23 May 2020
Trump is 100% right in opening places of worship
in America

Yes, President Trump is 100% right in opening places of worship.

  • If we go out for shopping then it is fine.
  • If we go out for exercise then it is fine.
  • If we go out to the parks then it is fine.
  • If we go out to the beaches then it is fine.
  • Then if we go out to pray “out in the open” then it should be fine as well.

Trump is right when he says that places of worship are “essential services”. It is ridiculous to suppress prayer and worship at a time when we need it the most. The simple tip that he should give to places of worship is to pray “out in the open”.

  • Most of the Churches and Mosques have open place outside them
  • Parks, playgrounds and any open area can be used for a congregation.
  • A full service can be conducted out in the open.
  • Social distancing can be practiced out in the open.
  • The weather is pleasant, warm and sunny.

There is absolutely no reason why prayer and worship should be banned or suppressed … when in reality, we have every factor and facility to conduct the worship in a totally safe manner. Kudos to President Trump in taking a lead on this. It is simply unjust to disconnect the masses from prayer, worship and God for months together. This is a First Amendment Right and it should be protected.

An interesting thing to see is that … Trump made this announcement and the media is not covering it much … because this move will only create positive publicity for Trump.

  • If they cover it repeatedly across several channels then Trump becomes the hero who is fighting for God in our lives.
  • If they oppose it then the Establishment media becomes the vicious and Satanic organization that is suppressing God and religion from our lives.

So the Establishment media strategy in this is … let’s not talk about it … because Trump wins both ways … let’s just switch the topic to something else. Lol.

Bravo Mr. President … good move. I think you should continue this topic a little bit more … talk about it a little bit more … make sure that you publicly admonish and monitor all States and cities where they are not allowing worship in a congregation.

The only issue in this is … the Establishment might maliciously create an issue in some Church or Mosque and blame it on you. To prevent yourself from this issue and its backlash … just recommend them to pray outside. They can simply setup the seating arrangement outside the Church, Synagogue or Mosque and pray outside. This should be totally fine.

They cannot blame this on you because:

  • In hot weather, the virus dies outside. It is actually good to be outside.
  • They cannot create the spread maliciously outside because the Sun kills the virus automatically.
  • All outdoor businesses and activities are open and so should be prayer and worship.

It’s a perfect move … you win both ways.