14 May 2020
Under-reporting recoveries is undermining Trump’s efforts against the Coronavirus
in America

3 times less number of recoveries being reported
Here are some numbers that will help you see massive discrepancies in the reporting of the number of recoveries from the Coronavirus in America.

  • Fatality Rate 6%. About 6% of the infected people are dying … which also means that 94% of the people are recovering from the virus.
  • Recovery Time 2- 4 weeks. If the infection is mild … then the recovery is within 1-2 weeks. If it is a serious infection then the recovery time is 3-4 weeks. The majority of the cases are mild infections with mild symptoms. Only a tiny fraction of them are serious that need hospitalization. Which means that the majority of people infected by the virus should recover within 2 weeks … because all they need to recover is from mild cough, cold or body pain.

Now, take a look at the numbers that are being reported.

  • 14th April 2020. We had about 620,000 total cases then. Let’s leave out a huge margin for serious cases of about 25% … that take 3-4 weeks to recover. Even if we assume 75% were mild cases that should have recovered within 2 weeks … then by 1st of May … we should have 465,000 recoveries.
  • 1st May 2020. The total number of cases was about 1,130,000 cases then. Which means by today on 14th May … we should have got about 847,000 recoveries.

We have a confirmed death toll of about only 6% … which means that 94% of the people are recovering. Even if we assume 75% recovery … then by today we should have got at least 847K recoveries. But interestingly … the reported number of recoveries is only 300K. This is 3 times less than the actual number of recoveries.

These are massive amounts of discrepancies in the reporting of recoveries. Either people recover or die … they don’t remain sick forever with Corona. The confirmed death toll from Corona is only 6% … then why aren’t the remaining recoveries being reported? Only 20% recoveries are being reported … does it mean that 74% of the people are remaining sick with Corona forever?

Bad numbers being reported and publicized
This is pure Establishment and political malice against the Trump Presidency. Only the bad numbers are being reported and publicized. The positive cases and the number of deaths are being actively monitored and publicized. Nobody is putting an effort to monitor and calculate the right number of recoveries.

How this hurts America?

  • Undermines the President’s efforts. It maintains political pressure on President Trump … that his efforts are not showing fruit. It is an attempt to create discontent among the people against the President … which is clearly not working.
  • Maintains the fear. It maintains the fear and insecurity in the country. If it is correctly reported that … hey, 70-80% of the people have already recovered … then it will be easy to open the country. But when you suppress the number of recoveries … you get to maintain the fear in the country and keep it shut down for a longer period.
  • Massive Debt. Since the country remains shut down … the Bankers get to hand out trillions in loans … putting the country in trillions in debt and create massive profits for the Bankers.
  • Democrat Governors. Most of the States adversely affected are Democrat States. They are apparently not reporting the positive numbers as it will help the Trump Presidency.
  • Political Greed. If positive numbers are reported … the States have to open up … the crisis ends … and State politicians don’t get billions in aid from the Federal Government. Let’s be honest … our politicians are making money off this crisis.

But all of the above is incredibly damaging to the country and the people. The people remain in fear … without jobs and a proper life … while the country goes in trillions in additional debt.

Success not being reported
America is one of the only modern countries in the world where the number of recoveries are still 20%. Several other countries are showing massive amounts of recoveries from 60% to even 95%. Some countries have declared complete victory over the virus. The truth is that … the success is there in America … there is 60-70% of successful recoveries … but it is simply not being reported.

What to do?
What should President Trump do about this?

  • Kick the Governor’s ass. Time to kick some ass. Enough of handouts … time to get the right reports and results of what has been delivered. Check the mechanism and methodology of reporting recoveries in every State. If people are not showing any symptoms of cough or fever … then it is a full recovery. It should be reported as a recovery.
  • Federal Monitoring. The Federal Government is spending trillions in this crisis … we must also monitor the results of our work and investment. Make a team to collect the data of every infected patient in America and directly verify his / her recovery status.

A simple way of doing this is … collect everyone’s phone numbers. It is just about 1.4 million phone numbers … shoot an SMS to the cases that are two weeks old and collect their response. Setup a direct monitoring system to check on recoveries. This will give you real on-the-ground data.

As of now … we are just giving and giving … doing more and more work … while the results of these efforts and works are not even being reported to us properly. They are continuing with the fear mechanism to keep the country shut … when in reality … we have already been winning since several weeks. It was just not reported.

Follow up on recoveries and get the right data. It will create an enormous boost in confidence among the people to reopen the country and it will help to recover our economy.