19 May 2020
Start using vaccines in the White House
in America

Why is President Trump using Hydroxy-Chloroquine? Mr. President, we are past the phase of Hydroxy-Chloroquine and Remdesivir. There are already working vaccines in the market. You are the most precious person in the entire country. A threat to the President is a threat to National Security. Even if the vaccine is on the Moon … then the Secret Service will go to the God damn Moon and get the vaccine for you.

Waiting till the end of the year for a vaccine is only for the masses … it is for mass testing and mass production by the millions. This does not apply to you. If there is a working vaccine in any corner of the world … it will be made available for you.

I think you are worrying about getting the virus. This is what you need to do.

  • Track the top 3 vaccine manufacturers. Track the top 3 vaccine manufacturers in the world … check which of them are showing proven results for human beings.
  • Vaccine Check. If the vaccine is tested on 100 people and if there is a 90% positive result … then its good enough. If the vaccine is not killing people and it has 90% success rate … then that’s all you need. The higher the success rate the better it is.
  • Get 100 Doses for the White House. Tell these top companies to test it for 100 people and if there is a 90% and above success rate … they should send 100 doses of the vaccine to the White House immediately. This should be the top priority for all the top 3 companies. This should be done ASAP.
  • Send Updates. If there is an update in the formula based on further testing in the coming weeks … then these updated vaccines should be sent to the White House immediately when available.

The benefits of doing this are …

  • No waiting time and no fear. We don’t have to wait till the end of the year for the vaccine. Manufacturing 100 doses can be done in a day.
  • Secures the President and his family. The number one priority in this task is to secure the President and his family. 100 doses of the latest working vaccines from the top 3 companies of the world will be available in the White House. God forbid … if the President or any of his family members get infected … then they can immediately use the vaccine.
  • Cures within days and not months. A vaccine cures the person within days and not months. The track of Hydroxy-Chloroquine and Remdesivir apply when there are no vaccines … but since we have the vaccines … why do we need to go on this track at all?
  • White House Security. The vaccine can also be used for everyone working in the White House. There were only 3 positive cases till now … even if anyone working with the President tests positive … he or she should be cured within days with the vaccine.
  • Congress Security. This security shell can further be expanded to the members of the Congress. However, if Pelosi gets Corona … you might want to have a chat with her first … before giving her the vaccine. Lol.

Preventive Anti-biotics
If you are taking Hydroxy-Chloroquine as preventive anti-biotics … then you should consult with your medical experts … as it is a very strong medication.

  • Anti-Inflammatory. Discuss with them on the use of anti-inflammatory drugs or painkillers like Ibuprofen or Diclofenac … these painkillers fix your body for any inflammations in the lungs or any organs. They make you healthy. They have no side effects … they are generic and commonly used drugs.
  • Nutrition. Take multivitamin syrup twice a day … this strengthens your body with good nutrition.

This makes your body quite strong against the virus. And just in case, the asshole virus comes along … have 100 doses of the vaccines from the top 3 companies in the world ready for use.

The Secret Service should have already worked on this … I feel like kicking their ass now. Tell them to do this immediately …

  • Top 3 Companies. They should contact the top 3 companies who are showing proven results of the vaccine on human beings.
  • Test on 100 People. Tell these companies to test the vaccine on 100 people ASAP.
  • Send 100 Doses. The moment they get 90% positive results … they should send 100 doses to the White House first.

This can be done within days. The mass testing and mass manufacturing can be done on the side. This should have already been done actually. Start using working vaccines in the White House.