18 May 2020
Turning the Coronavirus Crisis into Trump’s Favor
in America

Routes for Biden’s Victory
Biden doesn’t stand a chance against Trump … Trump is already a clear winner. However, Biden’s victory can be charted out via malicious routes such as:

  • Anti-Trumpism
  • Coronavirus Crisis
  • Rigged Election

Let’s discuss the use of the Coronavirus crisis against Trump on this page and show how Trump can easily reverse this strategy. Firstly, President Trump is doing a phenomenal job in responding to this crisis … he has created world records in his response to the pandemic. He is already a winner in this crisis. But this victory can be further consolidated via “mass communications”. Your opponents will use false information to show your efforts in bad light. Its very easy to reverse this strategy.

Setup a Communications Team for Covid Patients
The Task Force has been doing a phenomenal job … now you need to create a “communications team” in the Task Force for Covid patients. The major issue that you are facing in this crisis is bad numbers.

  • The numbers are not being reported correctly.
  • The number of recoveries reported are 3 times less than the actual recoveries.
  • Even asymptomatic cases are positive cases but it doesn’t mean that they are patients.
  • You are relying on data provided by others. Your success is depending upon the data being provided by others. Others are controlling your success and failure in this crisis by the data that they are providing.
  • You are already successful in this crisis and it is not being reported.

This is how a Communications Team for Covid patients will help you in this issue. It can be simple SMS based communication. There are several systems available to send automated messages and collect the response from each patient. Almost everyone has a phone … you can reach every single Covid patient via SMS. Its easy, simple and helps you reach the masses.

Collect names and phone numbers of every positive case
For this to work … all you need is the name and phone number of the patient. You should pool this data from every single testing site across the US. If they are reporting a case as positive … then they should also have the name and phone number of the patient. This should be mandated. This is a National Security Issue … higher the number of cases, bigger the crisis. You can mandate to get this information to track and monitor this crisis.

Here are some examples of how it should work.

Example 01. Verify Cases
Once you get the data that someone has been tested positive … send a verification SMS to his phone number. The SMS can be something like … we heard that you got tested for Covid … what was the result of the test?

  • A. Positive
  • B. Negative

The person should respond to your SMS with A or B. This data will directly be pooled into your system. If the patient chooses the option A … then the next SMS that he should get is … Are you showing symptoms? Options should be …

  • A. No symptoms
  • B. Mild symptoms
  • C. Severe symptoms

What you are doing here is … directly interacting with Covid patients. It will show you the number of “verified positive cases” … as opposed to the data that is coming from whatever sources. It will show you the positive cases from each city and it will also show you the severity of the cases. This is real time data. This is the President directly interacting with Covid patients.

Another interesting thing that you get from this is … number of asymptomatic cases. The guy must have tested positive but he has no symptoms … which means that he is not a patient. It should not be treated as a positive case … it should be treated as a recovery … as he is already able to bear and manage the virus. Tens of thousands of cases are asymptomatic but they are being recorded as “active cases” since they tested positive … which is ridiculous. If people don’t show symptoms then it means full recovery.

Example 02. Weekly Follow Up
With the patients who said that they have mild or severe symptoms … you should do a weekly follow up … to determine the status of their condition … to calculate the number of recoveries. The number of recoveries being reported are 3 times less than actual recoveries. This direct weekly follow up with Covid patients will help you collect real time data of recoveries.

Example 03. Report Difficulties
You can also use this communication system to collect on-the-ground data of the difficulties that Covid patients are facing. A message can look like this … This is your President Donald J Trump. Kindly, let me know if you are facing any difficulty in getting treatment for Covid. Options could be …

  • A. No problems. All is well.
  • B. No beds available.
  • C. No ventilators available.
  • D. Medications not available.

This will pool in data about Covid treatment in every city across the nation. You will get to kick the Govenor’s or Mayor’s ass if there are too many complaints. Because as President you have already done everything that's needed to be done. It is the Mayors and Governors that are supposed to provide the right treatment to the people. If you are getting complaints … kick ass.

Expired Patients
Try to figure out with your Medical team of how the deaths are being defined as Covid deaths. Create a filtered structure of how to define it as a death because of Covid or any other reason. This will help you filter the number of deaths being piled up in this crisis.

Benefits of the Communication Team for Covid Patients
When you set up a direct Communication Team with Covid patients … this is how you benefit from it.

  • Right Numbers. Firstly, you get the right numbers … the right number of cases and the right number of recoveries. It gives you a direct on the ground view of the crisis and the progress in this crisis. It will show the huge boost in the number of recoveries that is missing in the current reports.
  • Fantastic Campaign. Remember that all of these messages are directly being sent by the President or the White House Task Force. You are reaching out to more than million people across the country. Everyone will be glad to receive a direct message from President Donald J Trump … it shows that you care. Since the President is directly following up with American citizens that are sick with a deadly disease … it boosts your image. Your positive image spreads across their family and friends as well … giving you multiple millions of new voters in your fold.
  • Right thing to do. It’s the right thing to do. We have a deadly incurable disease in the country … the President has done everything that he could do from the top … now he is directly following up with each and every Covid patient in the country. This is fantastic real time people oriented leadership.
  • Reverses strategies to use the crisis against you. Your opposition will try to blame the number of cases and deaths against you, since it is election year. But when you start directly interacting with Covid patients, you start multiplying your votes by the millions. You get to reverse the strategy and use this crisis in your favor.

Two Levels of Communications
I would suggest two levels of direct communication that you should be doing in this crisis.

  • Covid Patients
  • General Public

While you reach out to Covid patients … you should also reach out to the general public on a weekly basis. These messages must be customized as per each City and State … based on the status of the crisis there. Messages sent to the general public can be for:

  • Tips to be safe
  • Tips to be healthy
  • Re-opening guidelines
  • Info on tax relief and stimulus pay checks
  • Vaccines updates and so on

With Covid patients, you get to reach a million people … but when you reach out to the general public to guide them and support them in this crisis … you get to reach every single American citizen that has a phone number. This is hundreds of millions of people … every single American citizen can get an SMS on his phone from the President.

Biden can’t do it
And guess what … you can do this using government resources without using your campaign funds. This whole weekly repeated campaign will be totally free for you. It will not cost you a single penny … because you are simply addressing a National crisis and helping the people. And what’s even great about this is … Biden can’t do it. He can’t collect this data … he can’t send these messages coz he is not the President … and even if he sends text messages to hundreds of millions of Americans across the country … its going to cost him quite a lot.

You get to do something great and useful for the people … for free that will cost you nothing … run a massive campaign during election year and your opponent can’t do it. And just imagine … when every American citizen is getting messages on his phone from President Donald J Trump … who is caring for them, supporting them and helping them … imagine the fantastic boost that you will get among Democrat and Republican voters.