recoveries. Please track the usage and recoveries via the vaccine. Set up a system for the same. There is mass discrepancy in the reporting of the number of recoveries. By tracking the usage and effects of the vaccine … you can effectively track the right number of recoveries.
  • Creates a fantastic path for economic recovery. As of now, even when the cities and states are opening up … there is still a lot of fear and uncertainty … owing to which the economic recovery will be slow. But the moment there is a vaccine in the market that is treating people at a rapid rate … then it changes everything. It brings a lot of confidence among the people and boosts economic recovery … which also creates a fantastic path for Trump’s re-election.

By the way, you are doing great … keep up the great work, President Trump.

Hold on New York ... the cure is days away. We love you!